Gav is a Football Machine…Embracing All of Life’s Experiences

Gav’s eyes are actually shaped like footballs as he watches the Packers play. He actually wants to watch ESPN game highlights over cartoons in the morning (he is so his daddy’s son)! We better ease up on watching Farve or we may accidentally make him a Jets fan! He even fake tackles himself and sometimes prefers to play by himself and shows me where I can sit to be a spectator (because of course what is a game without a true fan!).

He is talking like crazy and officially is in his own room (YEAH, the kid is like just under three feet but knows how to monopolize some major bed space and is a night gymnast) thanks to some wonderful women who advised feeding his tube through his pj pant leg to prevent tangling around the neck (only recommend this for gtube people not ng, since it could pull it from position).

He is almost long enough to touch the pedals of his big wheel, which is good since the Transplant Games are coming to Madison in 2010 . I figure he will probably “Phelp’s” his age category. (I’ve talked to his doctors about upping his steroids prior to the games. My request was denied, they didn’t appreciate my sense of humor).

Lulu has hit five like a tornado, and has started her first year of school. Gav and I took her on her first day and I was all prepared for her tears. As we were about to leave, I bent down and looked her in the eyes and told her that I loved her like crazy, she sighed and said, “I know, you’ve been telling me that since I was a baby, and now you are probably going to tell me that I am the best girl in the world because you always say that too”…I knew then that she was ready to face school. I did of course shed a little tear when we were walking onto the playground and Gav started crying and told me to go back and get Lauren…he misses his little play mate! Most school stories revolve around recess and who she thinks may or may not have to go to the office. She will make a great hall monitor someday.

She is elated that the Cubs are in the playoffs despite her mother trying desperately to make her a Brewer’s fan…the irony is, it’s easier to be a Cubs fan right now than a Brewer fan!

Life has come full circle from the medical immersion our lives used to be, and things are starting to switch to monthly clinic visits and bi weekly labs. We’re learning to compartmentalize our life and not worry until there is something to worry about. Gav has a sedation appointment on the 1st of October to switch out his tube, so say a little prayer on that day please.

We’ve stopped hiding from life and are starting to embrace every and all experiences. Every time I hesitate when it comes to Gav, I think to myself, he is going to be doing all sorts of things (and then some) when he becomes a teenager. He is a by product of Jay and me so I know this will be true. So we may as well tread water together right now and see what happens (this of course does not mean that I am not going to sign him up for all non contact sports and try to guide him in gentle directions). What is life if you can’t experience all of it, and ultimately, Gav and his body will decide what is possible.

Well, now it’s off to make more big decisions around here, like what the kids are going to be for Halloween, why my kids are talking about their politics to strangers (I’ve created political monsters), and what is in this pantry that will cook itself in time for dinner!


Here are some summer pictures of our angels: