Gavin is doing wonderful – Getting ready for Christmas

“You never know how heavy a burden you carry until its lifted off of you” – how true that is. Now that we are home, and Gavin is doing wonderful, wonderful, wonderful we can all live life as it should be lived. Its been such a relief to see him bounce back so quickly and better than he was before. We had a doctors apt today and they thought he looked great! In retrospect, I wonder if it was really colds or backlash to the problems that they operated on that was making him so uncomfortable, maybe a combo who knows. Either way he is just so full of life again. He is cooing and moving and eating like a champ and it couldn’t be more fun to watch his curious little mind at work. He is so interested in everything! Between him and Lauren they get like a million kisses a day! It is so fun to see him and Lauren light up at all the Christmas decorations! Lauren went to sleep last night with a candy cane under her pillow and dreams of Santa coming to her house. I can’t express enough how nice it is to be together again as a family, to have my daughter, son and husband together again, and happy and healthy and out of the hospital. (Bummer that Jay had to go back to work after the holiday weekend!) This is the best holiday gift that I could get! Hope this finds you all enjoying the super nice weather outside and spending it with those you love! I must admit I am looking somewhat forward to a little snow to get more into the spirit, but I am sure I will regret saying that. šŸ™‚ I think Santa is coming to the Mills next week, so I think that Gavs is going to get his first glimpse at the big red man and Lauren will be elated, he comes in on horses, what could make Lauren happier than that?

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