Gav Admitted to Hospital…Please Say a Prayer!

Gav was admitted to the hospital today for an infection after the second time to the ER in two days…he has been running intermittent fevers up to 104 and complains of stomach pain. These are both signs of possible rejection so he is on an IV drip now and they are running more tests and doing an ultra sound.

They anticipate a couple of days in the hospital, but we will hopefully know more of what we are dealing with sooner than later.

Please say a prayer for him.

He is lethargic, but able to watch cartoons and eat Popsicles, so he is coping nicely!


3 thoughts on “Gav Admitted to Hospital…Please Say a Prayer!

  1. We are saying prayers for Gavin and your family. Think about you lots and sending you as much love and strength as we can. Hugs and Love, Mo

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