Gav Admitted to Hospital…Please Say a Prayer!

Gav was admitted to the hospital today for an infection after the second time to the ER in two days…he has been running intermittent fevers up to 104 and complains of stomach pain. These are both signs of possible rejection so he is on an IV drip now and they are running more tests and doing an ultra sound.

They anticipate a couple of days in the hospital, but we will hopefully know more of what we are dealing with sooner than later.

Please say a prayer for him.

He is lethargic, but able to watch cartoons and eat Popsicles, so he is coping nicely!


Summer 2009 Update

Lulu is busy making “No boys allowed” signs and having closed dance parties to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in her room (could concert tickets sell out any sooner…it’s like trying to find the golden ticket for Willy Wonka!). She started tennis and swim lessons and I think I have finally found enough constant activity that she usually doesn’t complain about having to go to bed at night (almost). Now if I could just figure out the recipe to make her sleep in more during the a.m.’s I would be a true genius! She is really loving swimming and has come so far, it’s fun to watch her try all these new things and take the world by storm. She’s becoming a master sand castle builder and is especially talented at making the moat!

Gavin becomes the sand castle and we just turn him upside down and shake him out at the end of his creation. He is a complete tornado. He has selective hearing down pat and often practices his expertise with me. He has some imaginary friends that make up his sporting teams. Most of the players start with B and some are more sassy than others, committing fouls and penalties and having to sit on the sidelines. Mostly he would prefer playing baseball at all times with some slight interruptions for tackles. He is very happy that Evie is here so he can tackle me again…even more points if he gets me off guard and I fall at random places out in public. His hair is ridiculously curly and of course I refuse to cut it (to Jay’s dismay). I love it(the hair, not Jay’s dismay). I do think that every boy should call his mother on a daily basis and say thank you. There is not a day that passes when Gavin doesn’t put my patience to the test, how things have changed. Medically, he is doing wonders. What a miracle transplant is!

Gavin and Lauren like to team up on our newest family addition…Evie Grace. They believe that you actually have to have your eyes touching her face in order for her to see you and talk really high and loud so she can hear you. They love her like crazy and only ask me to just leave her behind on a seldom basis so we can do something. She is a dream baby with sweet coos and a smile that lights up your whole heart. She looks a lot like Gav did as a baby, but smiles with a wrinkled little nose and a giggle like Lulu’s. She doesn’t make you work for them, she gives them out easily like presents to keep us afloat as we battle the waters with three in tow. And I think I finally have one with blue eyes!

Jay and I are losing terribly on this whole out numbered bit, but loving it (for certain we love reflecting on it most when all kids are sleeping peacefully in their beds). It feels like someone just finally threw us a paddle three months into this whitewater rapid excursion of three children.

Of course I am terrified of this H1N1 virus and wish it would magically disappear, or we could relocate to some remote island and avoid it while relaxing in the sun. Mainly, I thank God every night for all of my blessings…our kids, families and friends, chocolate, for Jay, and the Cubs(go Brewers, I think I may have to start pitching soon, I’m warming up in the dugout with Gav).

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the summer!