Gav loves frosting…Getting organized

Gavin almost got traded today, this is the second time Lauren has tried to barter him off—the first was after we couldn’t take a red Sentry balloon home (Gavin has latex precautions) and now she decided that she would swap Gav for Annalyse since she doesn’t have a sister at home.

Gavin drank out of a sippy cup today very well, which gives me hope that I may be able to leave the house childless for more than two hours some day in the near future (sweet!) He seems to be having some reflux issues, but the antibiotics seem to be helping. The growth hormone injection isn’t so bad (easy for me to say) but sometimes he doesn’t even notice that I am doing it, especially if Lauren is running laps around him (he’s probably thinking pick me up you crazy mom). He is a BIG fan of frosting (don’t tell his dietitian (but he snuck a lick) now he’s convinced that everything that I put in my mouth (oh, I just got my hand caught in the cookie jar there) is something delicious that he must have so he flings his happy hands around until he gets a taste. This is working well in getting him to take some more solids, I just pretend like I am going to eat his food and then he is all up in their trying to get his taste on!

Hope this finds you all enjoying your weekend. We have Jay’s brother Lance and his girlfriend Joanna coming to play with the kids while we do, operation clean up (a Sunday ritual) – to try and stay organized before the week begins. Having a sick kid has even made ME organized (for those of you who know me that is an incredible feat). My friend Sam is coaching me on the how to’s of organization (something she has wanted me to do for years, especially when we lived together in college). Anyway, I am off to try to make some food that will last the week, Cary said she made swiss steak and now I have to pull out the crock pot too! Love you, Jill

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