Lauren and Gavin…Perfection, Thank You Everyone!

At my friends Rachel and KJ’s wedding, their priest talked about children (don’t ask me what they said at mine, I was trying not to trip), and he said that your children are a mixture of all the good things about each of you. Kind of like a little perfect recipe where you get to shake in all the things that you love about each other. I look at Lauren and Gavin and I see perfection. I see these two little intelligent minds with laughter and energy, and just the right amount of sass. It makes me want to laugh more, take chances, become smarter…just be better. On the mom-o-meter, I got an “ok” ranking today. Lauren has taken to grading my daily performance as a mother (brutally honest). I have learned, however, that there is a significant grading curve on days where chips, fruit snacks and play dates are concerned, so I try to throw these in when I have less than stellar moments. I think that I am trying to challenge myself to actually live a little freer, to allow myself to be less than perfect, laugh without inhibition, say what I mean, and be a little kinder than necessary — because those are the things that I want my babies to be.

Gavin is now saying “da-da-da”. It’s his first multi-syllable word, so that is HUGE and very exciting. Now I know for sure that God is a man, because all babies seem to say “dada” first. This is despite the fact that we are the ones lugging them around in our bellies for nine months (which I am still somewhat convinced that it is actually ten months: 40 wks, 4 weeks in a month, but whatever). He is still eating despite his nighttime supplements, so that is nice. I think that he would sit in his high chair all day and eat if we let him. He tried an oreo blizzard today and LOVED it. Cookie smeared all over his face, it was adorable!—(of course, right?) He’s trying to figure out how to transition from a sitting up position down to his tummy, then hanging out and playing on his tummy! And the kid is always talking business, apparently he has a lot of opinions as well, and is ready for us to hear all of them (:

Lauren is recovering from all the fundraisers this weekend. She went to the Fireman’s dinner with Jay and the Jim Gill concert with me and had a BLAST! I think she may have run a mini toddler marathon between the two, and is a little tired from both. They were both wonderful!

Throughout all of this, we have seen such kindness; such support that simply saying “Thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. But until I can think of something better, it will have to do. Thank you to our families, friends, and strangers who have come to help, love, and support us!

I have to get to bed, but I will leave you with Lauren’s cell phone conversation today:

Lauren: “uh huh uh huh uh huh” (pause) “Okay.”
Me: “Lauren, who are you talking to?”
Lauren: (covers phone receiver with her hand) “Excuse me.” (slightly annoyed look at me) “I am on the phone with Rosie the horse in unicornland.”
(Lauren gets back into make believe phone conversation)
Lauren: “Please tell her not to eat all the carrots because I would like some, and to look out for shooting stars”. (Click)
Me: “Did Rosie say that was okay?”
Lauren: “She wasn’t there, so I left her a voicemail.”


3 thoughts on “Lauren and Gavin…Perfection, Thank You Everyone!

  1. Life is funny. Jill always wondered why she majored in Journalism. It is obvious to me. It allows her to report such beautiful stories about her family. I know that the posts always bring a smile to my face and I am sure countless others. Congratulations Jill on your first reporting job!

  2. Dear Winslow’s all
    We are in Florida and are so grateful we can still get to know how all of you are doing. I love your updates and Lauren you are so much fun talking on the phone. I love it. We love to hear how Gavin is doing and love to hear of his improvments. Keep up this wonderful writing for all of us. We haven’t stopped praying.

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