Gavy Has a Rough Medical Week…But Keeps Walking and Telling It Like It Is!

It has been a busy week—-I have rearranged my house 500 times, bought 1000 tickets to vacation hot spots and added a sun room so Gavin can play comfortably outside without having to worry about getting burned with his new meds, and lastly sold my house to buy an RV and travel the United States before Lauren hits kindergarten…in my head that is.

In reality, Lauren has been my companion and watched a little bit of America’s Next Top Model Marathon (I’m a sucker for marathons) and now has developed her own runway walk, that she calls “Hot Stuffin’” which has made for constant entertainment for her biggest fan(s)!

She is the water to Gavin’s swim trunks—- there is nothing that girl could do that Gavin wouldn’t think is the coolest thing on earth. He is starting to stand independently and is finding the courage to take a few steps again. His little chest puffs out bigger than the blimps at the Macy Day parade!

But boy oh boy does he have the temper. We call him the little “Tazmanian Devil” when things aren’t going his way. He makes no qualms of letting you know EXACTLY how he feels about it (which usually involves laying flat as a pancake kicking and screaming as loud as he can). That boy goes from calm to hot faster than Earnhardt can make it around the track! His new thing is trying to put on everyone’s oversized shoes and walk in them (hence the frustration, a baby can’t walk in a man’s size 11).

Lauren is totally in love with knowledge right now, she is so interested in everything! Especially nature, she’s going to be my little hippy! Thankfully there is the Internet so I can still make it seem like I know everything, and we look things up in the “Pedia” (Encyclopedia). I know I said I wanted to learn to cook gourmet, but for now Lulu and I have become crock pot champions…we have officially eaten through all the casseroles that we so appreciated!

We did get into a disagreement this week over a rabbit. There is a sole rabbit that is running rampant on my $3 end of season landscaping purchases from Home Depot. I vote the rabbit has to find a new territory, where Lauren strongly appreciates the tracks and their presence. Never thought I would ever relate to Elmer Fudd. Any tips to spray things to scare the bunnies? I’m down a hydrangea, an emerald something, and a burning bush. This is going to be like a 200 lb bunny!

Jay has been busy taking care of Gavin, who had a rough medical week. He was in the ER all Tuesday and has just had a lot of little things that add up to a lot. We meet with one of his doctors next Monday to discuss some of the complications, and hopefully it will give us a more clear picture of what is to come. We thought it was going to get easier post transplant, but it’s still a bit overwhelming. We think this part of the adjustment period may last the first 100 days and then it should taper off, but we shall see!


3 thoughts on “Gavy Has a Rough Medical Week…But Keeps Walking and Telling It Like It Is!

  1. Sorry to hear that Gav has had a rough week. Hang in there everyone!!! There are brighter days to come!
    Love-n-Hugs, Mary

  2. Dick and I are continuing to pray for your family. That little guy is such a little warrior. We were thrilled to hear that both of you were discharged. Things will get back to normal soon.
    Just remember….”you are loved with an everlasting love, and underneath are HIS everlasting arms”.
    May your family begin to enjoy peace and feel like your home is a safe harbor. Jill, your love and sacrifice to your beautiful little boy is just wonderful. We hope that your healing will be swift and this part in time will be a loving memory in the days to come.
    Jay, your strength is commendable.

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