Mama and Gavs sick…Gavs Losing Weight

Well, the bubble has somewhat burst, since Gavs and I are sick, again…ugh! It was sweet though, we took him to the doctor today and his big sister, Lauren, would not leave his side. She told the doctor it was because Gavin likes her and she made sure that he was not hurting him, because she was his “big sissy”, my little warrior princess. For me however, she wanted to watch me get my flu shot so I had to be brave. She is fascinated with shot giving, hence she watches the growth hormone shot being given to Gavin. Funny how a little needle makes you cringe, but it wasn’t so bad. She also wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t be ‘left behind’ and that I would be coming home. She doesn’t like me going to see the doctor after I had to stay in the hospital last year. She was taking her mommy home and that was that.

Gavin is falling short on his development milestones, which I know is no surprise but it’s just frustrating. I just want things to be easy for him, he shouldn’t have to work so hard for everything. Whenever the doctor asked a question I felt like saying, “ya he does that, of course he does that… he crawls, he says mama, dada”…but—-nope none of the above, I just wanted him to stop asking.

When you have a sick kid, sometimes it’s like being caught in a forest fire. It feels like it’s coming fast and it’s right behind you and you are just trying to stay ahead of it and put out the little fires along the way. You’re just clutching and running as fast as you can trying to get out of the grasp of this disease. You just want it to go away and stop, but it’s relentless.

Anyway, I am just beat, this cold has us both wiped out and Gav is losing weight again. I absolutely hate the numbers 14 and 15 because we have been between 14 and 15 lbs for like two months now. I know it could be worse, I know that we are so lucky that he eats on his own, but I think we will throw a party when we see 16 lbs! I anticipate a feeding tube for Christmas, my poor baby. But thank God for green beans because for the last three days, it is the only solid food that he will eat.

He’s obsessed with babies, they make him light up…it’s fun to see and he does this new lip thing. He’s getting jealous of his sister when she has a sippy cup and he doesn’t. He wants to be part of all the action, especially if there is a flashlight to be found. He’s such a miracle! Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the holidays around you! We have seen such kindness through all of this, it’s heartwarming to see how much good this world has to offer. I know that someday, my kids will be out there “passing it on”. Take Care!

7 thoughts on “Mama and Gavs sick…Gavs Losing Weight

  1. Jill:

    My name is Albert Calamug — Han’s husband.

    We have donated and will continue to make donations towards Gavin’s campaign as we are able. Though we have never met, please be assured that Gavin and your family have been and will always be in my thoughts and prayers.



  2. Jill

    I also have never met you, but just be assured that I know exactly what you are going through. Alot of what you say, I also used to say when my son Tyler had kidney failure at 19 mo old from pneumonia. When Gavin gets a new kidney, you will be so amazed at how different your lives will be. I donated a kidney to Tyler and in less than 24hours after the transplant his creatinine went from 3.5 to 0.2!!!!! We were all crying it was indeed a miracle. Tyler was only 21 lbs the day of the transplant and he was 28 months old. He fell off the charts once he went into failure. I remember thinking too “will he ever reach 25lbs!” Tyler just had his 4th birthday on Monday and he is 34lbs!!!! April 2007 will be his 2 year anniversary of his transplant. No rejection either. Every single day I look at him and thank god hes doing so well. People that don’t know hes had a transplant can’t believe it when they see him! These kids sure are fighters.

  3. Hi! I live in Lake Mills and I work at the Rodeway Inn where a donation box was given. I have been following your story since October and it always seems to break my heart when I see him and I cry, but I have so much hope for him! I’m helping as much as I can and have even posted on other websites about your story so you can have as much help as possible. I have a 7 month old daughter and I know that it must be so hard to have Gavin going through all of this. I have great faith that Gavin will be just fine and when he’s older; he won’t even know what happened when he was an infant. Don’t worry about him being behind in the milestones. I know a 14 month old baby that seems like she’s only 6 months. She is only 15lbs and didn’t start crawling until she was a year old.

    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!

    Much Love,
    Stef and Adria

  4. I forgot to add that I work at the Library in town also! I have seen items on hold for Jay Winslow and didn’t know that he was related. I hope sometime I can see your family in the library. I love seeing different faces and getting to know them. 🙂

    Much Love,
    Stef and Adria

  5. Oh,

    Sorry to hear that you and gavin are unwell. You don’t know me either by the way hehe. I’m sure you’ll both be better soon, just gotta look after each other 🙂

    I hope on christmas yopu and gavin are both well and that you have a lovely day.


  6. Hi Jill,
    I have three daughters of my own. They are triplets, turning three in January. We went through some pretty tough times with prematurity, and a very close call with one daughter who stopped breathing. But, all of our daughters are thriving and well now.

    I just want to say, keep the faith. I feel for you so much, and while our suffering was not as prolonged or as severe as yours, that period of my life has given me much understanding and compassion towards parents and children enduring physical illness. I pray that joy surpasses your pain in the coming year, and that your precious son makes a speedy recovery. I have faith that he will. He has captured my heart as has your strength as a mother.
    Merry Christmas
    Amy Taylor

  7. Hello, ive just crossed your site and couldn’t belive what u and ur family is going threw. I to had renal faliure and just recieved a kidney from my mom. Its been 8 months today. It was a long 3 yrs. of my life. I never thought i would ever get off that machine but I did and am very great full. Anyhow i will be sure to include you and all your family in my prayers. May you both have brighter days and perious moments. Keep your faith up, i hope for him to recover fast and well. May the little man have the best 1st birthday ever. Good Luck and God Bless you all.

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