Making Miracles Happen…Gavin’s First Christmas

Feliz Navidad! Jingle jingle sniffle sniffle, we are over the flu and onto the cold so this Christmas was pretty low key! Lauren picked out tacos as her Christmas meal of choice and is relieved that Christmas is finally here; Gavin of course, chose green beans, three times a day. Although, Lauren is decidedly concerned that Santa won’t make it due to lack of snow, I assured her that he has some wheels for his sleigh too. Jay is worried that she is going to discover that the fireplace doesn’t have a chimney, but I told him it may be a few years until we have to explain our way out of that! Simple day, may we be aware of the treasure that you are! We did our birthday cake to baby Jesus and Lauren was elated that she got to blow out the candles and Gavin was giddy with the flicker of the fire, we will see how easy it is for her to sleep with the anticipation floating in her head!

I had just gotten out of the hospital last year at this time to spend Christmas with my family and I was told by one of the doctors on rotation that they caught Gavin’s problem too late and that he wouldn’t make it, that I should just go home and be with my family. We called him “Dr. Death”.

Then when he was born, they brought us in this room to start preparing us to lose our son. They told us that they would manage his pain and that we could have people come and visit him in this secluded room. We told them to do whatever they could, and I looked up at all the doctors and interns in the room, there must have been like fifteen people there staring at us, and I said “go make miracles happen”. As I thought about this room I thought that if it came to it, I would set it up like Christmas (even though it was February), so even if he didn’t make it to Christmas he would see what Christmas would be like, the lights, the love, all the people that shared their cheer.

Today is like heaven on earth, a day that I was afraid Gavin wouldn’t make it to, a milestone in his journey. It makes me believe that the odds of him making it to transplant is more than the 50%, that it’s 100%, nothing can stop us now! We have him and there is no way I am giving him back! We believe in miracles…we have two of them with chocolate kiss eyes and shiny red cheeks with smiles that can melt your heart. May your Holiday be bright and filled with love and joy, I have some snuggle time to get to, Disney Christmas is on – that crazy Donald, and we are tracking Santa on the internet. Right now Santa is in Peru! We have been blessed with many blessings, may you be too! Peace and love, The Winslows


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