Let the Sun Shine Baby…Gav’s Closer to Being On Chart for Height and Weight

My cousin sent me a card that said, “Wear cool boots, they make you feel like you can handle anything.” This would have been a week for some cool boots! Gav gets so much food at night his body isn’t able to process it all so he is like a little vomit volcano. I feel so bad for him, but he doesn’t seem to be phased by it. It’s a little more work for us – changing his outfits like four times a day, and a lot more cleaning and laundry. Apparently, the vomit volcano thing is “typical”, although I don’t think anything about this whole experience falls under the category of “typical”!

Gavs had his zillion and one shots for his one year check up (his poor little legs are all puffy and swollen). We were very pleased to hear that his head circumference finally falls on the lowest notch of normal – which is… awesome (does anyone use that word anymore?). He is getting closer to being on chart for his height and weight. He looks like a little boy now, for so long it seemed baby baby baby, but now I can see the distinct difference. Even in his mannerisms. He wants his sippy cup and is trying out sucking through straws and wants to be in the thick of things. He is watching his sister like a hawk and is ready to leave mommy to be with the big kids! Still not crawling, but dangerously close and his bottom left tooth is giving him a run for his money! Teething is eternal!

Lauren and I often play a game, “I love you more” and then we list things that we love and tell each other that we love each other more. Example, I love you more than unicorns and bubble gum. We were in the midst of it during our afternoon lunch and it was my turn. As I was looking at my little beauty, I was about to begin when I hear her fake burp. This gives me slight pause and then she holds up her little hand to let me know she has something important to say, “I am going to burp the alphabet, erp A” What????!!!! Where did she learn this, to my knowledge Jay nor I can complete this feat so I have no idea where my baby girl is coming up with this stuff. She has a way to keep you on your toes! She also informed me that she knows that metamorphosis is when caterpillars build a chrysalis and become butterflies. I can thank Baby Einstein for that. She is up to three books now for bedtime story time and we get a new sack of books each time that we go to the library. The library here just hooked up to a whole new network (sweet) and we can find everything online and have it sent here. I’m like a kid in a candy store, ahh the little simple things!

I bought Lauren a booster this week and decided to go with a real simplistic one, just a plain ‘ol booster. Sometimes you look around at all the baby gear and you think, man this is over the top, so I thought I’d scale back. The first day I put her in it she falls asleep and is tilted at a 90 degree angle flopped to the side. My advice is to get one with a back if you are in mid transition of the car seat debacle…this one isn’t going to cut it! Any suggestions out there on a good one?

Take care and let the sunshine baby!


2 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine Baby…Gav’s Closer to Being On Chart for Height and Weight

  1. I would suggest you get one with a 5 point harness and keep her in it until she is 80lbs. Britax makes a wonderful one, even though it is pricey.

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