Birthday Wishes Come True…Gavs Tipping the Scales at 17 Pounds and Will Get New Dialysis Machine!

What a weekend! We all celebrated Gavs birthday on Friday and just relaxed and hung out together. It was so nice to all be in the same place at the same time! Gav is looking a little older, OK OK, maybe not older but bigger. He is tipping the scales at 17 lbs! That, and we have gotten word that we will be getting his previous dialysis machine back! (A newer and much better machine that will allow him and us to sleep much better.) Talk about birthday wishes coming true! Between his new weight and all this snow shoveling, I am going to have arms of steel! (Although, I want to say thank you to all my neighbors who rescued us this weekend with snowplows, we had a small mountain at the end of the driveway!)

Gav is starting to crawl backwards, hasn’t quite figured out the whole forward motion – but it’s fun to watch. It gets him a little hot though, because when he finally gets the drive to do it he ends up further from his goal than before. Pretty soon I imagine that he will be crawling and then the true fun begins! Luckily the house is pretty baby friendly already so we only have a few adjustments to make. Look out world pretty soon he will be on the loose! Now if I carry him, he refuses to be anything but outward facing. He has also developed what Jay and I call floppy feet to throw his temper tantrums and let us know when he is displeased!

Gav is starting to stop eating orally, and I am concerned that we will have to rely solely on his feeding tube. While it’s not the end of the world, since I have gotten quite good at placing it and “little magic hands” Gav has also gotten good at pulling it out, I just don’t want him to lose the ability to self feed and have food aversions. I would like to avoid that whole bag if at all possible, but I can’t argue with the results of the feeding tube. It has made an amazing difference and now it feels like there is no stopping us to get to the 22 lb. marker! Plus, they changed some of his meds so I can leave the tube out during the day and place it in at night to give his cute little face a break! Gav liked touching his birthday cake and licked the frosting once but never put it in his mouth.

I asked Lauren what she thought of this snow this morning and she gave me what Jay and I are now calling a “Laurenism”—-

Me: “What do you think of all this snow?”
Lauren: “You know what I heard.”
Me: “What?”
Lauren: “That Christmas is going to come AGAIN!”
Me: “No hon, Santa only comes once a year and he just came.”
Lauren: “Well, thats not what I heard.”
Me: “Leprechauns will be coming soon, but Santa has the rest of the year off.”
Lauren: “Only Santa can handle this snow, leprechauns are too small.”

She then stormed away in a huff and returned with crossed arms. I was then told that I wasn’t a very good mom because if I was a “good mom” I would just call Santa…and then an argument with a three year old ensued of which I will spare you the details.

Apparently I got a 2 on the Lauren “mom-o-meter” that day, because when the conversation ended I was still “not a very good mom” AND no longer a friend. Are three year olds little teenagers in smaller bodies? Rationalizing with a three year old is not a possibility. Seriously cute, but seriously independent at three!

Well, Gav is getting up from his nap and Lauren is done so I better tend to the kiddos. We feel truly blessed for all that we have in our lives and truly grateful to the doctors, nurses, staff, friends, family and community that have gotten us to where we are now. It is true that it takes a village to raise a child, and Gav is proof of that! May you live each day to the fullest and embrace all those who you love!


One thought on “Birthday Wishes Come True…Gavs Tipping the Scales at 17 Pounds and Will Get New Dialysis Machine!

  1. Hi Winslows:

    17#!!!!! That’s amazing. Whatever you all are doing, keep it up. It is great to hear the news. Odd as it may seem that we are actually congratulating someone putting on weight, it is great news.

    Gee, Jill, I don’t know why you didn’t call Santa? Man, you were lucky she just didn’t kick you off the mom-o-meter. I bet Jay looked darn good to her then.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your family. We really appreciate it.

    Must go. Work is calling me. Have a great day and enjoy the snow.

    Love Nancy

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