Wine tasting a success…to G tube or not G tube???

Well the antibiotic vault has been opened for Gavs, after two months of a stand off with this cold, we have finally been put on amoxi to help fight it in hopes he recovers in time for surgery. Remember when we were kids, if we even thought we were getting sick we would be put on antibiotics just in case—-gotta love how things change. Last night they had a wine tasting event for Gavin that was beautiful! We were once again overwhelmed with heart warming stories (a family who had a child who was born with fluid in the brain, struggled with learning disabilities and now is in college, what a testament to the human spirit) and generosity. I was not able to attend since Gavs was sick but Jay told me all about it and the people that touched him that night. Thank you to the volunteers who worked tirelessly and to all those who came to make the event so much fun!

To G tube or not to G tube that is the question. After a lot of research I am still torn on what to do for Gavin but am leaning towards not putting in a ng tube. The decisions are hard to make, but we can always do an ng tube vs one surgically implanted when we need to. There is just a lot of risk to putting in a tube when he has his pd cath in place, the main one is that it doesn’t have time to heal because he will be back on dialysis within days.

Other than that he has been diagnosed with something new- a serious dose of cute! Last night I propped him up with the pillow brigade around him and he the cell phone, remote and a light-up book all the while giggling at himself. Seriously, can you love anything more than your kids?

He’s started the growth hormone for two days now, we are supposed to see about 4 inches in the first year which would be great for him, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! Hope this finds you all well and looking forward to something fun over the weekend! May all good things come your way! Love, The Winslows

One thought on “Wine tasting a success…to G tube or not G tube???

  1. i know it is hard to chose because i went through that thinking sticking a tube down his nose or in his stomach but all that i pick the tube in the stomach it was much easier but at the same time i felt like it changed him his name is also gavin he crys more doesnt really like to always want to be held or he will cry all day but i guess it depends on the child

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