Never, Never, Never Give up

Never, Never, Never Give up. The last hospital trip was quite wearing. I have to say when they couldn’t tell me what was wrong with him, I started to panic…it was like everyday was a dizzy day. As a parent, when something is wrong with your child, you become quite irrational, I was ready to just leave the hospital at any cost (denial, denial), luckily, Jay had the car so there was no escape vehicle! There was a lot of speculation of what the cause was, and some were pretty terrifying thoughts (always a reminder of how blessed we really are), so I am not going to revisit them. Also sleeping on a blow up cot (yes blow up cot, I am looking forward to the new hospital) in a hospital room for about a week while hauling a 19 lb baby around does not do much for easing tension!

Its been awhile since my last update and things here, I am happy to report, are going very very well. Gav’s infection is gone for the most part, they think that it was an allergic reaction, quite the allergic reaction. The allergist and nephrolgist said they had never seen the esonophils so high ever in an adult or child. We will have to go in for further testing, but for now are happy that it has pretty much resolved itself!

Gav is such a champ, he is all over the place now that he’s got his crawling down (you can check him out self applauding his own crawling skills.) I have to be a little more careful where I walk because all of the sudden I look down and there are his baby brown eye looking straight up at me. He hits his buddha belly when you ask him where it is, and can give a good belly zerbert and nose honk when asked and is quite into pointing his finger, at everything. He is now obsessed with dogs and cries when he must part with them. Hes at that fun age where as a parent they start communicating back and if you tell them to go get a toy or come back they understand and do (too bad that is not the case with selective hearing three yr olds). I remember it well when Lauren was at that stage and now Gav, its so amazing how well they understand the language and how smart they are for being so little.

Lauren is up to pretty much everything. She got her dance recital costume today so she tried it on and couldn’t quite keep her happy feet from tappin away on the driveway! We found her a bike (she named it Petunia or sometimes Hannah) that she is tearing through the neighborhood on. We read the Owen and Mzee story so she is quite smitten with hippos and does a mean tortoise impression (cute story about a hippo and tortoise from the Tsunami). She likes telling me what she “is into” and this week it is craft projects, hippos and drumsticks. She informed me that she said hi to the monkeys, because she can speak monkey (oh oh ahh ahh in case you would like to say hi to them as well in monkey-speak per Lulu) but didn’t quite now how to talk to the giraffe, so she just waved this week at the zoo.

We had our first appt with transplant this week and it went well, we are approaching it fast. I should know more about our blood match ups this coming Monday and then its a whole day of every test known to man to finish the work up. The end is in sight, its like a beautiful sunset waiting on the horizon!


2 thoughts on “Never, Never, Never Give up

  1. I love the pictures and am so glad Gavin is feeling better. I hope the transplant match up process goes smoothly. Also, I think Lulu’s monkey speak is spot on and that a bike named Petunia but sometimes Hannah is a great name for a bike! I love all the smiles that the Winslows give us. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless!

  2. Just wanted all of you to know how much we love you and how relieved we are that Gavs is feeling better and they were able to come to some conclusion on what caused his illness. His video is adorable and brought some tears – how can one baby go through so much and still keep smiling and clapping? The prayer chains continue as well as the novenas to St. Jude and St. Therese (Karin’s patron saint). Let Mission 007 begin!

    Love you,
    Vinny, Kristin & Katie Rose

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