A Mother’s Birthday Wish for Her Son…A Letter to Gavin

My dearest sweet baby Gavin,

Believe in miracles. You are everything and more than we could have asked for. I look forward to the day when you read this and think that I was being an over protective mom because this disease no longer dictates your life (“mom’s crazy” – I can hear it now).

May you always know how loved and special you are. May you grow to be a man who gives freely and thinks kindly. May you continue to aspire to greatness and not be discouraged with the stumbling blocks (we all fall, get back up son). May you become a thirsty learner and a leader and a man of your word. May you remember how lucky you are and support those less fortunate. Be bold, ask questions and face your life with courage and honor. May you always love with innocence. May you see in yourself what I already see in you at the tender age of one.

If I could climb every mountain for you, take away any pain or hardship and steer you always into the right direction, I would. Your life is still unwritten and there is beauty in that, you determine who you are and we can only guide you on your journey. I can’t promise you perfection, I can’t promise you much of anything, except that I know that we were kissed by an angel twice in our lives, with you and your sister, and that every second that I breathe I love you more than the last breath! That, I promise you, will never change!

Happy Birthday my beautiful, perfect giggly baby boy! This is your year, Double 0 Seven: Mission Possible: Kidney transplant!



3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Birthday Wish for Her Son…A Letter to Gavin

  1. Amazing! Simply brilliant and well spoken from the heart and soul. I feel better just knowing that there are other people in the world that love their babies as much as my wife and I do. Happy Birthday Gavin, may there be so many more for you and yours! My Gavin turns 2 in Aug. Thank you again for the inspiring healtfelt words. Peace and Love, John C.

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