Eve of Gavin’s Second Surgery

The eve before the second surgery and things are just moving in slow motion. Gav can’t sleep tonight, he still seems pretty uncomfortable so hopefully tomorrow will give him some relief. Lauren can sense that things are happening and is very distressed by the littlest things, however she is Dr. Lauren and has diagnosed us all with the stethoscope we brought back from his first visit. I think Jay and I are just wishing it was tomorrow at 11 so Gav would be through this hurdle. I hope that they are able to get this all taken care of and we won’t have to be back there until we start gearing up for his kidney transplant. We were told about what a beautiful job my aunt Ceil and cousin Jodi did for his fund raiser at Cafe Latte – thank you, thank you, thank you and thanks to all those who sang/performed.

We have so much to be thankful for: great family, friends, strangers who are offering their prayers and good wishes. Good doctors that care about their patients and a good education to think for ourselves, a nice house to look forward to come home to, sweet neighbors. Gavin’s disease at times can take over our life, my doctor said there are times that it will seem like a nightmare, and there is definitely that, but it also makes you realize how lucky you are. How many things that you have that you just take for granted, what a miracle your body is, how life should be lived each day, how forever you have your family, to laugh with your kids and make them feel like they are the best thing on earth and boost their self confidence through the roof. To let go of the little stuff and worry less about what others think and become more secure in what you think, to do good to others – somebody always has it worse and to always be kind. We are lucky, so very lucky! May Gavin’s luck continue tomorrow (its gotta, he’s got the luck of the Irish in his blood) and lets hope for a quick and painless recovery! We love you Lulu and Gavs to the moon and back! Just Breathe (thanks Glenda) that will be my mantra tomorrow.

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