Latest Pictures of Gavin before surgery

These are the latest pictures of Gavin, taken right before his surgery at Children’s hospital.

Gavin playing with his hippo chew toy
Gavin playing with his hippo chew toy

Mom gets the snub - Gavin's got the hippo
Mom gets the snub – Gavin’s busy with the hippo

2 thoughts on “Latest Pictures of Gavin before surgery

  1. your son is so adorable and he looks like such a strong boy hes gonna do great … i have no money right now but i will deffinately donate when i get my next pay check .. im only seventeen so it wont be much but i think every bit counts … stay strong ..gavin your in my thoughts precious boy

  2. HI Jill-
    I’m still here “lurking” when I get a chance to check in on your progress- <<>> to everyone-

    Sheryl R ( Mira too )

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