Sick Again, Ugh…Support Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research

We are once again sick, this should not seriously surprise anyone, it seems to be a constant theme (slightly dejected sigh insert here). It needs to get warm. Gav is at 100 temp wise and Lulu at 99.8 and I’m not talking vacation spots. Seriously spring: where are you? I long for open windows and a good day at the park. We must be masochists living in Wisconsin. The kids however are living the dream per usual…

Lauren’s prince did come, and his name is daddy. She is all about being with her dad right now. It seems that she enjoys keeping secrets (although she can keep them for a total of three minutes and that’s with hands covering mouth) She is three going on thirteen and I am not sure if she breathes or just has some strong super kid power to talk talk talk! How is it that she has more energy than me even when she has a cold? She truly amazes me. Lauren swears that Gavin told her that he wanted a dog for his birthday. I told her a dog will have to wait until we got a fence and she went downstairs, grabbed a toy hammer and said she and her dad (go figure) could build one. Anyone who knows Jay (bless his heart) knows this is not possible (finance guy, not handy guy), but this just reinforces the daddy love. Her next plan of attack was pet napping the neighbor’s tiny dog. I then informed her stealing dogs is frowned upon and not good for neighborhood relations. Don’t worry; I will check her closets nightly if I hear strange noises.

Gav is doing his own bit of talking, quite a bit (especially right around time for him to go to sleep). Jabber jabber jabber—- giggle giggle giggle.

I looked at the COTA website today at all the other kids waiting for transplant and checked out all their websites. Everyone’s story is different and heartwarming. It’s amazing the power and strength of a child. They just have you wrapped around their little digits!

Gav has quite the cold, and I am now convinced that every time I take him to the grocery store he gets sick. Apparently there must be a special on it in isle 6. We had a blockage from inside the ng tube this week so he has been flying high without the tube the last two nights. This is good for him since it irritates the bejesus out of him and lets him clear up that congestion. Bad for me because he is not being constantly fed, he is constantly waking up looking to be fed. Of course there is that pesky weight issue, down down down instead of up up up!

Researchers at Wake Forest University have found that bladders grown from patients’ own cells have been successfully transplanted and work. This shows that regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and cell research could one day be a solution for people who need transplants, like Gavin. To read more, click here.

It is so amazing to me to think that they could transplant Gavin with his own grown kidney some day, maybe even when he needs his second transplant. That would mean no anti-rejection meds, no worrying about kidney failure or acute rejection. He could live a completely normal life (of course no mother thinks their child is going to live a normal life, let’s say extraordinary!). Support regenerative medicine, cell therapy, and stem cell research! This could be your child some day or someone you know. If they can find a cure for the love of all things, let them find it!

Speaking of, for the love of juice Gav will sacrifice almost anything, even his mommy. He did his first push off of me (like I had baby repellent on) when he saw his sweet juice sippy cup coming. He rubs it lovingly, ode to juice… “I love thee, I love thee with a love that shall not die til the sun grows cold or the stars grow old.” (Shakespeare)

Just a quick Happy 90th Birthday to Jay’s Grandma Rose, we love you! Sorry we missed your party, but we are thinking of you and sending baby kisses via air mail!


2 thoughts on “Sick Again, Ugh…Support Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research

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  2. I love your stories Jill- I think I know the perfect match for little Lulu when she is 30 (j/k)- my friend Tammi’s little guy, Tanner, has such funny stories just like Lauren does! They would be such ham’s together! Hee Hee!!!!!

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