Both Jill and Gavin Are Out of Surgery and All Doctors Are Pleased With Their Progress!!!!!

I just received a phone call from Jill’s mom and Gavin’s grandmother, Jane Schwalbach, as well as Jay that both Jill and Gavy are out of surgery and all doctors are very pleased with their progress!!

The doctors had to remove part of Jill’s 12th rib and she had a little extra bleeding, but they were able to stop it quickly. When Gavin’s surgeon came into Jill’s room, Jill was lucid enough to ask for her glasses and ask how her baby was doing. All good news!

Gavin’s surgeons, as well, are very pleased with how Gavin is responding. They have now taken him to x-ray to make sure his central line is in place correctly. Gavin’s surgeons are very happy with his progress.

Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support. Please continue to pray for them as they recover.

We will update you with any other details as they come to us.

God is good! Believe in miracles, they happen every day.

Kristin Carpenter, proud cousin and webmaster of

21 thoughts on “Both Jill and Gavin Are Out of Surgery and All Doctors Are Pleased With Their Progress!!!!!

  1. What wonderful news and a very good start to a healthy road ahead! My prayers will continue for a speedy recovery to both of you!

  2. How wonderful to read both surgeries went well! Wishing Jill and Gavin healthy recoveries as they continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Wow! What wonderful news! We will continue to pray for all the Winslows and that Jill and Gavin will heal quickly. May this new year hold many more blessings!

    Albert, Han, Little Albert, and Andrew

  4. What an answer to prayers! I am so happy that both Jill and Gavin are out of surgery and responding well. My family and friends and I will continue to pray for full healthy recoveries. Stacy Tobin and family

  5. Great News! We are so glad to hear it was a go today and things are progessing well. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We are sending strength, courage and love to you all.

    Smiles and Hugs,
    Lee, Melissa and Charlie

  6. OMG!!! Great news!! I will keep baby Gavin and Jill in my thoughts and prayers! May 2008 be a wonderful new year and a fresh start to a healthy happy life for baby Gavin & family!! :o)

    Best Wishes…

    Aimee & Baby Hannah :o)

  7. Yeah!!!! Thank you God for all your wonderful blessings for Gavin and his family. I will continue to raise you all up in prayer!
    Stephanie & Major

  8. Wow!!!! The news is fantastic for the Winslow family. Our prayers are with you. Hoping that you all have a fast recovery.

  9. This is great news!!! – thanks for keeping us all updated. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    -Jacky & Jon

  10. Glad to hear that everything went well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers! I will continue to send my love your way!

  11. We’re glad to hear that your surgeries were successful! We hope that you both will feel better soon.

    Jackie and Kathy

  12. We are thrilled to hear that Jill and Gavin are doing well! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Happy 2008!

    Mark, Anne, Stephen, & Jason Smith

  13. Hi Winslow Family,
    Great to hear!!!! I am Ann Rusch’s sister in law and you have been in our prayers since the start. I was so very happy to receive the call that everything went well. Keep up the good work and the prayers will continue!!! Life is good!

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