Happy 4th Birthday Lauren, A Birthday Poem from Mom.

To my Lauren on your fourth birthday,

You are my star light, the cherry on top of my sundae. I can’t believe that God could make such a great little person that only stands three feet tall. Your laughter is contagious and your loving soul make you so much fun to be around. You are my angel. You are everything and more. Tonight, as I sang you happy birthday I told you that I thought you were an amazing, beautiful, smart kind girl and you reminded me that you were strong too. I need no reminder of how strong you are, you amaze me. I wrote this for you…may you always feel how loved you are…

If I could let you piggy back on dragons backs across lilly pads,
Splash splash around Mars and hula hoop through Saturn’s rings.
If I could fly you in whirly twirly airplanes as lightning bugs lined your path.
If I could let you hang glide on butterfly wings and slide you safe into home base,
And have you sail on a pirate boat through bubbles over gum dropped gilled fish.
If I could make you laugh with the silly willy monkeys that day at the zoo,
Or dance through the waters on the tippy tippy top of the dolphins nose.
If I could spin you through rainbows and tickle the stars, and shake the marshmallow clouds until cupcake sprinkles filled the sky.
My forever baby,
my sweet sweet angel…
if I could, I would.

Happy fourth birthday to our little sunshine! You’re the best! Love Mommy and Daddy and Gavs

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