My Snow Angels…Surgery Looming

Today was one of those days that you just want to freeze frame because it was perfect. Lauren woke up and we showed her the first snowfall and she was already running to the closet to get her snow suit and light up boots. Gavin on the other hand was a little blinded by the light of the first snowfall but was swinging his “happy hands” and doing his new found heavy nose breathe at the sight (with the wrinkled nose it’s quite cute). We built snow castles, snowmen and snow angels and it was great to be outside and enjoying the day.

I am somewhat convinced (delusional) that Gavin says “momma” at night, and Jay agrees with me (or says—so I will be the one to get up) but he seems to be getting out of his sick funk. This virus had Gav tied up for like three months—-it would go away and lurk and come back in days, but he is eating three meals a day again so that is good since he took last week off (ugh).

We followed up by Christmas shopping, Gavin was entranced with the hanging things from the ceiling and Lauren, at first, really enjoyed picking out gifts for her friends until she realized that we were not buying one for her and one for her friend.

We’re trying to get ahead of the game because we don’t know how long we will be ‘out of the world’ if you will with Gavin’s recovery. They think Gavin will be in the hospital (love/hate that place) a minimum of 5 days. As of now he is to be in surgery on November 15th, starting at 11:00 a.m. It’s still looming out there, I already tried calling the surgeon to discuss how necessary this surgery is…still necessary. I do love this surgeon and I wonder how many crazy calls these doctors get from parents trying to convince them not to operate. Thanks to Mory and we have decided against the g tube for sure. We read three articles supporting our decision…it just is also a reminder to be your own advocate, ask questions and go with your gut as far as the medical/life issues are concerned.

Anyway, I am going to tuck my two sweet little snow angels into bed and snuggle into a good book (that is taking me like four months to read, but its funny!) Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying your lives, once again…we love you and thanks for your support—-we are blessed beyond blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

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