Ho! Ho! Ho! — Our Giggly Gavs Can’t Wait for Christmas

I regret it already; I heard we are going to get like 7 inches of snowfall, go figure. But it will be nice to have a white Christmas. Gavin giggles hysterically when we say ho, ho, ho… So you can only imagine how often that is pulled out in this house! It is so cute, if you say it behind him; he actually tries so hard to see you that he just tips right over. Or if you are Lauren, you run continuous laps around him while shouting — it looks like a cat trying to follow a ball. It’s pretty adorable. He had his physical therapy again the other day; we are having some regression with the rolling, so we have to start working on that again. They think that it may be a little more uncomfortable for him because he has his dialysis fluid in there at all times, so maybe a little squishy belly. On the up side he is starting to support his own weight when sitting and is moving and reaching without hesitation.

Post surgery he has so many opinions that the instant that he doesn’t like something he is giving out scoldings. Gavs is so used to being in happy mode at all times, so he looks at you in such shock when you try to make him do something. Those big brown eyes give you the “hey, what is this all about?” He and Lauren went to get Christmas lights yesterday and they are both in love with those dancing holiday characters. We must have sat in the aisle (pressing every button at the same time mind you, I am sure the employees loved us) for an hour. Lauren was dancing away and Gav was shaking his little happy hands. The kids love having the big tree (thanks Traci) up this year and it sure feels more like Christmas. Last year I was in the hospital until right before Christmas so it feels good to have the building anticipation and watch Lauren’s growing fascination and excitement! And how do I love Santa’s naughty or nice list – we are all on our most pristine behavior this month 🙂 Its going to be a great holiday!


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