Gav Out of Hospital With Another Antibiotic

We are out of the hospital with yet another antibiotic. We are having a hard time now that he’s been on so many antibiotics. It’s hard to find a growth of anything, so it’s just process of elimination and hoping that they pick the right antibiotic for the strain of infection that it may be. You don’t have the luxury of not treating an immune compromised kid. It’s been an exhausting month. Poor Gav said as we were walking out said, “I wish they’d figure out how to fix my arm.” He thought he was there all month because of the “EV” in his arm.

Hopefully this one does the trick and we can stay out of there for awhile. On the upside, his numbers are back in check which is reassuring. It was the fastest climb in his creatine we’ve seen spike between a two day blood draw. It’s always so terrifying having the thought of rejection around the corner. That is by far the scariest thing, knowing at anytime, anywhere for no reason at all, his body can attack that organ and reject it and there is nothing you can do about it.

Gav is doing well, but he’s still just ever so slightly off, which he has been all month. He’s missing that pinkish undertone in his cheek and actually sits down and rests, so I’d say he’s at 80 percent. I have a sick feeling that this is not quite done yet, whatever it may be, but I pray that I am wrong.

I promised him a fun day outside tomorrow, the air will have never smelled so sweet. He and his sissy can lounge through the melting snow!


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