Happy 4th Birthday Gavin!

Four years ago, our family was blessed to receive our miracle named Gavin. He continues to amaze and inspire us each day. Thanks to everyone who continues to love and pray for Gavin.

5 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Gavin!

  1. Happy 4th Birthday Gavin!!!
    Can’t believe you are 4 years old already!!!
    Hope you have a fantastic day. We will be thinking about you enjoying your cake and ice cream.
    Love-n-Hugs to all,
    the Uchytils

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!!! Four years old, wow!! Where does time go?!?!?! Sending hugs and tons of continued prayers that you stay healthy. p.s. Have your Mom udate some new pics. Mason and Meg say hi!!

  3. Happy Early Birthday Gavin,
    I know it is a month away yet but I was at your fundraiser 4 years ago and still pray and think of you, Lauren and your mom and dad.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, tell your mom to keep posting updates so we know how great you are doing. Love, Miss Sparkle (Christine Wolf)


  4. Is Gavin still doing well. My nephew James Crow is being sent home on this type of dialysis. He is 5 months old. He had his right kidney removed and the left is not functioning. Your website is an inspiration as our family begins this process.

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