Gav Admitted To Hospital

Sometimes our life feels like we are in the middle of a dodge ball game. There are always a lot of balls being thrown at us, and most of them miss, but Wednesday night we got hit. Gav started a fever when we went to the pool and has had an on/off again sinus infection for the past month. Not thinking too much of it, we trotted home and called the pediatrician. Throughout the night, he seemed to get worse as we watched him close until morning and called his nephrologist.

She confirmed what we already knew, time to take him into the Emergency Room (for some reason I always need to hear that we should go there, since I can’t imagine going there willingly). While I appreciate the Emergency Room, because it is there in your time of need, it’s like practicing medicine on the freeway and you often get stuck on the ramp unless you have a body part that is dismembered or something that looks like a contagious rash/alien exiting your body. So we waited an eternity and they began checking all the balls in the air…liver, kidney, blood all the variables that frequently plague Gav’s well being. Finding that there was an infection, but not finding where it was coming from, they finally put him on a general antibiotic and admitted us…this is the first time a year from transplant that we have had to go inpatient. We’ve been lucky, but needless to say I haven’t missed it.

Poor Gav, they had an atrocious time getting an IV placed (four times, and a working IV that fell out prior to his IV dose), and was yelling, “I want to go home”. He was hitting away stethoscopes that lunged at him in every direction like I do in the summer with mosquito’s. In the end, the doctors won and Gav subsided for a promise of a little gum if he complied…he’s such a good kid, quite remarkable after all he’s been through.

He continued to fever through the antibiotic and laid on his bed for most of the day eyes glazed over watching cartoons (some new hideous one with a dancing cow and penguin). It was hard for him to fall asleep as people often neglect that sleep can really benefit sick children (a major annoyance of mine). In the afternoon, we finally heard that there was a growth on his blood culture.

This is a new experience for us, and they think that it may be a staph infection. It will have to be repeated to see if it was a false positive or if it is a true staph infection. Other than that, they are treating him for a possible sinus infection that hasn’t cleared up with some IV antibiotic. They think, at a minimum, that we are stuck here for three more days (its been over 24 hours and I am rapidly losing sanity and sense of humor and reasoning abilities with my over the edge almost three year old). We feel a bit like pediatric refugees since the hospital is so full. We are in some off set area of the adult clinic. I’m not commenting further on it, other than, we are trying to get back to the children’s hospital. I can tell that Gav is getting older because he has so much more fear this time than he ever had before. He’s doing well, but everything is definitely more traumatic for him…he makes us cover his IV with a shirt and then a blanket and then a pillow, for triple coverage so he doesn’t have to see it. If he does see it, he cries and tells me how much it hurt when they did it.

As for Lulu, she is awaiting to lose her first “canine” (she’d apparently be the first one in class to lose a canine, since the other teeth have been taken) and is looking into trying out for an extra part in a local play, (she asked if she was going to get paid…a working actress…Jay loved her train of thought, now he just has to get her some disability insurance in case she falls while acting) and loving hanging out with her Grams who is of course, spoiling her like crazy while Jay and I stay with Gav and await more news…please pray that its a false positive and a quick recovery and that we can get out of here sooner than they expect. Missing the outside world (even if it is 10 degrees!)

Although we ended up getting nailed by the ball, it will not stop us from playing the game.


7 thoughts on “Gav Admitted To Hospital

  1. Jill does Cory have a website. We are stressing out about this surgery. I hate when Doctor’s can’t agree!!!
    How are you feeling? That is so exciting that you are having a Baby girl.
    How is Gavin doing? That poor kid, 4 poke’s and would be putting the IV in my self! It’s just not fair for these kids.
    I wish you lived in Minnesota. We just got back from a HopeKid event. Zachary was Honored as a “Hero In The Making’ at the TimberWovles game tonight. We all had a blast.

    Lots of Prayers for a Healthy Baby and for Little Gavin,

    Stacey Elsenpeter

  2. We are praying for the results to come back as a false negative. I hate those infections…..They are such a pain to figure out where they are coming from. You said that he had to get an IV? Does he not have a port? Just wondering. Stay strong! We are praying for your entire family. Praise the Lord that it has been a year since being hospitalized. God is so good! Keep us updated.

  3. Never a dull moment, huh!!! Praying hard for the test results to be a false negative so you can get out of the hospital SOON!!! Praying for quick recovery, healthy baby and some peace of mind! Hugs, the Uchytils

  4. Hey,

    So sorry to hear you have to go through this again. Our prayers are with you and your family. I’m hoping for a false positive and a quick return home. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys.

    Steph Twesme

  5. Thanks for the update, Jill. I can’t imagine how you even got that written with where you’re at and what you’re going through at the moment.

    I hope Gavin’s test comes back as a false negative. I’m so sorry you have to have him in the hospital again…it sounds so much worse with the pediatric unit being full.

    Best wishes to you, Gavin, Lauren, Jay, and new baby on the way.

    Brown Deer, WI

  6. Sorry to hear you guys are back in the hospital. We’ll pray for good results on the blood test and that you are all out of there lickety split! You’re in our prayers – PLEASE let me know if you EVER need me to pick up Lauren from school. I would be more than happy to do it.

    Angie Hallmark

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