Gavs Goes in for a Liver Biopsy Tomorrow, Please Pray for Him.

Gav had been a little unlike his normal self and sure enough we are having some complications. When we took him in today, his liver enzymes started to sky rocket within the last two weeks. The two usual culprits are infection or medications, so we are going in for a liver biopsy tomorrow as well as to relieve some other stress to his kidney.

I am on my way up to meet Jay and spend the night with my two favorite boys in the hospital. I am hoping that this is just the flu, (I say “just” even though I am completely terrified of Gav getting the flu as well.) since Lauren is still on the mend from the flu that she caught last Wednesday…say a prayer for our little man!


One thought on “Gavs Goes in for a Liver Biopsy Tomorrow, Please Pray for Him.

  1. So sorry to hear that little Gavin has had more troubles. I hope that the biopsy is normal and he starts feeling better really soon! Your family is always in my prayers. Stacy

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