Diva’s Delights Extends Web Fundraiser

Diva Delights is a website that represents a number of online companies. Run by Debi Calligaro, she has generously offered to extend her fundraising efforts and will donate a percentage of all sales purchased off the site for December and January to Gavin’s fund. Thank you Debi! Please tell your family and friends to visit and consider purchasing some holiday gifts from Debi’s site.

Some of the companies represented:

  • Marlo Quinn Soy Products
  • Purple Hippo Parties
  • Country Charm Scents
  • Gourmet to Go
  • Candy Day
  • Sugarland Village
  • Flower Garden Soaps
  • Apple Blossom Candles

If you have any questions about the products sold, please contact Debi at debinhartford@yahoo.com.

Thank You Sadish for the new website theme

Sadish Bala has created a new WordPress theme called Intense that we are now using for Gavin’s site. Sadish was moved by Gavin’s story and decided to help by adding a link from his theme to Gavin’s site. This has resulted in Gavin’s site getting hundreds of visits from people that normally wouldn’t know about Gavin. Thank you Sadish for helping raise awareness about Gavin’s story and bringing additional visibility to his site.

Thank you cousins Tom and Libby!

Isn’t it remarkable the things we do with our kids? Gavin’s second cousin, Tom Schwalbach, together with his charming, beautiful, sixth-grade-daughter, Libby, spent Saturday morning picking up their four fundraising canisters they had dropped off earlier in the week. Together this dashing dad and dynamite daughter collected over $200.00 to add to little baby Gavin’s campaign. What a perfect gift. Thank you so very much Tom and Libby!

Grazie to Ceil, Jodi, and everyone for netting over $5,241.00 at Latte Café Event!

Buon giorno everyone. Come sta? (how are you). Please travel along with me as I reflect upon the lovely, romantic, Italian ambiance of Il Latte Café, the latest locale for our sweet little baby Gavin's fundraising event.

Grazie to my adorably beautiful niece, Signora Jodi Curtis and her mom, my gracious sister-in-law, Signora Ceil Schwalbach, for donating 'absolutely everything' – a two-full day's program of cabaret style entertainment (delightful music, dance and art), mixed with the stunningly wrapped and smart silent auction items, and many opportunities to win wonderful door prizes. Both Ceil's and Jodi's hard work went towards generating funds to help ensure that little baby Gavin will receive the multiple kidney transplants required to save his life. This fundraising masterpiece of theirs, along with the generous donations of patrons venturing forth out of the From Hair On beauty salon ($5 was donated for every client service provided on November 18th) netted over $5,241.00 for baby Gavin's campaign fund. And both Ceil and Jodi continue to carry donation canisters at their respective business places to help this little bambino.

We also would like to acknowledge the considered performers who donated their gifts of talents. “There is no physician like a true friend.” Our heart-felt thanks to these beautiful new friends of little baby Gavin's:

Bryanna Nennig Sarah Seegert
Marissa Nennig Justin Seegert
Caitlyn Scherrer Chrissy Thompson
Courtney Nennig Justin Jablonski
Maggie Berens Kim Schindler – Christian Rock Group
Addie Berens Hannah Mrozak
Joe Gomez Fannie Cooper
Liz Grams Janel Mayer
Elizabeth Eitel Lindsay Schwab
Brenna Davidson Ryan Castelaz
Ashley Pophal Libby Schwalbach
Kimberly Kim Lisa Jome
Jesse Lee Danielle Costello
Paula Garcia Lance Winslow
Joanna Rush Nekisha Crochell
Taylor Bugos Nicole Skowronski
Leigh Daniels  

Buona sera Arrivederci – Grazie and God Bless! x x o o and love from baby Gavin

Ho! Ho! Ho! — Our Giggly Gavs Can’t Wait for Christmas

I regret it already; I heard we are going to get like 7 inches of snowfall, go figure. But it will be nice to have a white Christmas. Gavin giggles hysterically when we say ho, ho, ho… So you can only imagine how often that is pulled out in this house! It is so cute, if you say it behind him; he actually tries so hard to see you that he just tips right over. Or if you are Lauren, you run continuous laps around him while shouting — it looks like a cat trying to follow a ball. It’s pretty adorable. He had his physical therapy again the other day; we are having some regression with the rolling, so we have to start working on that again. They think that it may be a little more uncomfortable for him because he has his dialysis fluid in there at all times, so maybe a little squishy belly. On the up side he is starting to support his own weight when sitting and is moving and reaching without hesitation.

Post surgery he has so many opinions that the instant that he doesn’t like something he is giving out scoldings. Gavs is so used to being in happy mode at all times, so he looks at you in such shock when you try to make him do something. Those big brown eyes give you the “hey, what is this all about?” He and Lauren went to get Christmas lights yesterday and they are both in love with those dancing holiday characters. We must have sat in the aisle (pressing every button at the same time mind you, I am sure the employees loved us) for an hour. Lauren was dancing away and Gav was shaking his little happy hands. The kids love having the big tree (thanks Traci) up this year and it sure feels more like Christmas. Last year I was in the hospital until right before Christmas so it feels good to have the building anticipation and watch Lauren’s growing fascination and excitement! And how do I love Santa’s naughty or nice list – we are all on our most pristine behavior this month 🙂 Its going to be a great holiday!