Birthday Tribute Video: Happy 2nd Birthday, Gavs!!!

Here’s a birthday tribute video creatively authored by his special mom. Happy 2nd birthday to our little fighter!!!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Tribute Video: Happy 2nd Birthday, Gavs!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Mister Gavin!!! Wow, you’re 2 already!!! You’ve been through a lot in your first 2 years, but what a fighter you have proven to be. We continue to pray for you and your family. Praying that kidney will become a permanent part of your body.
    Love-n-Hugs, The Uchytils

  2. We LOVE your video!!!!

    You have ALL overcome so much this past year!!!!

    Gav looks wonderful -it doesn’t seem possible
    he is the BIG 2~!!!!!!!
    You all deserve the best
    – so ENJOY the rest of the winter….
    because I am hoping it will soon be GONE!!!
    And just think how much fun SPRING will be!!!

    Hugs, kisses and continued prayers for you all!!

    Chuck, Sue & Becca

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Gavin, and lots of love to your big sister and your wonderful Dad and Mom!!!! We are sending our birthday song and our love. Jill you are our hero!! Jay you are our hero!! Now on to a year ahead of healing and love.

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