Gavin Doing Great Post Surgery

Hi all!

Gavin is doing great, he is flirting with all the nurses so is getting extra special attention (no one can believe those cheeks and that smile!) He ate like a horse this morning so that was really good and they are just monitoring his oxygen. We thought about removing the IV but since they have to go back in on Sunday they are just going to keep it in (we will be here, no early release, bummer). He gets another night off of dialysis to help him heal some and then he will start up again tomorrow night and Saturday before they go in again.

It’s amazing how when you are in that room your fight instinct just kicks in. We are all feeling strong, thanks so much for always being there to support us and him, it’s because we have such a wonderful support system that we can do this! Lauren has informed me that the manatee is a sea cow and is a little peeved mommy isn’t there at bed time so is making daddy read four stories instead of 2! Thanks mom, dad and T for spoiling her rotten while we are here! Keep up the good thoughts!

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