False Alarm, No Peritonitis for Gav…He’s Feeling Great!

False Alarm! Gav had presented like peritonitis, but in the end, after two days of running in fluid samples, his white blood cells had tamed down and he was feeling great. So they don’t know what it was, but it was not peritonitis!

We had a moment this week when we decided Jay and I are officially kinda “grown ups” (do you ever really feel like a grown up?) and parents…Jay went to plug a pesky parking meter and all he had were “Chuck-e-Cheese” coins. We also decided to do a haircut to our lawn midweek instead of postponing till the weekend when Lauren said to Jay, “look Dad, we are growing a tree outside,” it of course, was not a tree, but a weed that had grown to about her height! And I gave my first official dirty look to a pack of teenagers that used curse words around my little cherubs at the county fair…

Have you ever had the feeling that you have just crammed a whole summer into a weekend! This weekend started on Thursday when we went downtown to get in on the wristband night for Lauren at the local fair. She was a brave little trooper and rode the dragon roller coaster with her little friends and loved it, although this year, the hands stayed on the bar (taming down a bit from the hands flying above the head last year). Her favorite, she said, was the nauseating ride that you spin yourself in a circle until you can’t stand up, so she rode that a good five times before we were scared from the fair with the impending thunder booms. She spun herself right into her car seat and fell fast asleep on the way home. Gav loved the bright lights and people watching as we pushed him around in his little red convertible. He wants to be a big kid so bad and ached to get on the rides and run around with the kids (maybe next summer).

Friday, we biked to the library for a little story time and to get Lauren’s pick of her weekly movie. Her newest obsession is Madeline, a little red headed French girl, who gets into some sticky situations. Gav tried to convince another mother that he could indeed hold her baby (he is into babies right now, he wants to hold and love them and just be their friends). However, he has not said “baby” yet (he calls them by his standard “dog”). We then chased down some jumbo bubbles that were out to attack the neighborhood…my two kids and the neighbor kids saved us (you can thank them later). Gav went after them more with his mouth than fingers, but who’s to judge, it made for a good popping sight. Then, it was early to bed since Lauren had her big wheel race the next day after the parade.

Jay and I had joked about putting Lauren into training for the big race, and she took us seriously. So every night she was out on her “Diego” big wheel, up and down the street working her little heart out. She is a very dedicated athlete (and apparently, Jay and I are over competitive, because we had inadvertently convinced our three year old that training for a big wheel race is a good idea). On race day, we had her all lined up ready to go and you saw all the dads at the starting line giving their last minute “how to” race advice and Lauren takes off and places second in her heat, after a little wheel slippage since they are just a hair long for her legs (Jay and I are convinced that this is what sealed her fate). Long story short, she makes it to the semi-finals and loses interest and is bumped from the finals. This year no trophy, but a nice big wheel shirt and now we know we have two more years to train her(just kidding), look out 2009! It was loads of fun, she still called everyone in the family and told them that she won, so life is still good! We capped off the evening with a campfire and a smore-making fiasco! Marshmallows everywhere!

Sunday, I had a little me and Lauren time (like the first time in two years so it was very special) and I took her to the pool and splashed around a bit. Forget 18, apparently kids become adults at almost 4, because she could “do it herself momma” and not only could she do it herself, but I had to be like 100 feet away. Gav and his Dad bonded at home with a little walking and ball rolling (Jay thinks he has quite the arm and has not yet fully ruled out the Major Leagues). When we got home, we had a cook out for Grandma Nancy and Papa Dino and her cousin Katie who played and played and played.

I think tonight the kids are putting us to bed because they still seem wide awake while Jay and I are stumbling up the stairs! Sweet dreams and here’s to chasing fireflies that flicker at night!


One thought on “False Alarm, No Peritonitis for Gav…He’s Feeling Great!

  1. Hello Winslows:
    You all have been extremely busy this summer. Sure am glad that Gavin is doing well and that Lauren is at the top of her game. I sure am glad that mom and dad didn’t have to get on the big wheel to show Lauren have to operate this machine.
    Get some needed sleep everyone and enjoy the summer!!!!

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