Gavin Had A Great Night, His Kidney Functions Are Now Normal For the First Time In His Life!!!

Gavin did great throughout the night. His kidney functions are now normal for the first time in his life. His BUN (blood urea nitrogen) level has amazingly dropped from 77 yesterday (before surgery) to 4 today. His creatinine level has dropped from 2.8 to 0.2. The surgeon said the transplant went perfectly.

Jill continues the road to recovery and has been able to walk a few times. As you can imagine, Gavin’s good news really helps with her recovery.

It has gone amazingly smooth so far and I couldn’t have envisioned it going any better. It has been good news on top of good news, and all of Gavin’s doctors and nurses have been wonderful.

Gavin now needs his body to adjust to a new working kidney. But right now, I couldn’t be happier about how things have gone to this point. Thanks for all the support throughout our journey.

Jay Winslow

Both Jill and Gavin Are Out of Surgery and All Doctors Are Pleased With Their Progress!!!!!

I just received a phone call from Jill’s mom and Gavin’s grandmother, Jane Schwalbach, as well as Jay that both Jill and Gavy are out of surgery and all doctors are very pleased with their progress!!

The doctors had to remove part of Jill’s 12th rib and she had a little extra bleeding, but they were able to stop it quickly. When Gavin’s surgeon came into Jill’s room, Jill was lucid enough to ask for her glasses and ask how her baby was doing. All good news!

Gavin’s surgeons, as well, are very pleased with how Gavin is responding. They have now taken him to x-ray to make sure his central line is in place correctly. Gavin’s surgeons are very happy with his progress.

Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support. Please continue to pray for them as they recover.

We will update you with any other details as they come to us.

God is good! Believe in miracles, they happen every day.

Kristin Carpenter, proud cousin and webmaster of

Gavin’s Moment Has Come. Surgeries Are a Definite “Go” for Tomorrow Morning, January 3, 2008.

We have just received confirmation from Gavin’s grandmother, Jane Schwalbach, that the surgeries for both Jill and Gavin are a definite “go” for very early tomorrow morning. Gavin will need a blood transfusion during his transplant surgery. With God’s grace, both surgeries should be complete by early afternoon tomorrow.

Thank you to all who have already posted notes of encouragement, prayer, and well wishes for Jill’s and Gavin’s upcoming surgeries. It means so much to Jill and Jay to have such support from those who have been touched by Gavin in some way.

If you have not done so, we encourage you to send your love electronically through Gavin’s website. Please post your messages to Gavin’s Guestbook, or you may also send personal email or electronic card links via the “Contact Us” page of Gav’s website. All of those cards and messages will get to Jill and Jay personally.

On the advice of all doctors involved in this process, Jill and Jay cannot allow any visitation (other than very immediate family) at the hospital or their home for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Also, no plants or flowers can be sent to either Jill or Gavin because of Gavin’s immunocompromised condition. For those of you who wish to do something special, please consider donating to a children’s charity in Gavin’s name. Some special charities, chosen by Jill, are listed on the “Donate Now” page on Gav’s site.

Thank you so much for all the love you’ve shown to Gavy, Jill, and all the Winslow and Schwalbach families. We will post updates on Jill and Gavy’s progress on the site as quickly as we can to keep everyone informed. We ask for your prayers and support and to keep walking with us on Gavy’s incredible journey.

It’s time for miracles. May God and the angels watch over our special angels. And as Jill would say, “May your prayers be heard and may you cherish all that you have! ”.

Kristin Carpenter – Proud cousin and webmaster of

Gavin’s Transplant is Still a “Go”…Despite Low Blood Count. Please Pray for Him.

It looks like all of Gav’s labs are somewhat better, his blood count is still low, so they will have to give him a transfusion in the operating room during the transplant.

Transplant is a go at this time. We will be preparing today, as we are at the hospital, and have a million “ologists” to meet with.

Please say a prayer that tomorrow Gavin wakes up and accepts this kidney and for the first time in his life, feels good…

Thanks to all.