New Focus for Gav’s Website

We want to announce some changes regarding our son Gavin’s fundraising website. Due to the tireless efforts of many kind-hearted people, we have met our fundraising goal. Gavin’s website will now focus on his life and our family life through transplant and thereafter. We ask you to please continue on our journey with us through our journals, medical updates, pictures and videos of the Winslow family.

We would like to thank COTA for supporting us in our battle to support our son’s lifetime medical expenses as well as our fundraising chairperson, my mother, Jane Schwalbach. Special thanks to Kristin and Vinny Carpenter who have developed and maintain our beautiful website. It allows us to get information out without it becoming the only thing that we can think about or talk about.

We are grateful to all of our fundraising chair people and volunteers who supported us and to our amazing families and friends who have wrapped their arms around us and carried us through. Also, we cannot begin to thank all the beautiful strangers who have touched Gavin’s life whether it was through emotional, physical, or financial support.

It has been a nationwide effort, and there is not a day that goes by that we don’t thank our lucky stars! A heartfelt thank you to our medical team of doctors who have done a phenomenal job at keeping Gavin alive and well while we await transplant! We are forever grateful and humbled by this experience.

May you know the beauty in your life when you have it and may all good things come your way!

Thank you again,
Jill and Jay Winslow

2 thoughts on “New Focus for Gav’s Website

  1. We are praying for all of you, as are our friends. You are so brave, but this is what we have been waiting for. Just think to the future, and know that you are in god’s hands. We love you. We will be with you in spirit.
    All our love

  2. Hi Winslows:
    You are in our prayers. Lots of luck with the transplant. It is now in God’s hands.

    Thanks to the Carpenters for keeping us informed on Gavin’s life. You have done a beautiful job.

    Good Luck Winslows!!!!


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