A Mom’s Birthday Tribute To Her Special Two Year Old!

Lauren: (Fists and Teeth clenched) “Ahh! I am really getting upset with Gavin.”

Gavin:(Still doing what is frustrating Lauren despite her repeated requests to stop, and getting equally frustrated with her being frustrated with him.)

Mom: (typical mom speech) “You know Lulu, he is smaller and still learning how to play with things.”

Lauren:(exasperated with me)”Mom, he’s not a baby anymore, he’s two.”

So is the downfall of the “baby” and the entrance of the toddler. Gav turned the magical disaster of two and is exploring his new found freedom with more aggressive “mine’s” and assertive “no’s”.

He has started walking and is just picking things up like he has been doing them all his life. He has some new Elmo shoes he loves so much, and when I take them off he tries to put them back on himself. We call him his “lifts” since he seems so much taller in them.

In his slide show this year there is a picture of us reenacting a silly pose by statues, however they are a very serious set of statues. We saw them on Stanford’s campus when we went for our medical opinion and they have stuck with me as pertinent to Gav’s life. They embody six burghers of Calais during the hundred year war. The short version is that the burghers bravely sacrificed their lives for the rest of the city (this is not the part that reminds me of Gavin). The artist, Roden, who depicted them in their statue form took the opportunity to celebrate the idea that heroic deeds may be performed by ordinary people.

Gav, I must tell you that at two feet tall and two years old you remind me that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. The way that you have risen to life’s challenges and remain so strong and ferociously filled with life and love, you are a hero. An ordinary two year old living an extraordinary life.

My sweet Gavy Ry,

You have your dad’s charisma to never have anybody upset with you for more than five minutes, even when you are throwing your remaining food all over the floor to signify that you are ready to get out of your highchair. You have this crazy ability to make everyone laugh with your light hearted sense of humor and gigantic giggle. You love so hard that you have to try to hold four stuffed animals every night at bed time even though you have only a wingspan big enough for two.

May you continue to grow taking down the Mt. Everest-like challenges that stand in your way with each toddler step that you take. May you always find the lighter side in life as you do right now and may you always know how loved, special and extraordinary you are. Happy Birthday to my newly rambunctious two year old!