Whose Baby Is This? Gavy Is An Eating, Talking, and Climbing Machine!

Whose baby is this? My kitchen floor looks like my shirts…there are food stains everywhere, from none other than Gavin. It is amazing, we are going on the second day of this and I still can’t believe it, Gavin is feeling better and is EATING, actual real people food, chewing, eating and SWALLOWING it! From peanut butter, cottage cheese, bread and butter, noodles…he actually ripped the hot dog out of Lauren’s hand today at the Farmers Market and ate the bun. He also is going up and DOWN a whole flight of stairs…I think I am in shock. Gavy’s transformation is like magic… “Boop”, I’m better and I can say the word “no”, and sign the word “fish” and climb stairs and eat—-we are treading lightly from one miracle to another! I think that I have to re hinge my jaw, because just typing it, I still drop jaw!

Lauren and I have checked out a French teaching CD and are learning to speak “Madeline”. I can now tell you the “wee wee” is actually “oui oui” and she officially can say my name is, hello, good bye, please and thank you about 25% of the time…Jay is convinced that I should be teaching her Spanish, but seeing how I don’t speak either, there is little I can actually do but learn with her and promise her that this will come in handy when she is thirteen and doesn’t want me to understand what she is talking to her friends about on the phone!

Lauren waffles from excitement to sadness about going to CA. She doesn’t want to leave her friends (she is somewhat convinced that they MAY move while we are away). Today she came down and said that she packed her bags…she packed a solo Madeline book…Jay asked, “Lauren, what are you going to wear then?” Lauren said, “I packed my head.” I think now I should let her pack for the rest of us, since sometimes I think I’ve lost mine.

It’s funny, we meet with a lot of “medical professionals” and what Jay and I refer to as “ologists” (anyone with a specialty) and I often wonder if they get a class in med school explaining that the parents of sick kids are totally insane (this probably goes for parents in general, because when I used to teach I saw this as well). We may not act like it, you learn to bluff the normalcy, but really you are insane…it’s your kid and your prerogative to think that they are a hilarious genius who may model while they build their career to the presidency, while creating world peace on the side…so we will see how well we can bluff cool calm and collected in CA, we have to pack our heads!

Well, I better stop typing and better start packing (it’s like the oh my, I have so much to do, but I am just frozen because I don’t know where to begin). I think it was Bob Hope that said “I think that I have been to almost as many places as my luggage”, so we have to figure out the necessities for carry ons and leave nothing to chance!


One thought on “Whose Baby Is This? Gavy Is An Eating, Talking, and Climbing Machine!

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Gavin is feeling better. How amazing that he is doing all these new things! Jill, I had to smile about your parents being insane comments. I’m glad to know I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE! 🙂 Your journal is always so uplifiting and full of spirit I would never guess that you have your own insane moments! I’m praying for your whole family for a safe trip to CA and hoping that everything goes great out there. Take care! Mandy Schreiber

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