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  1. Good morning “sweet baby Gav” – How cute that you are all about those pumkin lights, since you are such a little pumkin! I wish you a nice conversation around the family dinner table today. Love, Grammy

  2. Hi Gavin:

    You sure are cute in your halloween outfit. How can anyone not fill you pumpkin up with goodies!!!!
    Watch your sister close because she knows all the tricks for getting the candy. Have a happy halloween.

    Love Nancy

  3. Hi Baby Gavin and Jill,

    Jill, I don’t really know what to say. I wish I could make all of this go away but I can’t. I know for sure that you will have all the strength you need to get through this and Gavin will be taken care of. Stay strong and think positive.

    Steven Schwalbach
    ps nobody ever had a rainbow until they had the rain

  4. Hi Baby Gavin & Jill, Jay, & Lauren;

    Gavin, you are so adorable. I will be praying for you every day! I am your mama’s cousin from Tennessee.

    Jill, your mom sent me an email today telling me about this website & Gavin. I will be praying for you and keeping up with what’s happening with Gavin.

    Love, Anne

  5. Hi Winslow Family!

    We haven’t seen you in a few days, wanted to let you know that we are thinking about all of you. Love you!

    Marcy, Ty, Lainey and T.

  6. Hi Jill-

    I am so sorry to hear about Gavin. He is ADORABLE!!! and looks like a fighter. I am sure that he will be ok. I am thinking of you and your family. You will make it through it. Know that if you ever need anything, to please let me know.

    Take care and love an prayers to you and your family.

    Therese (Johnston) Swenson

  7. Hi Jill,
    Marcy sent me an e-mail on how to find Gavin’s website. It was so nice to be able to follow Gavin’s progress. Hang in there, I know the battle is long but he is so lucky to have you there to fight for what he needs. I am glad to hear that you will be getting the growth hormone. We will be praying for weight gain and the surgery on the 15th. Lots of Love,
    Mindy Sabol

  8. Hi Baby Gavin!
    We miss you and even though we don’t get to see you much we think of you all the time. You get over this cold and hang in there. I know you’re gearing up for this big surgery and we pray for a good outcome. You can do it! We love you!
    Jim, Brooke, and Payton

  9. Dear Jill and Jay,

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you daily. And here is a special prayer for you…


    My Lord. We feel a bit nervous and fearful as we take care of our baby, Gavin. Free us of unnecessary anxiety, of excessive concern, so that we may fully realize that we are but a channel of Your Grace.

    We take courage in the truth we are called to care for Gavin, and that You will give us the necessary graces to perform the work that is ours.

    Let our hearts be anchored in You. As we take refuge in You, our Rock, and our Stronghold. Amen.

    Auntie Joy and Uncle Jim
    P.S. Give Gavin a special kiss from us!!

  10. Dear Jill, Jay, Lauren and you too cutie!

    Oh how I love your notes. You have such serious decisions to make. You are in our prayers. Whatever you choose will be right. WE love the roll over video. If you would need help with Lauren when you have to be at the hospital or if I could take her for a while or come and sit with her while you are there let me know.

  11. To the Schwalbach and Winslow families:

    What an adorable family you have. Gavin is too cute for words, (takes after his big sister). I just want you all to know that I am praying for all of you; for Gavin to get better, and for each of you to stay strong and healthy, and to be there for each other.

    in our prayers
    Pat Ballo

  12. Hi my sweet baby,
    Your “turning over video” just made my day, as everything you do always does! I was going a little crazy today thinking about your upcoming surgery and the big decisions your mom and dad have to make. So finally, after driving everybody crazy around here, even the poor dogs, I went out to the barn, and had a very good cry in Rosie’s mane… (usually the tears come late at night, but for some reason they would not stay away today…then it came back to me – “Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday.” So,for today I’m holding tight to that. I love you so very very much little Gavin. Love, Grammy

  13. Dear Baby Gavin,

    This is Anne’s son, Jason Smith. When I found out about you, I started going around my church & asked everyone to pray for you. I actually found a family that wanted to donate to you because their daughter had alot of medical problems. They know what your family is going through.


  14. Hey Sweetie!
    I think of you all of the time and everyday you make me stronger!!!! I love you so much and know that the 15th is going to be a really big day for you little man but you are a fighter! We love you soooo much Gavin! Keep those jazz hands moving!
    Sally, Chad and Annalyse!

  15. Jill, Jay, Lauren and Gav-

    Just a brief note to let you know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    What a little cutie pie. I mentioned to Sam that when the time is right, I would love to come to visit and see the kids.

    Jill please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and your family.

    God Bless you all!

    P.S. Jill you are a very special mommy, keep us the good work.


  16. Nov. 6, 2006

    What a beautiful baby boy you are Gavin. We know God will take care of you. Our prayers are with you and you caring family. God Bless! (Mary Schwalbach’s sister and brother-in-law)

  17. hey little buddy! just letting you know that your inspiring alot of people out there in ways you cant even imagine. keep up the fight and the faith. love, your own personal rock and roll band =)

  18. Hello Jill and Gavin. I just wanted to let you know, Jill, that you and your family have been in my thoughts. I can’t imagine your struggle. Wasn’t it days ago that we were going to Brewers games with Val and Ed? Oh, wait, we were about 15 then. You’ve got kids, Sam’s got kids, and I’ve got one on the way. Wow. Well, here I am-a blast from the past, and I give you my warmest wishes.

  19. Jill,

    My mom used to say that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. I’m sure you are wishing God didn’t trust you so much. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers as well as Gavin, Lauren and Jay. I’m telling everyone I know to visit Gavin’s site–I hope it helps!


  20. Hi Gavin and Jill!

    You’re story touches my heart more than you know. My son Colton was born with Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney disease (cysts took over the right kidney in utero, causing it to basically die and not function). It’s not life threatening but it’s still scary to think if the disease spreads. You’re in my prayers and in our hearts. I’ve passed your site onto my friends and family to help save little Gavin. Best wishes and all the love in the world!

    Amy and Colton

  21. Jill & Jay,
    I loved hearing about your wonderful day yesterday with the snow! It sounds perfect and I am sure it was very much needed. I am praying there are many, many more of those days ahead. Hope to see you all soon.

  22. Hey Gavin,
    We just wanted to tell you GOOD LUCK with the upcoming surgery on Wednesday. We think about you all the time and want you to know we will be praying for you to get through this and recover quickly. You are such a miracle and such a strong baby. We know you will come through this with flying colors. Payton still calls his little doll, Baby Gavin so you are always with us!
    We love you!
    Jim, Brooke, and Payton

  23. Dear Jill&Jay,

    I just wanted to let you both know that you are in my prayers and thoughts.
    Lauren and Gavin are truly blessed to have such wonderful and caring parents.

    I will be thinking about all of you on Wednesday,and will be praying for strength.

    Jill,I’m so proud of my (little cousin)you truly inspire me.

    Many hugs and kisses to all,and a special one to our miracle, Sweet Baby Gavin!

    Love Always,

  24. Winslow Family,

    I haven’t met you but heard of Gavin from a girl at work. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. I will be praying from Gavin to get through his upcoming surgery and recover quickly. What a sweet little boy!

    Keep your faith, God will help you though.

  25. Jill and Jay,
    Just want you to know Gavin is not far from my thoughts. He is in my prayers. It makes me smile to see his pictures and read your snow stories.

  26. Hi Jill,
    Keep up the fight…you and Gavin have already won because both of you have taught everyone else so many important lessons about life. Gavin, may God heal you completely. Jill, I pray you have peace tomorrow and a realization you are never alone in this fight.

    Steven Schwalbach

  27. Jill,Jay,Lauren and Gavin,
    PEACE you will need,take a big breath of it in.
    We will pray that every person that helps with the surgery know what a VERY special child they have to care for, that their words and actions be of comfort to each one of you.
    Sending loads of hugs and strength.
    Love Cousin,

  28. Dear Winslow Family-

    I just wanted to say that I am praying for you and little Gavin. I pray that he will be ok and that he will be able to live a long and happy life with his family.

    Good Luck tomorrow with the surgey and we are all praying for you.


  29. Dear Baby Gavin,

    I want you to know that I will be praying for you with all my heart. Tomorrow and everyday after! I hope that one day I will get to see you face to face. That will be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jason Smith

  30. Gavin you are on the top of the list of so many prayers tonight and tomorrow. Keep fighting little soldier, I can’t wait to hear how great everything goes tomorrow. Big hugs to you, Lauren, your mom and dad

  31. Thinking of all of you during this trying time.
    God’s blessings to you.
    May he watch over Gavin tomorrow and keep in safe keeping.
    I’ll be watching the web site for updates.

    Cindy from Watertown

  32. Dear Sweetest Baby Gavin,

    I love you so much. From the first time I saw your cute little face and got to hold you in the hospital, I knew I was in love.

    I am praying for you each minute of the day, and know that God’s love will be with you through the day and He will take care of you when you most need Him tommorrow.

    I love you little sweetie, and can’t wait to see your cute smile. You are so strong.

  33. Dear Gavin, Jill, Jay, & Lauren,

    I will be praying for you guys nonstop today. I know that God will be with you every step of the way!


  34. Hi Jill, Jay & Gavin:

    I know that this is such a pivitol day for all of you, and while you are sitting and waiting for Gavin, I want you to keep repeating something over and over to yourselves:

    Gavin is strong
    We are strong
    Our love and strength are greater than this illness

    This may sound simple and a little stupid, but as we’ve all seen Gavin demonstrate, the power of the positive really does seem greater than anything. In Gavin’s innnocent baby mind, where only happy thoughts dwell, I’m sure he’ll be pushing through this darkness today to get back to where he’s looking at you, and cooing and chirping, and just waiting for your loving, smiling faces to bend over and kiss his precious head.

    Remember that while his innocense can’t save him from the physical discomforts of his ordeal, it does prevent him from seeing beyond “the moment” — he doesn’t worry about what’s going to happen in five minutes, or tomorrow, or ever. Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could all keep that innocense? Unfortunately, though, someone has to worry, and thus the burden of parenthood.

    I will pray, pray, pray for all of you today.

    Like I keep telling your mom, Jill, “just breathe”.

    With loving thoughts,


  35. Hi Lauren:

    Do you remember me? I’m the lady you visited who has your grandma’s horse at her house.

    You are so cute and sweet. I just wanted to send you a note and tell you that. I look forward to when you come over again and see Rosie. She likes you soooo much! And you ride her so well!

    Tell your little brother that I said hi to him, too. I know he’s going to the hospital today, and that when he comes home, he’s going to be much better, so that’s really a good thing, isn’t it?

    Bye, sweetie.


  36. We are all thinking an praying for you today and remember if there is anything we can do to help you let us know.

    Tammy Michael Michael Alex and Baby

  37. Dear Jill, Jay, and Lauren, Our prayers are with you today and tomorrow and forever. Our prayers are with the medical people that are with Gavin today. May God guide their hands and their hearts as they take help to make Gavin more comfortable. We love all of you.

  38. Hey my baby boy! I know today didn’t go as planned but to know you are safe…that is wonderful! You have so many people praying for you and are in so many prayers! You, Gavin make people remember the true meaning of life! That is a very special gift! You my little man are in my thoughts and in my heart all day long everyday and night. I love you Gavin, so much! I cannot wait until you are in my arms again and I get to kiss your little face off!
    Your Godmother Sally!

  39. Hey
    I have thought about you guys non-stop since I saw you this morning! Gavin you are a tough little dude and If Gibby could you know he would be giving you a great big kiss right now!!!! Me and Brian Hope and Pray for you all the time!! Get Home so Lauren and Morgan can see how big you have gotten!
    Love Abby

  40. Hello Gavin! I thought about you all day. I’m glad to hear that it went ok. I know that you are such a strong boy and you will get through this. We love you very much!

    Jason, Charyl, and Charli

  41. Good Morning Everyone:
    Hoping everything went well throughout the night. You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily and now you are in the extra prayers. I hope everyone has a good day today. Love always. Nancy

  42. Good Morning Gavin:
    I hope you had a great sleep last night. It is always better sleeping in your own bed. Don’t eat your mom and dad out of house and home. Take care and have a good day. Good Luck on Sunday.
    Love Nancy

  43. Hi Sweetie!

    I’m so glad you got to go home for the weekend! I will be praying for you each day.

    It was nice to see you last night; your parents couldn’t have been happier to see you come home with them. Keep smiling little sweetie 🙂



  44. Good Morning Gavin and family:

    How are you doing today? I hope everything is going well. You sure do have busy hands. Have a geat day and thanks mom and dad for posting his pictues. They sure are great.
    Love Nancy

  45. To our dear Jill, Jay, Lauren, and Gavy,

    We love you. We will be praying for all of you today (as always), but especially today that the doctors will be able to complete Gavin’s surgery successfully — and they will! Breathe and believe….

    You should have seen the faith at Gavin’s fundraiser yesterday at Cafe Latte. It was standing room only! Your families and friends were there with full force and full belief that we are going to win this battle together. This surgery is another step toward winning the battle.

    Keep us posted on Gavin’s progress today, we’ll get it posted on Gavin’s site as soon as we hear from you.

    Much love,
    Kristin, Vinny and Katie Rose

  46. Gavin,
    Thinking and praying for you so much, Gavin! Jill, you have such a strong, wonderful attitude about life and a great perspective on what is truly important – I love it! Stay strong and know so many people are pulling for Gavin! Can’t wait to see him again.

    Amy Enge

  47. Hi Winslows!

    You are now “2 for 2”. Hooray! This will undoubtedly be a very happy thanksgiving for you all. Been thinking of you every day.


  48. Dear Baby Gavin,

    I was taking care of some babies from my church and it made me think of you. I thought about how hard it would be to be so young and so sick.
    Whenever I got a moment of silence I prayed for you.
    I know you can make it!


  49. Dear Gavin,

    I was so happy to read that you came through your surgeries and all is well. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Stay strong and keep up the good fight.


  50. So happy to hear Gavin’s surgery was a sucess today.
    What a wonderful blessing on this Thanksgiving week!
    Hope your’e all home soon to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.
    Something I heard tonight-a great saying I will share with you and always try to remember it myself.

    “So much to think about-nothing to worry about”


  51. Dearest Gavin and the rest of the wonderful Winslow (and Schwalbach!)family,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day and wishing you and your family nothing but good news and good health every day. So many things to say, but I think that this quote might sum up some of the things that we are feeling for you;
    “I am only one, but still I am one; I cannot do everything; but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”
    – Edward Everett Hale

    We know that times will be trying for you, but know what a wonderful family and support system you have and will always have. Keep doing the things that you can do and tackle the days as they come.

    Take care, Kate, Brett, Madie and Carsten Gile

  52. Way to go Gavin! You made it through not just one but two surgeries! Is there anything you can’t do? Once again you prove what a miracle baby you truly are!

    Hang in there and have a good recovery. We love you!

    Jim, Brooke, and Payton

  53. Hi Jill and Jay,
    Jill your diary entries are very moving. You speak straight from the heart. Things will get better and I guess there is a reason for everything. It is hard to see the reason. In fact, most of the times it is impossible but we must always keep looking for hope and faith.


  54. Gavin,

    The success of your second surgery gives us joy to celebrate Thanksgiving! Sending our love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Melissa, Jason and Benjamin Lichucki

  55. Know that I am thinking of you guys and praying that you are all home by Thanksgiving. Gavin is some fighter and such a lovable little guy. If there is anything I can do to help even in some small way, let me know.

  56. My thoughts are with you and your family. I have forwarded on the website to my family also. Keep up the great fundraising!

    Love Bethany (a friend of Theresa)

  57. Hey Gav and the Winslow fam,

    Just thinking of you guys and little “Jazz Hands”. You’ve made it through so much and you’re the toughest person I know. Keep the faith and let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do.

  58. Hello Gavin and family,

    Our prayers are with you! We attended Aunt Ceil’s and Jody’s fundraiser for Gavin. What a WONDERFUL turnout. There sure are alot of people thinking and praying for all of you.

    Let us know if you need any help anytime!!1

    Your cousin, Tom Schwalbach, Pam, Libby and Bridget

  59. Hi Jill, Jay & Gavin,

    Sorry to hear you have to stay in the hospital longer, Gavin. Bummer. I think about you every day. I sure hope you can come home for Thanksgiving, because hospital turkey sucks. (I think the menu will affect your mom and dad more than you, however.)

    Keep up your fantastic fighting spirit. You are certainly a little warrior!

    Jill and Jay, my heart went out to you when I read your last journal entry. I’m sure it is so easy to forget on those really good days that Gavin is as sick as he is. I have a picture in my mind this week . ..
    it is of your family sitting around the table next year at Thanksgiving and Gavin is feeding his little face with turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. It will happen.

    Thinking of you always,


  60. Hi Winslow Family,
    Just read that Gavin is improving, yeah! We continue to keep him in our prayers every day. Love you all.

  61. Hey Gavin! Good to hear that you’re improving! We’ve been missin’ you in the backyard! We need someone to make silly faces at. Cal wants to make you giggle and Libby is waiting for your big sis’ to play. Keep fighting Gavin!

    Cal and Libby

  62. Dear Winslow Family,

    You do not know me, but I seen Gavn’s big adorable picture on the front page of the “Lake Mills Leader” today and had to read further. I am making a donation by mail today.
    My two boys and I will add you to our prayers every night. May God bless and keep baby Gavin.

  63. Hi Winslow family,
    We have been keeping you in our prayers and hoping that you all will soon be home and celebrating Thanksgiving together!!
    Be positive–everything happens for a reason!

    Larr and Kay Wiegel

  64. Dear Jill, Jay, Lauren, and Our Sweet Baby Gavs,

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving present for you and everyone who loves you!! We couldn’t be happier that you will spend Thanksgiving together AT HOME as a family.

    This is truly a blessing. We are certainly praying in Thanksgiving for Gavin’s successful surgeries and his ongoing recovery.

    Gavs, you keep inspiring us all every day! You keep battling — our very special warrior.

    Much love,
    Kristin, Vinny, and Katie Rose

  65. Way to go Gavin! You have won yet another battle. I’m so happy to hear that you and your family can spend Thanksgiving at home. Stay strong little man and keep on fighting.

    Happy Thanksgiving Winslow Family. You are in our prayers.

  66. Good Morning Winslows:
    What a wonderful Thanksgiving. So glad to hear that you were all together on Thanksgiving. I hope your day went well. I’m sure Lauren’s tea party was a huge success!!!!!!.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love Nancy

  67. Good Morning Winslow:
    Thanks for the pictures. It looks like Gavin didn’t really enjoy the pumpkin too much. Lauren looks like she is ready for more snow and snowman making. I guess it’s time to put the Xmas music on to get in the mood for snow. Have a good day.
    Love Nancy

  68. Hi Gavin – You do not know me, but a friend told me about your struggles. I donated some money last week – not enough, but hopefully it helps in some way. I will pray for you and your family. You are a beautiful baby boy – it is obvious that many people love you!
    Liz Mokrohisky

  69. Hi Gavin,
    We are so glad you are home and relaxed! We went on a walk this morning with your mom and sister, I bet you had fun having some alone time with dad! Love you and keeping you in our prayers.

  70. Hey Gav,
    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and your family! We are so happy that you are home. Annalyse missed having her playmate close by! Can’t wait to enjoy the holidays and celebrate them with you and your family! So many things to be thankful for!
    The Gile Family

  71. Hi Gavin! I haven’t met you yet, but someday soon I hope to meet you when visiting with your Mommy and Daddy. You will have a new friend to play with by then, too! We keep you in our prayers and thoughts all the time! We love you!

  72. Hi Gavin:

    I am so glad you are home safe and sound! Now it’s time to shift into Christmas mode. Your first Christmas will be so special for all of you — what fun!

    Me and your grandma Jane had such a good time on Saturday doing “horsey stuff”. She’ll tell you all about it, because I have a feeling that you’ll be following in your sister’s footsteps in the love of horses.

    Bye, bye little man. Have a great week!



  73. Hi Gavin!
    Just wanted to tell you the article about you and your family in the local Lake Mills paper today was wonderful. It made me cry reading once again of everything you’ve gone through.
    You continue to amaze me everyday when I hear how great you are doing. Enjoy your first Christmas! You’ll for sure be at the top of Santa’s “list”!
    Jim, Brooke, and Payton

  74. Jill,
    It is hard to believe, but it was 6 years ago this past Wednesday (11/29) that our miracle boy was born. I get very emotional when I read your entries about hospitals and the feelings you have. It really brings it all back. Our journeys are different, yet much the same. It is so unreal how the hospital world is so different than the real world. We take another step next week when Brady gets his feeding tube out – yeah!!
    I just pray for you, like us, that a few years from now you look back and think “wow” we went through some big stuff, but things are good and, as you know, the little stuff just doesn’t matter much! Live and appreciate every day with your precious kids. Happiest of holidays to the Winslow family!

    Amy Gile-Enge

  75. Hi Gavin,

    You don’t know me I am a friend of your Aunt Sally’s.
    I want you and your family to know you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. You are truley a gift from God and a amazing little boy…
    Enjoy your 1st Christmas with your family.

    Love, Laura

  76. Hi Winslow Family,

    I hope you are snuggly and warm as the snow blows outside today. I just read your latest update and am so happy that there is peace and joy inside your home this year at Christmas. Love you all!


  77. Hello Gavin!

    I stumbled across your website when I was typing in my e-mail address in a google search bar by accident. I was very moved by your story and very happy to read that you were going to spend your first Christmas at home! I want you to know that you are now in my thoughts and prayers as well as those of my family. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

    P.S. I read tht you were going to get your first dose of Charlie Brown with his Thanksgiving show so please make sure you see his Christmas special to learn the real meaning of Chrismas at a very early age.

    Gavin Luck

  78. I heard about you through the website http://www.babyzone.com and through the Feb 2006 birthday club. You and your story touched my heart. I was able to make a small donation (wish I could do more). Keep up the fight and you are a beautiful handsome baby boy that has touched the hearts of many!!!


    God Bless You Gavin, I will continue to keep you in my prayers

  79. Hello!
    A friend sent me the link to your website and I have been reading the amazing stories of what your family is going through. I just want to say never give up hope, and it sounds like you are doing a very good job of staying positive! Miracles happen every day, and people survive the unthinkable despite what doctors and everyone else may think. I don’t know anyone who has this particular disease, but my father is battling cancer so I completely understand the frustrations and fearing the unknown. I’m praying for all you!

  80. I stumbled upon your site quite by accident! And I’m moved to tears. My thoughts and prayers are with you little man! My own son is two years old and will not be home for Christmas.

    God bless you and your future, and courage to your family. May this holiday season be one of rest and peace.

  81. Hello Gavin

    So happy to hear you’re gaining weight! You keep it up! You don’t know me, but I’ve been following your story ever since I saw it in the Lake Mills Leader. I helped with a fundraiser at your church because I really wanted to help you somehow. Our family prays for you and your family all of the time. I actually work at the hospital that you go to, so if you or your family ever needs anything, I hope you let me know. God bless!


  82. Oops – meant to say our church – the Lake Mills United Methodist Church – that’s what I get for trying to write late in the evening!


  83. Hi Jill, Jay, Lauren and Gavs,

    You guys are too much! Your family reminds me of those blow-up punching dolls they used to have where you would pretend box with them, and when you nailed them, they just bounced right back up with that big smile on their face. Bless your hearts! But I’m really sure that part of the reason you seem to endure so well it because in your hearts, whether you realize it or not, there’s a message being sent out there that says “O.K. life, bring it on, because we’re ready for you!!!” And little Gavin is going to have such a strong soul because his mom and dad are breathing life into it’s development every day.

    Lauren, you and your little brother look absolutely precious in your Christmas photos. I could just eat you both up (Jill, please let her know I don’t mean that literally!). I love being a part of your lives.

    Christmas is going to be so special for all of you. Now that my boys at teenagers (ugh!), the magic has sort of gone out of the holidays – at least for the time being. I can’ experience the magic through people like you with little ones now.

    Have a terrific week. Gavin – get fat!!! Looks like you’re finally getting the hang of it.



  84. Hi Gavin,
    I have not seen you in over a week and I miss you (and Lauren too!). I can’t believe you are rolling now, way to go big man!! We love you so much and think of you often.

  85. Hi Winslows!
    Gavin we are so happy to hear that the little sports center is making you want to play and roll! Jim will turn you into an athlete before your first birthday! That’s his goal! 🙂 We love you and are so happy your bouncing back and gaining weight.
    Hopefully, we can get together and “shoot hoops” with you soon.
    We love you all!
    The Smo’s

  86. Hi Winslows!!
    My name is Kayla Schultz. You don’t know me and perhaps you never will. I found out about Gavin from my friend Josh, singer from the band Smile Thru This. When I went onto this website and read all about Gavin, I knew I just had to help. Since I personally don’t have any money, I figured I would put up posters at my school. I attend Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. And, at first, I just advertised the Smile Thru This charity concert. I wasn’t sure how many people would respond, since our school is involved in quite a few charity efforts. But then, I decided to put out a donation jar. There were so many positive responses that my school decided to donate our profits from our annual candy cane sale to Gavin’s cause. I just thought I would let you know that even though we are a bunch of strangers, many thoughts and prayers are with your family. Merry Christmas and God’s blessings!!

  87. Hey Gavin,
    I didn’t get to see you these last couple of days but I think of you all of the time- I can’t wait to get my hands on you! I love your hugs!!!! Love you, Sally

  88. Thinking of you as Christmas quickly approaches. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Brady didn’t get his feeding tube out as expected – too sick with pneumonia and ear infection. We will try again on the 28th! He is actually sad about it. It has been a part of him since he was a baby. It is funny what seems normal to these kids! Jill, I really appreciated your e-mail!
    Anyway, we hope to see you guys soon. Many blessings!

    Amy Gile-Enge

  89. Jill,
    I really appreciated your e-mail. Thanks! Brady didn’t get his G-tube out as planned. He was too sick with pneumonia and ear infection. He is actually sad about getting his “Tubey” out. I guess it makes sense. As long as he can remember, he has had it. It is funny what seems “normal” to him!
    Wishing you guys a very Merry Christmas. You are always in our prayers!

    Amy Gile-Enge

  90. Merry Christmas Baby Gav! Sorry I won’t be able to spend christmas with you, but I know that you will have many loving family members that will help you to learn the joys of Christmas! Can’t wait to see you soon. You are always in my prayers. I hope you enjoy your present–it was my favorite book as a child, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂


  91. Hi Gavin and family – we’re thinking about you this Christmas -a baby’s first Christmas is so special to a family. May sugar plums be dancing in ALL your heads tonight. Lots of hugs and love! Amy and family

  92. Merry Christmas Winslow’s,
    Hi Jill

    Believe in miracles Jill! I just wanted to copy down this little reading from St. Paul to the Philipians…it has helped me the past week or so.

    Brothers and sisters:
    Rejoice in the Lord always.
    I shall say it again: rejoice!
    Your kindness should be known to all.
    The Lord is NEAR.
    Have no anxiety at all, but in everything,
    by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
    make your requests known to God.
    Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard
    your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

    I hope this helps..I’ve heard St. Paul was a pretty smart guy!! LOL

    Steven Schwalbach

  93. Hello!

    I’m glad that we can help out a fellow Darlingtonian! Our contribution has been made on behalf of Robert and Della Clayton of Darlington, WI. All of you are in our prayers, and we’re wishing you a very merry Christmas!

    Lisa Clayton & Family

  94. Hi Winslow’s-
    We just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you!!! Happy Holidays!! Love, the other McGowan Family

  95. We wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! We love you and know how special this Christmas will always be — Gavin’s very first – of many, many to come. Enjoy the day, and soak in all the small miracles that are happening around you..Gavin’s smile as he tears at the wrapping paper, his laugh as he watches the Christmas lights twinkle, his strong spirit as he rolls over and over again to play with his favorite toy. It’s in these small miracles, we can really feel the presence of God and know we are blessed. We are all blessed to have Gavin as part of our lives.

    Merry Christmas Winslow family!

    Much love,
    Vinny, Kristin and Katie Rose

  96. Merry Christmas Winslows!!!
    Missed you at the Salm gathering. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. How great it is that your whole family will get to see you all for the holiday time. I’m sure Gavin and Lauren will be flying high seeing their aunts and uncles for the first time and their cousins. So enjoy this holiday season and everyone stay healthy. Merry Christmas!!!!

    Love Nancy

  97. Merry Christmas Winslows!
    So glad you made it through the flu and had a wonderful holiday! We were thinking of what a miracle you are Gavin and what a great Christmas present you’ve been to us all! You inspire us to realize anything is possible!
    Love you,
    The Smolinski’s

  98. Hi Jill,

    My girls loved meeting Lauren (and Jay) at the “Cousin Party.” It was so nice to get us together again. Someday you’ll have to tell Gavin how much power he holds for the Schwalbach’s. I think about you and Gavin everyday and marvel in your strength. I’m praying for health, happiness and a lot of peace for all the Winslows in 2007!

    God Bless,
    Nancy (and family)

  99. Happy New Year baby Gavin! We pray for health and happiness for you and your family in 2007. Almost to your first birthday miracle baby.
    Melissa, Jason and Benjamin Lichucki

  100. Hi Gavin and Family!

    I hope you had a wonderfully Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I stumbled across your website and after reading about you, I just wanted to let you know what a strong person you are. You may not realize it right now, but you are a very special person with a very special purpose. Keep fighting like you have been and you will go on to do wonderful things.
    I’ve had a kidney transplant for almost 8 years now and I really admire the courage and strength of both you and your family – I know how much it takes. I wish the best for all of you!

    God bless!

  101. Read the article in the Tri-County News Jan. 4 edition. Without a doubt will be attending the benefit breakfast scheduled for Sunday Jan 14 at the Eagles Club in Chilton. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I cant believe how difficult this time must be for you all! I truly hope your entire family is blessed with the funds needed to receive all treatment needed for Gavin. He is a precious young child! Keep the faith…….

  102. Jay,Jill,Lauren and Gavin,
    We are praying that the food is sticking to Gavin’s ribs and that his lucky numbers (LBS) come soon. Hang in there Jay and Jill you are fabulous parents. Give each other a big hug from us.
    Love ya,
    Julie, Andy Josh and Jordan Elliott

  103. You are in our thoughts and prayers! We will def. look into some of the fundraisers, etc. to help anyway we can.

    God Bless! Lots of love from the King Family.

  104. Hey Baby Gavin our school is doing a penny push for your transplant and I heard and I am bringing in as much as posible. I have a little Baby nefew and I know how bad it would be to have someone close to have a horrible thing as bad as you. Well good luck and goodbye!

  105. Hi Winslows,

    That Waukesha Freeman article certainly hit Gavin’s cause right out of the ballpark! This rolling stone is gathering quite a bit of moss.

    You guys rock. Hope your trip to Madison was successful and that you are all doing well.

    Gavin and Lauren, could you please try and keep your “cuteness” down to a minimum?



  106. Hi Gavin and Family,

    Your story in the Waukesha Freeman was great! It led me to your website. I’m still wiping tears from my eyes.

    I made a donation, but I wanted to do something more. I maintain an online guide to Jefferson County called Explore Jefferson County (www.explorejeffersoncounty.com). Any fundraising events you have listed on your website will also be listed on my website, regardless of whether they’re in Jefferson County. The events are for an important Lake Mills family, after all.

    Keep strong and happy, Gavin. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers,

    Melissa Manske
    Madison, Wisconsin

  107. Winslow Family-

    Hi! I was just browsing the website out of curiosity and decided to sign the guestbook. I’m in the advisory that is running the penny push for Baby Gavin (I’m not in any of the pictures though, because I was absent for a funeral). I know what it’s like to have something horrible happen to a family member, because my great-grandfather recently passed away after a long battle with stomach cancer. He was 82 years old, and lived a wonderful life. He was married to the love of his life for 64 years. I’d really like Gavin to be able to enjoy life as well and not let anything (including his kidney failure) stop him!

    As of Friday we have raised over $400 for Gavin with the penny push. And with three days still left to go, we should add a nice chunk of money to the funds! I have two big containers at my house full of pennies and I still have to bring them in. Also, my aunt from Kansas is sending some cash! The competition aspect of the penny push really helps us raise more money in my opinion. Because the seventh graders don’t like any of us eighth graders and vise versa, so they’re putting $10 and $20 bills in each others bins to try to make them lose. It’s sort of funny in a way, but in the long run, it doesn’t matter who wins, as long as Gavin gets his transplant!

    My prayers are with you.

    Best wishes!

  108. Winslow Family
    We saw the article on your situation in the Freeman. Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Stay positive and keep the faith.

    We traveled a similar journey many years ago. We know how important, faith, family, friends and people we do not know are to the process.

    Everyday is precious and a gift from God.Trust that the money will be raised. We made a donation and hope to be able to help you further.

    God Bless you all.

    Ken & Heather Snover

  109. Dear Winslow Family,
    Baby Gavin has touched so many people. I would like to share with you how he affected my family. I have two sons who participated in the penny push at their school to raise money for Gavin. My 8th grader asked to talk to me one night. With a very concerned and most sincere face he told me that he and his brother talked about donating their Christmas money for Gavin. I simply told him it was their presents and they could do what they wanted with it. The next day to my suprise I recieved a call from the school asking if I knew that he donated $60 and his brother $20. With much pride and a tear in my eye I said “yes, I did know”. Both of my sons want Gavin to be around for next Christmas and many more after that. Needless to say our whole family is praying for Gavin and the rest of the Winslow family. God Bless you all!

  110. I am writing because as soon as I saw the name Gavin, I had to see him and what your website content was. My youngest son (18mos) is also named Gavin, therefore, I feel the same joy that you do…like when you talk about your Gavin! I also believe that there is a donation box setup at the Kwik Trip on Grandview…Gavin’s picture ALWAYS make me thing long and hard everyday on the way to work and beyond.

    I am touched and cannot tell you how hard it is to hear that a beautiful boy, who has so much love to give has such a condition. God has blessed you and everyone with Gavin and he will continue to guide you through. Stay strong and give your Gavin a hug for me. Watch for a donation from my Gavin very soon!

    I will also stay on top of any fund raising opps that come up and hope to meet Gavin soon!

  111. Winslow Family,

    You are continuously in my thoughts and prayers and will be there on Sunday! I am spreading the word around school for teachers to bring their kids. Missing you, Bridget and Hailey

  112. Gavin,
    I love you my sweet little boy! It was hard to see you with your feeding tube but it will be wonderful to see you growing and gaining weight. Every time I read your guest book it really moves me to read the entries on there from people who have never met you and the way that you have changed/touched their lives!
    I am so blessed to get to hold you and your sister and give you a million hugs and kisses! Your Mom and Dad are so special I wish I could do more to help them or to take their pain!
    I miss you and cannot wait to play with you and your sister soon!

  113. Hello Winslow Family,

    It has been so long since we have seen you and we miss you! We think of you often and every night Lainey looks out the window and makes sure your lights are on and that you are ok. Love all of you!

    The Mahone Family

  114. Jill, Jay, Lauren, and Gavin

    I just wanted to let you know that every night my 3 year old daughter prays for Gavin – without any reminder or prompting- she does it on her own. She has never met Gavin, but recognizes him on the website, in the newspaper, and on the collection cannisters around town. She says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the lord my soul to keep
    angels on my left and right
    keep me safe all through the night.

    And God…. please take care of Gavin.

    You’re all in my prayers as well.

  115. Gavin,

    We love coming to your website. We come here every day to check up on you.

    We’re in Memphis, Tennessee, so we may never meet. Know that there’s a family here that loves to see pictures of your smile and prays every day that you will have the beautiful life that you deserve.

    Jimmy, Jennifer, and baby September.

  116. Dear Gavin,

    My family and I have been thinking about you a lot. We pray for you every day. We hope and pray that things are going to get brighter. You’ll always be in our prayers.


  117. I just saw that your $$$$ amount is getting closer and closer to your goal! That is AWESOME! I, also, have found myself checking in everyday to this site to see the updates and get that daily dose of Gavin. Thank you for the very inspiring journal. It is almost like reading a classic novel that just stays with you and you take away a life lesson from. It’s hard to explain, but, it’s just real and that is some good reading. When I talk to people about my boys, I always tell them that the best part of having children is that I learn something new from THEM everyday. With their innocence, comes inspiration. When you are sitting down in the family room at night, watching your babies play with one another…that is the time where you sit back, take a breath…and realize that YOU are the luckiest person on earth to be in THEIR presence! Think about it for one second, you’ll understand. Life is precious, enjoy EVERY single moment, and never give up!

    I am planning on bringing the family to the bowling event, and I will keep checking in on our little fella! Take care, John C.

  118. Dear Gavin (and Lauren and Jill),
    We had so much fun playing today. Gavin, you grow and get more expressive each time I see you. I think you are just adorable and can’t wait til’ you get even bigger and chunkier!
    Let’s play again soon!
    Brooke and Payton

  119. Gavin,

    A friend of your Mommy and Daddy told me about you this monring and I visited your Website. (My son is Andy and my daughter in law is Cathy Kraatz). You are a doll!

    We actually live very close to you, in Jefferson. We would love to meet you some day and offer our babysitting services! If there is aything we can do, anything, please contact us!

    I have added you and your family to our Prayer Chain at Church. There will be many hoping and praying for you! Keep fighting, kiddo!

    Cathy and John Woodbury

  120. Gavin,

    We just celebrated Benjamin’s first birthday and in less than a month, you will celebrate yours! The miracle of a year is amazing. You have touched my family in many ways and continue to be in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
    We are thrilled you are gaining weight, keep up the good work!

    Lots of love,
    Melissa, Jason and Benjamin Lichucki

  121. Hey little guy

    I hope you know how much we all love you. I think about you constantly, and you always make me smile. You are such a bundle of joy and a treasure. I can’t wait to play with you again soon. Maybe we can work on some 360 dunks, that is if you are willing to ever part with your orange ball. Love you like crazy and miss you little man.

  122. Hey baby Gavin,

    I am glad you are doing better !! I still am praying with all my heart for you to get to the right weight. With God’s help I know for a fact that you can make it through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  123. Dear Parents of Gavin:
    Your name came to us through a student. Our student body sold candy-cane-ograms at school just before Christmas. We will be sending a check for $468.00. We hope it helps to restore Gavin to better health. God’s richest blessings as you work through a difficult time! May the tough memories fade and be replaced with happier times ahead.

    Randy Hughes and the kids from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School.

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  125. I read your journal over and over and over again. I am awed and inspired by the beauty of you family. Gavin is amazing and so are his parents and big sister. Just an FYI, prayers are said all around the WORLD for Gavin. Love you, Alex

  126. Hello Baby Gavin (Jay, Jill and Lauren) –

    I just want to let you know that I love coming out to visit your website and checking on your progress. You are lucky your mom is so good at telling stories! You make us all want to be better people!

    We love you all very much!

    Jason, Charyl, and Charli

  127. Hey Gavin,
    Melissa Lee told me about what is going on with you and the Rochon family is rooting for you! Hang in there!
    Rochon Family in Wauwatosa

  128. Hi Gavin and family,

    I have never met you but yet I feel as if I have. I have been keeping up with your website and updates about Gavin. My sister in Law works with Gavin’s Aunt Sally.
    I get so emotional when reading all the things that you have gone through and my heart just bleeds for you. That is why it has taken me awhile to write to you.

    Our son Weston was born with Multi-Cystic Dysplastic Kidney disease. One kidney was functioning at 0% and the other kidney was functioning at 40%. Plus he had a disformed ureter and bladder on the functioning kidney side. Every week doctor appointments, check ups, the emotional feelings you go through, the ups and downs, the anger, the sadness, the wonderful hopes, and the horrible what if question. I know them all. At 10 months old, they decided to operate. Weston had his left kidney removed and they reconstructed his ureter and bladder. It was just amazing how fast he recovered.
    Weston is doing wonderful. His kidney is holding up and his checkups are great. I still hold my breathe each and everytime we go to the doctor. And usually cry when they say “Looks good” You never know when things might turn. Hopefully Weston’s one kidney will continue to work until he is old. But there is the chance that Weston too will need a kidney transplant some day.
    If that day ever comes, I will remember your family! The courage, strength, love and hope that you see and read about is truly something to Be so Proud of.

    The saying God never gives you anyting you can’t handle – Well, I truly believe that. During Weston’s ups and downs, I found myself aksing God “Why”. And at times felt like I was being punished. But now – I look at it, as a blessing. Weston is God’s gift to us. He has made us become so close. Truly understand the meaning of Love, strength, Hope and Faith.
    A True Child of God. Gavin too is God’s gift to you. Think of everything he has taught you already. Wow! More than you can imagine!
    We hope God holds Gavin in his hands through this journey and the angels kiss him daily.
    And one day I hope to meet Gavin.
    Happy First Birthday Gavin! I know you will have many more.
    In my Thoughts,

  129. Hello
    I was e-mailed your website. You and your family are in my families prayers. We know what you are going through my son has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Just have faith and know that everything will work out. You are a cutie Gavin. Keep strong and love each other. The Muhowski Family 🙂

  130. HI Gavin and all the Winslows:
    So Gavin you’re having a birthday already!!!!!. Man, the time has flown by. Happy Birthday. I know I’m a few days early but before you know it the day will be here and I will miss it. Have an extra piece of cake for me and maybe you can even share it with big sis. I hope the cake size will put on at least 2 lbs on you. That would be amazing. I’m watching you grow through your website. I only got to see you twice before your birthday!! I hope to be able to see you after this winter. Keep eating and growing. Now you will know that some day you won’t hear people actually tell others to put weight on. Take care and have a wonderful birthday.

    Love Nancy Mueller

  131. Hey Gav and the Winslows,

    It’s been way too long since I’ve seen “Jazz Hands”. I can’t wait to see you all this weekend. I am always thinking about you guys!!!


    Uncle Chad

  132. Greetings –

    Just wanted to let you know that your always in our thoughts and prayers.

    Looking forward to some big milestone birthdays in a few weeks.

    The Smos

  133. Hi Gavin!

    Just wanted to offer early birthday wishes, since we will be out of town on vacation on your birthday. We will certainly be thinking of you, however, since our oldest son’s birthday is just two days after yours! He will be turning 18 — just think what a terrific guy you will be when you turn 18!!

    Anyway, have a terrific 1st birthday — I’m sure it will be “an affair to remember.” Hope you’re getting over your cold and feeling better. Stay warm, sweetie!! Say “hi” to your big sister for us.

    In my thoughts always,


  134. I can’t believe you will be one soon! I remember Lainey’s 1 year old birthday, I couldn’t believe I had made it! 🙂 I am sure your mom and dad feel the same way sometimes, we worry so much and always try to protect you and that first year is just exhausting…but, there is no better reward than to see your baby turn the big 1. I am excited to know that day is almost here for you Gavin. We love you.

    The Mahone Family

  135. Winslow family,
    I know you dont know me but i check Gavin’s website 2-3 times a week. I have a 9 month old daughter and i look at her and i can’t imagine going through what you guys are going through. I pray the Lord be with you guys and i hope Gavin gets his kidney soon. I see that when baby Gavin was born, they said he wouldn’t make it, you are now at a yr and he is still fighting! God spared his life for a reason…

  136. Hi Gavin,
    We have had such fun playing with you the past few days. You are so full of curiousity and wonder (and you take Payton’s “loving” touches so well). 🙂 We can’t wait for your big upcoming birthday. You will be spoiled rotten!
    You are an inspiration to us all. When I feel down or face something hard I think of you and what you’ve already gone through in one short year. You’re amazing and your family is amazing for all they have done this past year.
    We love you and are always here for you! Happy Birthday sweet little Gavin! May you get all your birthday wishes!
    Jim, Brooke and Payton

  137. Gavin,
    WOW, you have changed my heart. In one short but long year. After 46 years you have made me focus on what a miracle life is and to be happy for every piece of it. You have a gifted Mom and Dad who are a blessing to all Mom’s and Dad’s. Keep them both smiling with all your new tricks and eat up all your peas and carrots. Happy 1st Birthday
    with Love and Hugs, Julie, Andy Josh and Jordan.

  138. Gavin,

    You Made It! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and the fight you don’t even know you are fighting. You and your family have taught me and my family so much about strength, perserverance, dignity and grace. I continue to pray for the day you read all these greetings from family, friends and friends you may never meet. I pray for the day all your challenges are non-medical. It’s coming! Keep up the good fight Little Man, you are truly a blessing to us all.

    Love and Peace,
    Nancy, Kurt, Kara, Jenna and Jamie

  139. FEBRUARY 23, 2007





  140. Happy Birthday Gavin!

    Hooray, you’re one year old today!

    I’ve learned a lot about you from your blog these past months, and I know this day is a huge milestone for your whole family. So congratulations to you all! Most importantly though, happy, happy happy Birthday to you, Gavin!

    May your day be filled with cake and presents and kisses and giggles,

    Melissa Manske

  141. To Our Darling Gavin,

    Happy first birthday sweet baby boy. You are our miracle and we are all so blessed to be part of your life. You have the best Mommy, Daddy, and big sister anyone could ask for…and they love you so much. Enjoy this extra special birthday sweetheart – the first of many, many to come.

    We love you,
    Vinny, Kristin & Katie Rose

    Here’s a special birthday poem for you:

    It’s your first birthday, baby,
    One candle on your cake;
    Proud parents stare in wonder
    At each new move you make.

    We join in celebration,
    As this special date arrives,
    For baby has brought pleasure
    Into all our lives.

    We look forward now to seeing
    How you progress and grow,
    From the cute and tiny infant
    You were one year ago.

    So dig into your icing;
    Enjoy your presents, too.
    The reason for this day
    Is a special person–you!

    By Joanna Fuchs

  142. Happy Birthday Gavin!
    This is such a huge day for you, your Mom and Dad, and everyone following your progress!
    I love your video!!!! Its amazing to see those pictures again….some times it feels like a million years ago! All I know is that I love you so much my baby boy and I can’t wait to celebrate with you for turning the big long awaited ONE!!!!
    Millions of kisses,
    Sally, Chad and Annalyse

  143. Happy 1st Birthday Gavin! One birthday milestone under your belt and so many more to come.

    Have fun indulging in birthday goodies.

    Melissa, Jason and Benjamin Lichucki

  144. Happy Birthday Gavin!

    I wish you the happiest birthday and many birthdays to come your way! Dear Lord please bless this child and keep him healthy and strong. Enjoy this wonderful day…a day some people said would never come. Jill and Jay may both of you enjoy this day to the fullest! I will continue to pray and support you anyway I can.

    Steven Schwalbach

  145. Our Dear Sweet Baby Gavin,

    What a wonderful day for all of us to celebrate life! Because you have shown us how important each day is to everyone of us. God is the giver of all life and we know He wants you to show us what life is really about – love, strength, courage, and hope.

    We are with you daily, not only on your birthday, but on all the days that we celebrate life – the greatest gift God gives us. Keep up the good work and keep showing us what a powerful gift we have in God’s love.

    Here’s a special prayer for you:

    May the joy of the Lord be the song of your days.
    And the peace of the Lord be a gift to your soul.

    We love you,
    Aunt Joy, Uncle Jim and family


    Happy sweet birthday adorable, lovable baby Gavin. May you be happy. May you be safe. May you be peaceful. May you have ease of well-being. May your dreams be carried on moonbeams escorted by thousands of fireflies. May you walk in duck puddles. May your pockets “rib bit, rib bit, rib bit.” May you someday eat bucketfuls of blissful brownies. May you smell freshly mown hay and molassed horse feed. May dog smooches tickle your round soft cheeks and may the wind curl your almost blond head of hair. May crickets and dragonflies brush your tiny pink fingers. May you continuously cuddle. May you always, always, know inside out, LOVE.

    Hugs and Kisses
    xx oo xx
    Grammy and Pop Pop


  147. Gavin – You are so adorable!!! We just wanted you to know that we think of you and say a prayer for you everyday! We check your website regularly and love your Mom’s journal! She should become a writer some day! Take care of your big Sister – she will always be there to watch out for you – and hug your Mom and Dad – because they are the best and they love you sooooo much!
    Can’t wait to see you at the Darlington fundraiser!

    Chuck/Sue/Lissa/Paul & Miranda /& Becca

  148. Sophie is anxiously awaiting the time when she can play with her cousin Gavin. This is a wonderful site and being able to see the support of friends and family is inspiring. Can’t wait to see the entire family at the Ranch House. With love and prayers, Nate, Becky, and Sophia Wiegel

  149. Hi little Gavin. Happy 1st Birthday! You are doing soooo wonderful. Growing and gainging weight so well. We are getting excited about your Darlington fundraiser. Your Grandma Nancy is working so hard to put this on. We think of you lots and keep you and your family in our prayers. Keep gainging, your getting close to your 22 pounds!! You are a little person who is a big inspiration to all of us! God Bless you.
    Love from: Jack, Rita and Justin Wiegel

  150. Hi Gavin, Jill and Jay:

    I just looked at the website this morning and saw the fundraising total. I wanted to send a note to all of you in congratulations, but I find myself not even knowing what to say. I suspect you all are feeling the same way.

    Gavin, I just know that your future is very, very bright. There is a positive energy train that is pushing you to new limits, and I think that the momentum it has built during this past 6 months will continue to grow and help push you through your next hurdles.

    You are certainly an inspirational family. I am proud to know you and be a part of your journey. I’m not going away, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for any future assistance I can provide during the next part of your journey. I’m looking forward to watching your grow into the person God is intending for you to be.



  151. Congratulations on reaching your funraising goal! You and your family deserve only the best and I continue to keep you in my prayers. You are one strong kid Gavin!


  152. We think about and pray for Gavin a lot. The benefit Saturday night was very nice. Tina keeps us updated.

  153. Congratulations Winslows! We’ve been checking in with the site and it’s so wonderful to see that the $100K goal has been reached. Gavin’s been in our thoughts and prayers. He’s such a tough little boy and your family is an inspiration. We’ll continue to pray that his transplant goes smoothly and that he continues to thrive. Happy first birthday, Gavin!

    Best wishes,
    Calamug Family

  154. To Precious Gavin,

    I’ve been thinking about you a lot today (as I do everyday). But I know how hard these past few weeks have been on you, and your parents and big sister. There are no words to describe the sadness I feel when hearing about your pain or your tears.

    So when the clouds come, I look to faith. The faith of knowing you are our miracle, the faith of knowing you will have your successful transplant soon, and the faith of knowing how much God loves you and how much we all love you.

    “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:13-14

    At the end of the rain, God gives us the shining sun and beautiful rainbow. Sweet baby Gavs, your rainbow is coming soon.

    I love you.

    Your loving cousin,

  155. Hey little man,

    I can’t wait to see you over my spring break in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to seeing all of the new tricks you have learned. In particular, I want to see a lot of the reverse crawling, and possibly some dunking. Miss you little man and love you so much. As always, you are an inspiration! Take care until then.

  156. Hi Gavin,

    I think about you every day and I just wanted to say what a difference you have made in my life. You are so strong and you remind me every day how wonderful it is to have support from family, friends, loved ones and “new” friends.

    happy spring!!!

  157. Hi Winslow Family,

    It was good to see you Gavin on Tuesday – can not believe what a little man you have become. Everytime I see you, I feel like I am looking at your dad. You are growing up quickly and it is a wonderful thing to see.

    See you soon I hope!

  158. Dear Baby Gavin,

    I was sick today with the flu. I thought it was so hard to be sick. But then I realized that you go through being sick everyday. It made me realize what a strong little warrior you are fighting this sickness everyday. As long I live you will have my prayers. Keep on fighting!

    Jason Smith

  159. Dear Baby Gavin,
    When I do my Bible study & when I pray your the first person I think of . I know that God is with you & has a special plan for your life. Keep on fighting!


  160. Hi Jilly Bean,
    I remember when your Dad would call you by that name. I think I’m remembering that correctly! (my memory is not what it once was..getting old!)

    I’m sooo happy to hear Gavin is getting stronger and the transplant is quickly approaching:) I just wish you all the best and your family. I’m very proud that you are a great mother and person! Trust and have Faith:)

    Steven Schwalbach
    ps Go Brewers!

  161. Hi Jill, Jay, Lauren and Gavin:

    Just writing to say happy Easter, and from the sounds of it, this certainly will be a happy Easter for your family. So glad to hear that Gavin is growing and thriving, and even though the fundraising goal has been met, I keep watch on the website to hear Gavin’s news.

    Always in my thoughts,


  162. Hi Gavin,

    So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, but I’m thinking of you always and will look forward to hearing the update that you are back to your old self.

    Hang in there, handsome!



  163. Hi Gavin and family – keep strong all of you. As you can see we check on you often. I’m sure that cute smile is making those doctors and nurses want to work all the harder to make little Gavin feel better. You’re on the top of the prayer list!! Love the Angeles Family

  164. Hello Winslows,

    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you. Last night during our prayer time Lainey said “Dear God, thank you for sweet baby Gavin”….her words exactly. She knows he isn’t feeling well right now. Hope to see you all soon.

  165. Hey Gavin,
    We are all very glad that you are back home again!!!! We love you like crazy baby!!!!
    The Gile’s

  166. Hey Gavin,
    I know that you had to go back into the hospital again tonight and we are thinking of you and praying for you! You are a trooper and I am glad your sis is with you to watch out for you and keep your Mom and Dad in line….she is good at that :)!!!!

    We love you like crazy little guy!!!
    Sally, Chad and Annalyse

  167. Hi Jill and family,

    We saw you leave yesterday afternoon and for some reason, we knew you were headed back to the hospital – I can imagine how frustrating this all must be. I am glad you are getting care and I know you will soon be back home! We love you and think of you often.

  168. Hey Gavin!!!!
    Things have been going pretty good for you so far and we couldn’t be happier! Annalyse and I had so much fun playing with you today!!!! Love you!!!! XXXXXOOOOOOOO

  169. I will also pray for you son and your family. I am currently five months and they can not find my daughter’s kidneys so I really feel your pain. I pray that he keeps fighting and will soon get them. I too pray they find my daughter’s because with out them she has no chance at survival. May GOD Bless you and your family.

  170. I am completly amazing everytime I visit this website! The positive attitude you have is unbelievable. We think of you every day Lauren and Gavin and hope we get to see you again soon.

    Jason, Charyl and Charli

  171. Dear Gavin,

    I hope you are feeling better. Gavin you have taught me so many things about life, endurence, and love. I always thought older people taught yonger people about those things. Thats how I know God has a big plan for your life! Keep on fighting!


  172. Jill – what a beautiful writer you are! Thank you for continuing the updates. We will continue you to keep you in our prayers. It seems your little angel Lauren is able to help keep your spirits up. I think she must get her humor from you. We get some good belly laughs from her stories. You’re a great Mom! Amy

  173. Jill-
    I was so excited when I read you recent journal that you are looking at the hospital in CA – I did a TON of research on that location and spoke with the transplant coordinator, they were very nice and helpful. I really wanted to have Layton go steroid free but the U of M doesn’t offer it and our insurance won’t pay for out of network. Just curious – will your insurance cover it if you go to CA?? I’d love to find a way out there for Layton – Hope Gavin is feeling better. You are such a strong person!!

  174. Hey Gavin,
    We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you and hope this trip to California gives your Mom and Dad the answers they need!!!! We love you like crazy! Good luck to the whole Winslow family on the airplane-I hope they sleep like angels for you Jill 🙂
    The Gile’s

  175. Hey…. Gibby has taken to yelling up to Lauren’s bedroom window to see if she is home. How Romeo and Juliet…. I think he is missing you guys, lord know how he like to keep track of the neighbors from his front window. I hope California was all you hoped and can’t wait to see you.

  176. Jill – I can’t wait to hear more about your trip to CA and I have spoken with the Transplant Coordinator at the U or W and it has opened up another door for us (we think). I look forward to swapping our information and doing some brain storming. Take Care.

  177. Dear Gavin and family~
    I have tried to sign in the past and I never have been successful!!! I met your Mommy’s cousin in the parking structure of CHW a few months ago and she told me of the cute thing called… YOU!!! We are amazed by you and thankful for the Journal so that we can follow your story. You are one amazing family. God bless you.
    Lots of love~
    Jen, Jeremy & Jacob

  178. Hello Winslow Family-

    I was looking for other Wisconsin families on the COTA site and read about Gavin. My husband and I have 2 boys born with dilated cardiomyopathy. Rece’s was very severe at birth and required a heart transplant. We were very fortunate as he received his at 11 days old. He is now a very healthy, active 6 year old. Jack’s heart function was able to improve on medication. Right now his heart function is near normal however we know a heart transplant could be in the future for him as well. We see the wonderful doctors and nurses at Children’s.

    We will continue to keep Gavin and the rest of your family in our thoughts. Take care and best wishes.

    Hillary Sweere

  179. Hey Gavin!
    Can’t wait to see those happy hands waving at me again! Love you and thinking of you everyday!
    The Gile’s

  180. So glad to hear you have a date set! It has been a long time coming. Even happier to hear you will be staying here, close to friends and family! Make sure you lean on everyone, we want to help, we just need you to tell us how we can. Our prayers are always with you.

    P.S. Happy 4th Birthday, Lauren!!

    Amy Gile-Enge

  181. Hi-I wish you and your family the best of luck with him hes absolutely adoarble!..my daughter was also born with end stage renal..we do P.D at home too. shes now 5 months old, hoping for a living donor transplant next spring when shes big enough. hoping its going to be me that does it. we live an hour away from boston childrens hospital, thats where she stayed the first 2 months, going through surgeries, hemo, and the start of peritoneal… its been tough, we’re young and scared for her. shes our only baby..email me back if youd like.. id love the support of another mom going through this..

  182. Hey Winslow’s –

    So happy to hear the great news…Addison hopes she can meet Lulu and Gavin before the big day. We’ll continue to send all of our loving thoughts and healthy kidney vibes your way!

    Love, Steve, Michelle & Addie

  183. Dear Gavin & Lauren & Mommy and Daddy, too!

    We are prayyyyyyyyyyyyying for you and for your upcoming surgery. God has you in the palm of His hand. Thank you for showing us what a true example of “living your faith” is. You are completely amazing and we are so lucky to be able to follow your story.

    Lots of love always~
    Jen, Jeremy & Jacob Schultz
    P.S.~ Jill… yes! I recognize you in the picture!!! You were friends with my childhood friend, Eric, as well. What a small world! Keep up the great work!!!

  184. Gavin and Family,

    I hope all goes well with the surgery on the 27th. You are in our thoughts and prayers. One good thing is that Madison is right there! Keep fighting!

    Rhiannon, Ben and Gavin Stivarius

  185. Gavin and Family,
    We have been following your story and been praying for your health since before you were born. May God bless you through your surgery and recovery. Jill, thank you for sharing your journey with us; you are a gifted writer and Gavin’s so lucky to have such a loving mommy.

    We look forward to hearing about your successful transplant!

    Jill, Todd and Nathan Baake

  186. Hello there Gavin- We are so excited to hear that you have a transplant date. You’ve been through so much and you are such a strong boy. It helps having so many people who love and care about you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to following you through your recovery. Layton will anxiously be waiting for his transplant close behind you. Take care and stay strong!!
    Love, Lee, Leah, Logan & Layton Schmitz (Monticello, MN)

  187. Gavin,

    You and your mom are in our prayers and we will be thinking about you on September 27th. Stay strong and keep up the good fight, you are an amazing little boy. God bless all of you.

    The Yoders

  188. Gavin and Family,

    We don’t know you personally, but we supported your benefit when they had it in Chilton. We check on your updates as much as we can and are wishing you the best with your surgery on the 27th. All of you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Geiser Family

  189. Hey my sweet little boy! My little man!!! My best hugger and kisser! All of us will be thinking about you and your Mommy on Sept. 27th, and we know that this will make you feel so much better and we focus on that and your bright future. Your Mommy is so excited to be able to help you and your Daddy and Sister cannot wait for your big big day!
    We are anxiously awaiting to watch you grow and enjoy your new life after transplant! We love you so very, very much-sometimes I wonder why there are no words you can think of at times to tell or explain to someone the love they have for you. Know that you are loved more then we can express in words. You mean the world to us Gavin!
    The Gile’s

  190. Gavin – you are an absolutely amazing little boy. I don’t think I know an adult that is as strong as you! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful family and such support friends around you. We are so happy to hear of your upcoming transplant and will be thinking of you as we always do. I can’t wait until this is all over for you and you can look back what what an amazing journey you’ve traveled in such a short time. We love you!

    Jason, Charyl, Charli and baby Uptegraw

  191. Hello Jill, Jay, Lauren and Gavin,
    I have been following your writings since the Jim Gill concert over a year ago when I volunteered to “Clown Around” and face paint at that event.
    I feel so much for your family and you are all in my prayers.
    I will continue to pray for a successful surgery for both Gavin and Jill and a beautiful healthy future for all of you.
    May God Bless and keep all of you in His loving care.
    Christine “Sparkle” Wolf
    And Happy Birthday Lauren, may all of your princess fairy dreams come true.

  192. We are praying hard and strong for you here in the Enge house. We hope you are feeling great soon! Love your awesome outlook on everything, Jill. You guys are amazing and you are a true inspiration. We are putting in a special prayer to Grandpa Gile to watch over you (he has helped us in the past!) Lots of love –
    John, Amy, Riley, Brady and Reese

  193. The prayers for you are many and strong for you now in the Enge house. We will put in some extra prayers to Grandpa Gile (he has helped us out in the past!). Jill, your positive thoughts are such an inspiration. You guys are truly remarkable. I know how tough it can be, but keep thinking happy thoughts and your dreams will come true. I look forward to talking to you when these days are a distant memory and Gavin is running around like a madman!
    Lots of Love!
    John, Amy, Riley, Brady and Reese

  194. My thoughts and prayers are with Gavin and your family as take the next big step in Gavin’s life. Keep thinking of the good time ahead for your family after you get over this huge hurdle. You are a remarkable family and are to be commended for all you have done and endured since Feb 2006. Your journals, Jill, are an inspiration to anyone going through a tough time. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Just let Chad and Sally know as I know they will also keep me updated on Gavin and Jill’s progress.
    God speed to a quick recovery.

    Karyle Gile

  195. We are all thinking and praying for a successful transplant! You are such an amazing family and the strength you have is inspiring. Gavin and Jill, we will be praying extra hard on the 27th! Good Luck!

  196. Hi Gavin,

    I grew up in the same town as your dad but moved away when he was a little kid, have been following your story since I read about you in the paper. You are such an adorable guy who is so very lucky to have the parents you do. The amazing things that your mom writes in her journal about your life show how much you are loved. I wish you and your mom all of the best on Sept 27th. You have been growing bigger and stronger in preparation for that day and now you are all ready. I have faith that you will come through with flying colors, just in time to see those cubbies go to the series! Stay strong little guy, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  197. Hello Gav & Family! It was so good to see you today! & hear what good news you have about the upcoming transplant. Know that we will be praying for Gav and the whole family!!!
    Hugs to all,
    The Uchytil’s

  198. Hello to the whole family,

    Michelle told me about your wonderful website and I really wanted to “stop in” and send my best to you all. It is terrific news about the transplant and I know everything will be great!!!

    My thoughts are with you,


  199. Dear, Dear, Sweet Baby Gavin,
    My heartfelt thanks for fighting so hard to stay with us. Your company is purely delightful – you’re so funny. Your beautiful mom and dad and “honey-sweet sister” have asked each of us to write you a short wish before transplant. Here’s mine.

    Somewhere along this crazy journey with you (equivalent to a “firewalk”) I had found this – can’t remember where or who wrote it, but it is a reflection of my dreams, always held tight for you (changed just a few words):

    “Love as I imagine him
    sits on a country swing
    and stares at the white puffy clouds
    in the sail blue sky peek-a-booing between tree branches
    warmed by the sun ball.
    He’s all of 10 years old.”

    Imagining you being ten years old…
    You will laugh on the wind.

    Forever, all my love, all my prayers, go with you and your special mom.

    May you be happy.
    May you safe.
    May you be peaceful
    May you have ease of well-being.

    Kisses and Hugs,
    xx oo xx
    Grammy Jane

  200. Hi Gavin! Just wanted to let you know that our familly is praying for you. Keep hangin in there tough guy! Although I only know you and your family from your website, you guys are an amazing family and that will get you through anything. Big sisters are also a VERY big help when it comes to stuff like this! Although you might not know it now, you have made everyone around you stronger than they ever thought they could be. You will have lots of stories to tell when you get older and you have lots of people that will listen because you have touched so many hearts! God Bless you and your family. The Dowell Family

  201. Gavin,

    I am thinking of you and your family every day.
    I had a kidney transplant too, and your Auntie Sally told me all about you.
    You will feel so much better after your transplant, you won’t even believe it.
    I wish that I could go through it for you, but you stay strong and get better soon.
    The surgery is nothing compared to dialysis and feeling so tired now. You will be a little sore, but you won’t notice that as much as feeling like a brand new boy!
    There are lots of medicines to take, but they are nothing compared to dialysis either.
    I am praying for you every day, and all of my good wishes are with you.

    Thinking of you,

    Jennifer Christianson

  202. Jay and Jill,

    I wanted to let you know that we are always and will continue to think of you and your family. You are truly strong, amazing individuals and parents. We will say many prayers for you as the surgery nears. We love you!

    I don’t know where to begin…you are an incredible little boy. You have fought some of the biggest battles and have one more to go. You can do this because you are a fighter. We all believe in you and are praying for you.


    Mike, Danya, and Baby Boy Sasada

  203. I tried to look for inspiring words to share before surgery so I googeled words of wisdom on strength…. illness… health…. happiness….. and so on and so forth and then it hit me Courage, that is what I wanted to send your way was courage. This is the Quote I found “The important thing is to take that first step. Bravely overcoming one small fear gives you the courage to take on the next” So be full of courage Gavin, Jill, Jay and Lauren. The Hale Family keeps you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Abby, Brian, Gibson,and Rugger

  204. Jay, Jill, Lauren and Gavin,

    We are thinking of you and praying for you. The poem below always brings me a moment’s peace. Love you all!

    One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
    he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

    Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
    For each scene he noticed two sets of
    footprints in the sand: one belonging
    to him, and the other to the LORD.

    When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
    he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

    He noticed that many times along the path of
    his life there was only one set of footprints.

    He also noticed that it happened at the very
    lowest and saddest times in his life.

    This really bothered him and he
    questioned the LORD about it:

    “LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
    you, you’d walk with me all the way.
    But I have noticed that during the most
    troublesome times in my life,
    there is only one set of footprints.
    I don’t understand why when
    I needed you most you would leave me.”

    The LORD replied:

    “My son, my precious child,
    I love you and I would never leave you.
    During your times of trial and suffering,
    when you see only one set of footprints,
    it was then that I carried you.”

  205. Jay, Jill, Lauren and Gavin,

    We are thinking of you and praying for strength and “peace” through all of this. Don’t forget to breathe.

    One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
    he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

    Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
    For each scene he noticed two sets of
    footprints in the sand: one belonging
    to him, and the other to the LORD.

    When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
    he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

    He noticed that many times along the path of
    his life there was only one set of footprints.

    He also noticed that it happened at the very
    lowest and saddest times in his life.

    This really bothered him and he
    questioned the LORD about it:

    “LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
    you, you’d walk with me all the way.
    But I have noticed that during the most
    troublesome times in my life,
    there is only one set of footprints.
    I don’t understand why when
    I needed you most you would leave me.”

    The LORD replied:

    “My son, my precious child,
    I love you and I would never leave you.
    During your times of trial and suffering,
    when you see only one set of footprints,
    it was then that I carried you.”

  206. Gavin,
    Glad to hear that your surgery went well-we are crossing our fingers that your transplant day will stay on course! We pray for you little man all of the time! Annalyse cannot wait for another visit, another, hug and kiss and good slug from her cousin! Love you Gavin!
    Sally, Chad, and Annalyse

  207. Good Luck Gavin! My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. You are such a brave little man with a wonderfully strong family to support you. Keep smiling that amazing smile of yours.

  208. Gavin,
    We are thinking about you and sending you strength and courage for the upcoming week. Lots of love and wishes for a healthy and speedy recovery.
    Melilssa, Jason and Benjamin Lichucki

  209. Gavin,

    It’s really happening! We are praying, praying, praying for you and your family. We are also praying for the doctors and nurses that will be with you in the next weeks that God will guide their hands and hearts to know what a special little man they are caring for. Keep up the good fight and take care of your mom and dad and Lauren too!

    All our love and prayers,

    Kurt, Nancy, Kara, Jenna and Jamie Rheingans

  210. I came across this website while searching for a poem that you quote in one of your entries but I am so moved by your situation and Gavin’s sweet smile that I find myself in tears signing a stranger’s guestbook. I am praying for you all in Houston, Texas and have bookmarked your site so that I can return to hear the good news (about both of you) after the surgery. I have a two year old and admire your strength and humor. God bless you and sweet baby Gavin.

    eg in houston

  211. Baby Gavin, Jill, Jay, and Lauren,
    Our thoughts are wtih you as the countdown phases into the big day. We pray for you and your family, that you may have the strength and good healing to see you through this. We have 2 very special guardian angels in our family that we are sending your way to help watch over you. So, lace up those boxing gloves, you have an army of people in the ring supporting your fight.
    MariBeth, Dan, Maya, and Alana

  212. Dear Gavin,
    I have known you since you were just a few months old and I have enjoyed being “gavanized” every visit with you! You went through a phase where you had a “old little man” face that I adored and the truth is that you have the wisdom and strength of an old man in your not even 2 years of life. You have fought from the start and I expect you to fight just as hard through this surgery so you can become the wisest old man some day that can still gavanize the ladies!
    I am not nearly as poetic as your mom and grandma, but I did look to the words of another wise boy, Mattie Stephanek to leave you a little poem before surgery because you have taught many people around you that there are many more important things to life than what we often take hold of.

    Important Things

    When I grow up,
    I think maybe
    I will be a snowman,
    Because when it
    snows outside,
    I’ll already be cold
    And like it.
    And children will
    Play with me,
    And laugh
    And sing
    And dance
    All around me
    And those are important
    Things to have happen
    When you grow up.

    Gavin I look forward to you growing up and living life as a happy and healthy, dog-loving, ball-loving little guy.
    You and mommy and your family will be in my prayers – stay strong!

    Maureen Hack

  213. Gavin, Jill, Jay and Lauren,

    You have been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. We pray for your strength, smiles and courage and know that you are being watched over. Continue to show those handsome and beautiful smiles and know that you are in so many peoples’ thoughts. We look forward to continuing to read your Mom’s writings and can’t wait for the day we read what you have written on your website!

    Lots of Smiles, Hugs and Love,
    Melissa, Lee and Charlie Lane

  214. Hi Gavin and Family! We learned about your story in the newspaper and we had lots of fun at the Jim Gill concert. We’ve been following your incredible journey thanks to the amazing E-mails your Mom writes! God bless you and your family! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Love, Don, Julie, Emily and Andy

  215. We are praying for you and although we KNOW with confidence that this is God’s plan, our hearts dropped when we read the news… You have been waiting so long and it just doesn’t seem fair… May God continue to hold Gavin in the palm of His hand now and forever…

  216. So sorry to read about the transplant being postponed. I cried for you tonight knowing how much you want and need this behind you to move on. I hope you can move on so very soon. It is so emotionally straining for you. I continue to be amazed by your strength, but you are definitely being challenged! You need to be strong for each other and we will all be strong for you. We toast to the day Gavin is a completely healthy young man and we all can say “remember when”… Until then, we will continue our good thoughts and strong prayers and we will hug all those we love.

    Amy, John, Riley, Brady and Reese

  217. Sorry to hear about the postponement of Gav’s transplant. Joe and I began to call these “rubberband” moments. It’s the test to see just how far you can be stretched before you break. Know that we are praying for strength for all of you. If only we had that crystal ball to know what it would take to fix our children’s conditions. God gave us these special journeys to travel down with our children. Even though some days you don’t feel like you can take another step, know that you are not alone. We pray for Gav’s health and your strength.

    Mary & Joe, Marcus and rest of clan

  218. We sure hope that the drs. are getting things figured out. Since my only way of knowing how Gavin is doing is through this site, I pretty much bite my nails and worry until I hear something *LOL*! We sure admire you and your determination and can definitely understand your dedication. We will ABSOLUTELY NEVER GIVE UP on our children, will we??? Sleepless nights, loooooooooong hospitilizations, inconveniences… none of that matters as long as our children are comfortable. We are SO ready to hear the next transplant date and begin praying for that miraculous surgery. Until then, plz remember that God is in charge and precious Gavin is His dear child.

    Lots of love from Jen, Jeremy & Jacob

  219. Winslow Family,
    It breaks my heart to learn that the transplant has been rescheduled and I wish I had words to offer you comfort. You are always in our thoughts and prayers and I know you are strong enough to continue each and every day! Jill, you are one of the most giving, caring and selfless people I know and you have created a beautiful family. Take care.

    All our love – Al & Jenny

  220. Dear Baby Gavin,

    I am sorry about your wrist. I wish I could do something to help you but I guess all I can do now is pray. You are so brave and I am so proud of you! Sometimes I wonder how I would take it if all the things that happend to you would happen to me. I guessed that I wouldn’t take it so well. You are so brave! Keep on fighting!


  221. Dear baby Gavin & the Winslow family,

    I have heard so many wonderful things about you from my sister Maureen. Looking at the pictures I see a beautiful family with great determination to live life to the fullest. Each day is a precious gift from God. We are praying that He will grant you many more days together as a family. We look forward to hearing some good news in the near future about Gavin’s transplant.

    God Bless,
    Kathy, Chris, Spencer, Ashlynn and Connor

  222. I have stumbled across your website tonight like some others by searching for a 4th Birthday poem on the internet. I could not help but read your story and I wanted you to know that here in rainy England – I am crying for you and wishing you and your family love and hope. xxxxx

  223. I think that you are absolutely amazing, Jill. I feel so uplifted after I read an entry of your’s… and I also need a kleenex or twelve!!! I feel that although our situations are different (although Jacob only has one kidney, so unfortunately we never know what His plan will be down the road) that we have extremely similar thoughts on a LOT of issues 🙂

    Have a good weekend and stay strong!!!

    Lots of love always~
    Jen, Jeremy & Jacob

  224. Well, Gavin, I was just going to read your story until I got to ‘Oh the places you will go.’ If you go to the website, you’ll see why I had to sign your guestbook. Your mom reminds me a lot of our daughter (a germ phobe, too!) – her son, Jacob, has kidney failure, too, and is waiting for a transplant like you. Our family will be praying for you and hoping you don’t have too many ‘rubber band’ moments. So, give you mom, dad and sister a big hug from us – you all are quite special.

  225. Winslow family,
    Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about all of you. Take care and happy Halloween.

    Al & Jenny

  226. Hey, guys… Thx for the latest entry. It really puts things into perspective… not that some of us didn’t get it already *sigh*… you have such a way with words, Jill… Gavy and Lauren are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! I cannot believe that I got to see them in real life!!! And Lauren said goodbye to me, too!!! That kept a smile on my face for the rest of the day, let me tell you…

  227. Hi Gavin, Lauren, Jill and Jay,
    I have been following your life ever since I volunteered at the Jim Gill Concert for Gavin last year. I have been praying and will continue to do so, even after this is behind you I will be saying prayers of thanks to God.
    My heart aches for all of you and I can only imagine the constant strain and worry that you are going through. Only parents know the intense love they have for their children.
    I like many others worry when days go by without a journal entry and rejoice and cry with you on this roller coaster ride of yours. May God watch over and bless you and your family.
    God can make miracles happen and I am praying for one for you.
    Love and Prayers, Christine (Sparkle the Clown)

  228. Thx for the latest update!!! I was so happy and got chills when I read the title!!! I realize that it is tentative but nonetheless, it gives us something to pray about and shoot for. I get teary-eyed thinking about how many people love you guys and would give anything to make this happen. Your entries are so inspirational, Jill. Hope you don’t get sick of me saying that!!! We will pray for our little guy to have his transplant in T-18 days from today 🙂
    Lots of love from us to you!

  229. November 29th is Brady’s 7th B-day, so I am feeling great karma for a wonderfully successful transplant! We are feeling positive vibes for you and after being through so much in the last 7 years, we know that you are deserving of a big “break”. We have all of our fingers and toes crossed (100 in all!) for everything to go off as planned.

    Lots of Love-
    The Enges-
    John, Amy, Riley, Brady and Reese

  230. Good luck sweetie! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you all the best in the world and look forward to hearing about your happy and healthy recovery!


  231. Hi Gavin!!

    I wanted you to know that you, your parents, and your big sister are the strongest, most patient family I’ve ever met. Not to mention everyone else in that gigantic family tree of yours. I have so much respect for every one of you. I just wish I could do more to help.
    I love coming over and having you & Lauren tire me out. I get excited every time. I hold my breath, waiting for the time when we can have another play date, so call me up at any time;)
    I also want you to know that I will be standing alongside your family when you jump over this hurdle. So, try and save at least one hug and a great big smile for me.
    You are in my heart always.

    I love you,

  232. We are THRILLED to hear the transplant date next week is a go, what a wonderful gift the week of Thanksgiving! As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers and have taught us amazing lessons in less than two years. Looking forward to your second birthday being abundant with blessings!

    Melissa, Jason and Benjamin Lichucki

  233. Gavin,

    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. You all have such amazing strength. Best wishes to you!!

    Katie and Shaelynn (8 months old)

  234. Gavin,
    I cannot believe your big day is less then a week away! Happy we got to spend Thanksgiving together my little man! I am so thankful for you and blessed that you are in my life!!! We love you to pieces!!!
    Chad, Sally, Annalyse, and (shortly) Willow!!!!

  235. The Winslows –

    You are in our hearts, prayers and thoughts! Tomorrow will be a wonderful day for all who have been waiting on this long journey of yours. We pray for your strength and courage and will be thinking of you all.

    Love and Hugs,
    Lee, Melissa, Charlie & Daisy (just for Gavin – she sends a big dog slobber kiss) Lane

  236. Jay, Jill, Lauren and Gavin,

    We think of you daily and pray a special prayer for you all. We are especially thinking of you this week as you face another of the unknowns – but we are sending warm and happy thoughts your way. You have all been through so much and we are praying this week only proves what we have all said from the beginning – we never know where life leads us but we are all in it together – we love you guys and send you all many hugs and kisses!

    Chuck, Sue and Becca

  237. Been thinking about you guys a LOT and am getting nervous for Thursday… The Great Physician will be watching over Gavin and over you, too, Jill. I just cannot help but be excited as well, to think of all of the things you won’t have to do after this is all over… Camping, here you come!!! Well, maybe in a few months *LOL* Plz know that southeastern Wisconsin loves you!!!

  238. Gavin,

    We found you by searching google for other’s with the name “gavin.” Our “baby Gavin” is 21 months old. Each day, we thank god that he gave him to us when we thought we would never have children of our own. I can not imagine what your parents are feeling. It is apparent that they love you and Lauren more than anything! We wish you all the luck in the world for your transplant. We will be thinking about you and your mommy and praying for you both. Sending hugs to you, Jeff, Jamie and Gavin Englert, Indianapolis, IN.

  239. Best wishes for a successful transplant on Thursday Gavin and Jill. We will continue to pray for your speedy recoveries and a healthier Gavin.

  240. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you on the 29th! Know that you are in good hands and keep the Faith! Full speed ahead to a healthy Gavin! Jill, wishing you a speedy recovery! Lots of love!
    The Enges-
    John, Amy, Riley, Brady and Reese

  241. Dear Jill and Jay,

    We love you and will be praying for successful surgeries and quick recoveries for Jill and Gavin. Here is a special prayer for all of who take care of Gavin:

    Prayer for Divine Assistance
    My Lord, we feel nervous and fearful as we take care of our baby, Gavin. Free us of unnecessary anxiety, of excess concern, so that we may fully realize that we are only but a channel of Your grace. We take courage in the truth we were called to care for Gavin. That once called, You will give us the necessary graces to perform the work that is ours. Let our hearts, be anchored in You, as we take refuge in You, our rock and our stronghold. Amen.

    We love you more than words can say!
    Uncle Jim and Auntie Joy

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  243. Dear Winslows,
    We are sending lots of love and prayers your way. May you find some peace in knowing how many people will be thinking about you and praying for you on the 29th.

    With Love and Friendship.
    Christina and Ben Lenz

  244. Dear Gavin and Jill,
    We can all be thankful that this day has finally arrived and now fully trust that God has many great things planned ahead for you and a life so full of joy,experiences, and memories to be made.
    “May you always have an angel by your side. Watching out for you in all the things you do. Reminding you to keep believing in brighter days. Finding ways for your wishes and dreams to come true. Giving you hope as certain as the sun. Giving you the strength and serenity as your guide. May you always have love and comfort and courage and may you always have an angel by your side…..” – Douglas Pagels
    I cannot read the words soon enough on this site that there was a successful transplant!

  245. Hi Jay, Jill, Lauren & Gavin,
    We will be sending lots of positive thoughts your way on Thursday!!! A wise man once told me that God never sends you more than you can handle, which I firmly believe. We know that you’ve had a lot thrown at you, but you will come through with flying colors and be the stronger for having made it through the trial & tribulations.
    God be with you!!!

  246. Dear Gavin, I have been reading your Mom’s inspiring journal for many months, and am so glad that the day of your surgery is here. It has been a long journey and with all the strength you and your Mom have shown since your birth, I know that you will come through like the champions you are. My prayers are with you, Cousin Mary

  247. First to my little man, my godchild! I was there with your Mommy the day you came into this world and knew that you would forever change our lives Gavin! When anyone says your name I smile, b/c you make me smile the minute I walk through the door! I love seeing you grow and say new words and make you repeat them a million times! I love everything about you and cannot believe all of the milestones you have already had to overcome to finally reach this big day!!!! I love you Gavin Winslow, and cannot wait to hug and kiss you a million times over again!
    To Jill, I cannot say anything to you that you don’t already know. You are amazing, I have looked up to you always and you have been a rock for me in every step we have taken in life. Thank you. Thank you for showing me how to be a better person, and for showing me how to be a good Mom. Stay strong Jill, and know that I will be strong for you too! I love you.
    Speedy Recovery for you and Gavin!
    Love, Sally

  248. Gav, Gav, Gav,

    Where do I begin? Some say you are the strongest kid they’ve ever met. I say you are the strongest PERSON I’ve met. Whenver I feel sorry for myself, if I have an ache or a pain, I think of you. Nothing I have gone through or are going through even comes close to what you are going through. That’s why I know you will make it through this. You are an inspiration for us all. You have touched a lot of people in your life and you will touch a lot more as you move on. I look forward to seeing you grow up and going through the “normal” things life has to offer. Remember that I will always admire you and be there whenver you need me!!!!!


    Uncle Chad

  249. I don’t even remember how I happened across this site a couple of months ago, but I have been hoping for the best ever since. I just wanted to send good wishes for Thursday and the days of recovery afterward. Gavin is absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to read that everything went well.

  250. To Our Very Special Baby and His Courageous Mommy,

    Our lives are truly blessed because you are such a special part of us. You have taught us so much about so many things. We cannot wait to be part of and watch Gavin grow up to be the extraordinary boy and man he will become.

    You have our hearts. You have all our love. Always.

    Vinny, Kristin, and Katie Rose

  251. Winslow Family –
    I happened upon your website because my 7 month old son, Aiden, is also having surgery on November 29 and I was desperately trying to read everything I could to prepare myself for the days to come. By chance, I found myself here and am overcome with your family’s story. Except for being a Cub fan (former White Sox ballgirl here!!), Gavin has everything going for him, he is perfect. You are all blessed to have each other. I know the 29th is going to be a fantastic day (for all of us). I will keep your family in my prayers.
    Best Wishes and Big Hugs from Southern California…
    Cheri – Aiden’s mommy
    ****If God let me pick, I would pick Aiden over and over and over again… there is no such thing as too much.

  252. Jay, Jill, Lauren and Gavin,

    I know that walking in to that hospital today is going to be one of the most difficult things you have ever done. I also know that when you come out of that hospital, your life will be completely different and you will be on the road to life after a transplant. Wow! Jay and Jill, you are wonderful parents and you have always done what you think is best for you children – regardless of anything else. Stay on that path. Love you all so much and will be thinking about each of you over these next few days. Remember to Breathe…..

  253. Hi there!

    Praying your transplant date can be a keeper! we went thru 3 dates before Lance was transplanted. Our 2nd date was cancelled on the day of the transplant because our ALT and AST (liver enzymes) were elevated. they stayed crazy high for 3 months and eventually went back down. (3,000/6,000s)
    We never figured out the cause… mabye a virus we probably will never know…. We were on hemodialysis at the time (PD wasnt working for us)

    good luck!

    Stephanie Wittleder

  254. We are all praying for a speedy recovery. I was reading the other postings and wanted to express the same feelings everyone else has for you guys. You are all an inspiration and watching your strength has helped me through some tough times. Just remember there are alot of people praying for you.

    Michael, Tammy, Michael, Alex and Joshua Gawlitta

  255. Our thoughts and prayer are with you at this holiday season. You’re so right…..It’s scarry when the abnormal becomes so normal. I have a 6 year old who developed Henoch Schollein purpura and lost 15 % of his kidneys to scaring. Giving him meds daily has become so normal.

    God bless you

    Jennifer Spirio ( Larry, Matt 6, Danny 8, Lawrence 11 Kings Park NY)

  256. Jill and Gavin – We couldn’t be happier for you, what a long rough road. Your hope, faith and strength has brought you this far, thank you for sharing your journey and we pray for a speedy recovery. Lots of love, Amy, Steve, Kendal and Keegan

  257. Jill-

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Gavin, Jay and Lauren. Reading your journals and the comments from everyone certainly puts things into perspective. When I think my life can not get any worse, I think of all that I have and am grateful for. You and your family are a true inspiration to me.

    Good luck with the surgerys for both of you. I will be praying for for all of you.

    “I will guide them on paths they have never traveled. Their road is dark and rough, but I will give light to keep them from stumbling.” Isaiah 42:16


  258. Dear Jill, Jay, Gavin and Lauren,

    I think about you often and am praying for you always. I cannot wait to hear the good news about your successful transplant on Friday!

    I miss you all, and can’t wait for the next time we run into eachother and Gavin has his new kidney! 🙂


  259. Winslow Family,
    You all are in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your medical team. Your journey has touched so many lives and your faith will see you though this wonderfully exciting chapter. We look forward to reading about your successful surgeries and speedy recoveries.

    Best wishes –
    Jill, Todd, Nathan and Rylan Baake

  260. Jill, Jay and Gavin,

    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you on Thursday. We will continue to pray for a quick recouperation and a happy future for all.

    John Farley

  261. Dear Gavin and family,
    Sending prayers and well wishes from Scottsdale, AZ. Our daughter had her transplant about 14mo ago…with her daddy’s kidney. She is so healthy now we can hardly keep up with her. This is scary now, when you are going into it, but you’ll back on it fondly. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Hope Gavin recovers quickly.


  262. Dear Winslow Family,
    Know that we are thinking about you and praying for you tomorrow as you go thru your biggest surgery yet. May the Lord Bless you with new life and a successful transplant!
    Hugs to All,
    Mary & Joe Uchytil & clan

  263. May God guide all of you’s tomorrow on this wonderful new light! Praying for Gavin and sending love.
    Jamie LaBrake (mom to Eric 10 chronic kidney failure, puvs)
    Puv list

  264. Your army is devastated as well and could not wish this transplant more for Gavy… We understand that everything happens for a reason, but cannot help ask but “why?”~ it is only human nature. We love you guys and are numb right along with you. God’s plans always go off w/out a hitch… perhaps we should take a peak at His calendar?!?!?!?!

  265. Yipee~ a date to get excited about and pray for!!! 3rd time IS a charm… whomever tells you differently is a big fat LIAR~ hee hee. As always, Jill, your entries enthrall me and I SO enjoy reading them over and over. I am either laughing or crying, so you definitely get a reaction out of me one way or the other!!! Saw Kay in the Lab the other day and told her how much you guys love her and miss her… She knew exactly who you were, Gavy!!! Hard to forget a cutie like yourself, I suppose…! Have a great week, guys, and we’ll be checking in daily to see if there’s any new news. WE LOVE YOU!

  266. Gavin (and Family)
    I was on the COTA web site (my friends son is also in need of a Kidney transplant) and got to looking at the other children who are still waiting… I looked at yours and saw you are having your transplant in just 10 days! I want to wish you the best of luck… You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers… Good luck buddy!

  267. Thinking about you and your family on Christmas. Our Christmas wish is safe and healthy surgeries for Gavin and Jill and resilient recoveries.

    Merry Christmas!
    Jason, Melissa and Benjamin Lichucki

  268. Dear Winslow’s

    We are praying for the absolute BEST for all of you. May this New Year be the absolute best for your family.

    Love, Tom and Pam

  269. All our prayers are with you for the transplant. Wishing for a great start to 2008 for the Winslow family!
    The Enges

  270. Just checked the website tonight and we’re so glad to see everything is still a go. We’ll be praying like crazy. Know that you’re not alone – you’ve got a lot of people pulling for you guys.

    God bless all of you,

    Angie, Dan, Nick, Aubrey and Grace

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  272. So glad that your day has finally arrived! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers today and for many days to come. Love, Mary

  273. Good Luck we are all praying for you…. Praying for a speedy recovery… Please update as we are all on the edge of our seats….

  274. The Winslow Family:
    All of our thoguths and prayers are with you at this very moment. You all have so many journeys to take together and this will allow you to do that. You are in God’ hands….. AMEN!!!! Nick, Mia, adn Zoie Zuberbuhler

  275. Winslows,
    You have the strength of an army behind you with all of the prayers and good thoughts from so many. The kiddos both said special prayers for you last night.
    Libby–Please God help the doctors do good on “Gabins” surgery so he can grow up big and strong, …. and eat corn. Please God give Jill a comfy bed at the hospital with a soft pillow and (pause) (Whisper to Mom–will Gabin sleepover at the hospital too? Yes, honey.) Let Gabin have good dreams while he’s getting better at the hospital
    Cal–silent prayer curled up on his bed. Ended with a sniff and then he said out loud–I can’t wait to play ball with Gavin in the backyard.

    Big hugs and many well wishes to you all.
    Jenni, Kerry, Cal and Libby

  276. Hi Gavin and Jill, I’ve been thinking of you both all day and praying that everything is going well. Gavin, you will wake up a new man today! May God continue to bless you and keep you safe.

  277. Dear Jay, Jill, Lauren and Gavin,
    My prayers have been with and for you during these many days.
    You have touched so many people and so many are praying for all of you.
    Thank you to Kristen for keeping the website updated, I know you will let us know as soon as possible how things are going.
    Untill then May all of God’s Angels be with each and everyone of you.
    With love and prayers, “Miss Sparkle”
    Christine Wolf

  278. So excited to hear it’s a go for tomorrow!!

    “I will guide them on paths they have never traveled. Their road is dark and rough, but I will give light to keep them from stumbling.” Isaiah 42:16

    Praying for you all in Houston!

  279. God is Good!!! We are so glad to hear that the surgeries went well. It is long a waited. We pray for the healing process to begin!!! & to let Gavin to finally feel good. Let the havoc of a 2 year old boy begin!!! We send our HUGS to all of you! Let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you guys. Also just a note that Camp Sunshine Wis. Renal/Lupus session is set for May 5-8. Hope your family can make it by then.
    Love-n-Hugs, The Uchytils

  280. Hope all goes well and you will be in our prayers, now and in the up coming months!
    Many Bleeings, Murray Family
    Family of Alex who has CRI.

  281. CONGRATULATIONS JILL AND GAVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! You both did outstanding today and I am so so happy for everyone!!!! This is a miracle! Thank you to everyone for praying for them!!!!!
    The Gile Family!!!

  282. Thanks for the GREAT NEWS! What an understatement that is! Oh, God is smiling on you guys! We are lifting you up in prayer, and thanking God for the healing that’s already taking place. Thank you, Lord, for seeing them through this surgery today. Please continue to bless them in every way.

  283. I prayed for you two and the family all day today. I am so happy that all is going well, and will continue my prayers for your continued success. This midwestern girl in California is hoping you all are all smiles in 2008.
    Love, Theresa

  284. Good Morning Winslow Family,

    I am praying that this morning is a good morning. Today is a new day and I am hoping that the recovery process can soon begin. We love you and are here if you need anything!

    The Mahone Crew

  285. Good Morning,

    We are all so happy to hear that things went well. We are continuing to pray for your family that the recovery process goes smoothly.

    Steph, Scott, Katy and Zach

  286. Hi Jill,
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been praying for you family since I’ve heard they news from Melissa Card. I’m so happy that the transplant went well. Know that you have a lot of people praying and hoping for you all. Love, Kaia Beyer from Alpha Sigma

  287. Congratulations to you all! How miraculous that you could give Gavin the gift of life twice, Jill. The human body is truly amazing, but I think the human spirit even more so!

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers always.



  288. What a miracle! We are so happy to hear the good news and continue to pray for full recovery for Gavin and Jill. Anything is possible with God.
    The Thorsen Family

  289. Gavin,
    I found your page by accident today and am amazed by your bravery, especially for being such a little guy. As I went through the site, my eyes were teary and my throat was swollen. I can’t imagine going through in my entire life what you have gone through in your short one. Its great to hear that your surgery went well, and your mother’s too. Your story has TRULY touched me and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck Baby Gavin, and may God bless you and your family.

    Amanda Calderon

  290. A Poem for Gavin
    written by his loving cousin, Kristin

    I see a toddler boy wrestling in piles of wet leaves
    Chasing puppy tails and giggling at the sound of buzzing bees,
    Making mud pies and splashing in the lake
    Riding his tricycle and enchanted by the hiss of a snake.

    I see a young boy sitting in his third grade seat
    Getting good grades and starting in his first swimming meet,
    Playing baseball with his dad who makes him so proud
    Teasing his sister by turning his music up way too loud.

    I see a teenage boy at his very first dance
    Melting girls hearts with just one glance,
    Learning to drive and hanging out with friends
    Studying for his SAT’s, and looking for colleges to attend.

    I see a man surrounded by his own family
    Looking at picture books, letters, and cards
    with loving memory,
    Smiling broadly as he truly knows
    He has been touched by God and with a special love which only grows.

    The toddler, young boy, teenage boy, and man I see
    is you sweet Gavin, and everything I know you’ll be.

  291. I can’t be any more proud of my cousin Jill and her baby boy Gavin. The both of you are quite a pair! I admire the courage both of you have shown before, during, and after the transplant. God’s angels have their wings protecting both of you. Keep on your journey with faith and hope.

    Steven Schwalbach

  292. Oh, my gosh, I have “Jill’s Journal” saved as Gavin’s page, so I am clicking on it CONSTANTLY for DAYS, not realizing that I wasn’t on the front page!!! The point is, I am absolutely relieved, excited, on cloud nine, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot WAIT to hear from Jill, too! So much love and prayers heading your way, Winslow family!!!

  293. Yipee for good news, Winslow family!!! Just keep tearing up every time I see an entry or a comment… When Jill writes us again, I will SURELY lose it altogether. You just tell Jill that she is not only Gavy’s hero… BUT OUR HERO, TOO!!!!!!!!!!! We love you guys and are sooooo very proud of you all. Hey, how’s Lauren??? Jill likes to tell us how everyone is doing, ya know!!! j/k
    Have a great night!!!

  294. Congratulations–we are very happy that the transplant finally took place and that it was successful. We will continue to pray that all goes very well in the future and that Gav can grow as a happy little boy.

  295. I’m thrilled to hear of Gavin’s progress. What a journey you all have had. I will continue my prayers and well wishes throughout the new year. I hope Jill continues to find strength in Gavin’s progress and begins to feel better and better with each new day.
    Much Love,

  296. Hi Jill!
    Not sure if you remember me from Whitewater–I was roommates with Teri Sowle, Jen & Mandy. Teri’s kept me posted on Gavin’s progress and called me with the awesome news about the transplant! I’m so happy for your family! What an amazing gift from you to your little one. God is truly great and has heard your prayers! Blessings to you and your family!

  297. Thank you so much for the update. I don’t know why but I was so touched when I was reading everything that has happened to Gavin and how he is progressing. I had teary eyes as I read part of the journal. God is Great! Ten years a go my daughter was in ICU and as I read Gavin’s journal, I could connect with that motherly anxiety and great hopes of nice things happening in your child’s life. We will continue to pray for him. Pass regards to him and his entire family. I wish him the best.

    Again, THANKS for the update!

  298. Great news!!! Thanks for the updates. You are always in our prayers. Those higher food bills will be such a joy.

  299. Dear baby Gavin,

    It’s so awesome that your kidney is functioning nomally! I knew you could do it. Me and my family have been praying for you everyday since we heard about you. Since I first saw your picture and heard your story there was no doubt in my mind that you were going to make it. You fought and you won like I knew you would the whole time!

    P.S Jill you are one amazing mother!

  300. Dear Winslows,

    I’ve been following your family’s story for a year now. What a joy to see the happy, bubbly photos of Gavin’s smiling face after surgery.

    Thank you for all the updates and pictures. Here’s to Gavin and Jill’s continuing successful recoveries.

    Best wishes,

    Brown Deer, Wisconsin

  301. Hello Gavin and Jill,

    Thoughts and prayers of hope and love sent to you all the way from Colorado. I have been checking your progress, and have been waiting to hear the good news about the surgery. I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Jill you are an amazing mother! Love, Sara

  302. Dear, sweet Gavin, the picture of you and your mom post-transplant says it all and brought tears of joy to my eyes. God is great, miracles happen everyday, and January is a great month for transplants! Although I don’t have a sweet baby like you, I have a sweet husband who received a kidney from his even sweeter living-angel cousin five years ago this month. My healthy big guy is a constant reminder of the good things that happen daily and the caring people all around us–just like you and your mom, dad, big sister and all the others who have seen you through this without question. Get big, get strong, grow healthier everyday. You and your mom are something really special. Sincerely, another Gavin & Jill Fan who just happened to stumble onto your website months ago.

  303. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Thank you, thank you, Jill!!! We are just BEAMING with joy for you. Plz continue to feel better and let us know everything when you can possibly find a minute! The Gavy Fan Club will wait with anticipation!!! Lots of love and prayers coming down 94 West!

  304. WAHOOOOO! Can not wait to see the Winslow family again. We miss you. Once everyone is feeling better and up to speed, a celebration is in order. We love you and we are here for you. Lainey would love some Lauren time so don’t hesitate to reach out when you need to rest. Love you all so much.

  305. Awesome News! Gavin looks like one amazing little guy! I can’t believe how happy he is just days after his transplant! We haven’t had to do a transplant yet, but I can only hope things go as well as they have seemed to for you. (Not that it is easy) Hope the healing continues!
    Gina, mommy of Alex

  306. I just wanted to let you know how strong you all are. You have been where most parents hope and pray that we never have to be. Your strength, should be an inspiration to all people. What an awesome New Year it is for your family. Such a strong little man, and so fortunate to have Parents like you to get through this. My family will continue to pray for your family.

  307. I cannot believe you have time to sign OUR GUESTBOOK, Jill?!?!?! You are definitely SuperWoman!!! We are soooooooo happy to hear how well all is going, but hope that you, too, heal up and are up and about like you were very soon. The world needs you! Of course, you need to take it easy and store up energy so you can UNLEASH it when we least expect it~ ha ha! We LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE The Office!!! Another reason to be in love with the Winslow family! This just keeps getting better and better! GO PACK GO!

  308. Hi Gavin,You are a CUTIE! I hope you get better cause you seem like a sweet little fella(& you remind me of my brother when he was a baby;-) Hugs from your new friend in California, Robyn


  310. Hi guys~
    Teri Lynn keeps me updated on Gavin and the rest of your family. I just heard the great news and wanted to say CONGRATS to Gavin and Jill! Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jennifer Mantei

  311. Hello, Winslow family! We sure hope that the last 2 weeks have been good for you four. We miss your updates, but *hope and pray* that they are lacking for a very excellent reason. Are those kidney function labs looking good? How often do you have to get them by now? We want to make sure to give you lots of love before we head to the hospital. We’ll be checking of course, and have your site address at the hospital, but guestbooks don’t get signed too faithfully when we’re an inpatient. We love you and admire you all!!! Hello to the grandparents, too!!! Hi, Lauren!!!

  312. Dear Sweet Big Boy Gavin,

    We want to wish you a very happy second birthday!!!

    Here’s an Irish poem for you….
    “May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
    May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
    May the hand of a friend always be near you.
    And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.”

    We love you Gavin. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives. Have a great day and eat LOTS of cake 🙂

    Love from your cousins,
    Vinny, Kristin, and Katie Rose

  313. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, Sweet Baby Gavin and may you have a day filled with the love of God, family and friends. May the sun shine bright upon your little life. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending “Angel hugs, butterfly kisses, love and prayers.” XOXOXOXO

    Angel w/Angel_Wings

  314. So well said. It is funny that I have been complaining how much Alex’s new feeding tube stinks. I don’t like!!!!! My kid has a hole in his belly. Kids are not suppossed to have holes in them . Now he has 3 holes. (Feeding tube and bilateral ureteostomies) I have said the only thing good about it is I can get his food in him so he will grow.
    Then I read your 2 sided story, I think I need to look for the rainbow today. Thanks! I hope everyone starts to feel better around your house and I wish you many more sunny days!
    Thanks, Gina
    CarePage: LOOKATALEX

  315. Hello Jill –
    Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you hadn’t heard. There is a renal camp called camp sunshine (all expenses paid) in Wisconsin, May 5-8th. If Gav was feeling up to it thought you could come join in some fun. I know there are some openings. 1-608-378-3900. Take Care.

  316. I first came to this site right after my Gavin was born and tonight I got a bug in my ear to see how this sweet Gav was doing. I am so thrilled to see that he got his transplant and is doing better. God does answer prayer. Hug and kiss him for us.

    The Richard Family
    Ron, Sarah, Gavin, and coming soon Baby Jeffrey
    Youngstown, Ohio

  317. Hi Jill and Jay!! It was so good to meet you guys at Camp Sunshine!! Gaving has been through so much. Please call me if I can ever help or if you want to talk. I’ll be checking in on Gavin often. Take care,
    Anne Grahl

  318. HOLY COW, you guys. I was so excited to see that there had been a post to Gavy’s site. While I was still excited, I was hoping to see that there was “no news.” Sorry, but that’s the truth. I know that in our “Jacob life”, no news is AWESOME news. I absolutely agree that unless you go through something, you don’t have a good enough understanding of a disease, syndrome, sickness, etc. I am not 100% sure what you have been through and you are not 100% sure what we have been through. However, I still feel that “someone like you” and your family have a clearer understanding than most, Jill. We value your insight and we really, really think you guys are great.
    Lots of love from Jen, Jeremy & Jacob
    P.S.~ When does the water park open?

  319. Our daughter, grandson and son-in-law will be following in your family’s footsteps on August 7 and I just wanted you to know that your ‘story’, even with its ups and downs, has been an encouragement to us. We celebrate when the news is good and our hearts and prayers go out to you when circumstances make your ‘sea legs’ weak. So thanks for being willing to share and may God bless your family. Oh, by the way, tell Jay and Lulu it wasn’t very nice for their Cubbies to beat up on our Rockies! The Stowes in Colorado.

  320. Hi there!
    It was sooo good to meet you and your family at Camp Sunshine! We are so sorry you are having to deal with more hurdles with Gav’s health. We too also know about how life in a bubble doesnt always work! As time passes, things will get easier! Lance still gets knocked down at times pretty hard but it wasnt nearly as bad as it was the first year after transplant!

    We are soon going to be celebrating Lance’s 2 year kidney birthday! Its really seems like yesterday but yet at the same time it seems so long ago!
    Take care !!


  321. Hi guys!! Congrats on Gavin’s 6 month kidney anniversary!!! YIPPEE!!!! So glad to hear Gavin is doing well and growing!!! You will love the g-tube. I just know it. I do, and I won’t give it up for many years. If you ever have questions about it, please call me. Dr. Van Why and Shelley saw Gavin’s pictures from Camp Sunshine and remembered him. I’m so glad to have met you guys there. You are a wonderful family. Keep in touch!!!! I pray little Gavin keeps causing lot’s of trouble (in a good way that is).

    Anne Grahl

  322. Hello,

    Thanks Jill for the lovely message and for your encouragement.
    I especially loved the dialysing to live, not living to dialyse. It is true and I am so very glad that we are now doing the latter.

    Trust all is well. God bless.

    Ruth x

  323. Hello Winslow Family!

    I am so happy that we found your site. My son, Aidan, was born with ESRF and Prune Belly Syndrome. Everyday is a challenge and we perform PD everynight. We also have a g-tube (Mic-Key Button) which is soo much fun with an 8 month old who loves to grab at everything. (I am sure that you know the challenges) I giggle when I read about your grocery store escapades shopping with Gavin. He seems like a total 2 year old to me!

    Gavin is a beautiful toddler and I am so glad to see that his transplant is sticking and I look forward to the day when Aidan will receive his.

    I am keeping your family in my prayers.

    God Bless!!!!!

    Tiara, Shawn, and Aidan

  324. Hey- I saw that you had written a post on our babys Cota website. My husband and i have truly enjoyed reading and keeping updated on Gavin. Your testimony is a great story of true faith. We will continue to remember yall in our prayers.

    Our little fighter, Cason is hopefully going to be having his kidney transplant in a couple of months. My husband and i would love to email you questions and talk to you about what it really is going to be like. We have a blog that maybe you could check out. We love following Gavins progess so keep posting messages and pictures. Thanks for caring and praying for Cason. Hope to hear from you soon. Tricia

  325. Hi Jill,

    First of all your family is beautiful. Secondly, prayers and thoughts are with little Gavin. I recently connected with Cary and she directed me to this website. Good to see you and your adorable children!!

  326. I was looking for inspirational words to write in a letter to my son and stumbled onto your web page. What a wonderful family you all have. I have a dear friend with a child born with a large number of birth defects….but he too has come up shining. Granted as your little guy is experiencing – every day is a challenge an a gift – but each day is a day that my friend at one time didn’t think would happen. I have added your little boy to my personal prayer list and your family as well. I hope that you all are enjoying a beautiful Fall and that you will be blessed with a wonderful Christmas…that is if the election doesn’t kill us all first….. the stress is killing me. Just get it over with!

  327. Jill, I don’t think there was EVER a GB entry on Jacob’s site that you wrote that didn’t make me grin from ear to ear! You have a way with words and you sure know how to brighten our day! I love seeing your name… Hope everyone is feeling well and getting ready for #4! Can you put some new pics of Gav on the site for his fan club?!?!

    Lots of love to all of Team Winslow.

  328. Hi Jill, We are hanging in there until next Friday. We are having the surgery at the UofM and they are planning on doing all 3 surgeries at the same time. The DRS feel that doing all 3 is safer than opening him 3 different times. We agree, but are very scared! How is Gavin doing? Is his creatinine staying down or is it High and low? Did you here that Jelly Stone is re-opening May 1. Yipeeeeee!!!
    Give little Gavin a BIG hug from the Elsenpetersd


  329. Dear Gavy,

    Happy, happy birthday to our very special boy. We love you so much and wish you a very happy day. We’re sure your mom has made you some elaborate football cake and your dad has bought you an entire Cubs uniform! And we bet Lulu is showering you with extra hugs and kisses.

    Here are some extra hugs and kisses from us. Have a great day! It’s a special day for all of us.

    We love you,
    Cousins Vinny, Kristin and Katie Rose

  330. Hey jill, Thank you for all the prayers and support. Zachary has had a tough Hospital stay this time around. He is looking better each day so we know we are heading the right direction. We need him to fart!! His little tummy is getting to big. How is Gavin and your family doing? Gavin is looking so big. This summer we need to get all the Kidney families together again. It is so nice to having so many people that care and to talk too.

    Hugs Hugs and more Hugs,


  331. Thank you Jill for all your support, we are hanging in there. Zachary is finally making progress. Tomorrow they are puting his J-tube back in and maybe a pickline not sure. then on Tuesday he will have another swollow study to see if his Nissen has loosened, I hope it has because I don’t want him to have another surgery! We are not happy with the U of M and these DRS don’t even like to come into our room anymore, how comforting is that!

  332. I am shaking and have the chills after your entry, Jill. Not only do we want Gavin healthy for Gavin’s sake, but YOU have been nothing short of amazing with supporting Jacob and us over the past couple of years, and we want only the best for you and Jay and the girls, too. Lots of prayers and tears coming your way for a quick recovery.


  333. I really hope your little boy gets better. My son is 6months old and was diagnosed with kidney failure at 5days old. It is such a struggle and all i seem to want to do is cry. He is on dialysis at home for 12 hours a night so i know what you have been through. I just pray to god that my little one pulls through.

    my thoughts are with you.

  334. Hope Gavin is doing well. We read your website as we waited for our little one to be born, he started dialysis a week after he was born. He’s turning one soon and gearing up for his transplant. Thanks for sharing your story, the information and inspiration is a blessing to so many. We will remember your family in our prayers.

  335. And Gemma, I think it was about 5-6 months old that I spent almost every night crying, it’s such a tough time. With all the medications and the dialysis, this thing takes over your life and takes on a life of its own. I promise, it does get better. Even if things stay the same, you get into a routine and you cry less and laugh more. Lots of prayers for you and your family, you’re not alone!

  336. I just read your story about Gavin!! I am in tears, but I’m glad to see he was able to receive a kidney :O) My 4 month old Gavin was also born with 10% kidney function in the R kidney and no function in the other. Not untill he was 2 weeks we found out and he was admitted right away. Of course they gave us the worse news possible, Gavin was in the hospital for 3 weeks his potassium was really high, and sodium was severely low. He came home and has been growing and eating fine. They are now talking about dialysis. And I am just so scared, not really knowing what to expect. I am just glad that I found your inspirational story about Gavin!!! Your family is in my prayers!!!

  337. Hello. Firstly I just wanted to wish Gavin & your family all the best. Finding your website helped us through a very difficult time when at 21 weeks pregnancy we were told that our son was suffering from lower urinary tract obstruction, he’d lost his left kidney, as a result and the outlook was terminal. We were asked whether we wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Having just lost a son at 5 months pregnancy to trisomy 13 this was a devastating blow. However I read a comment by a mother who had continued with her pregnancy and even though her baby only lived a short while she was glad she didn’t terminate. Another concern was the impact it would have on our 2 year old’s daughter’s life but just seeing the picture of Gavin as a normal toddler eased that. At 29 weeks our son has proved to be a mini miracle and things are looking much more positive. Thank you for your site and sharing your story. We felt so lost but with every week that passes the strength your story gave us has saved our baby’s future, and he is proving that he was meant to be.

  338. Hi ive just been reading about Gavin i hope he is well, my grandaughter was born with renal failure but it wasnt detected untill she was 4 weeks old and then told to expect the worse, she has now just gone 2 years old after having both her kidneys removed, she goes to birmingham childrens hospital 3 times a week for diallisis until she can go on the transplant list, we have had many tears over the months with everything associated with kidney failure, she has been very ill but always bounced back, she had her 16th operation last week to replace her hemo line and was up and laughing a few hours later, my prayers are with you all god bless x

  339. Hi,
    Your blog touched my heart in so many ways. It was like reading about my own experiences! Our 16 month old son is presently on PD, awaiting a transplant. He also was born with ESRD. But like your Gavin, my son is a warrior! He has the most incredible personality and already is the strongest person I know.
    From my twenty week ultrasound on, life has been a roller coaster! I can’t even explain to you how good it felt to read about someone else living with this!
    I hope Gavin continures to do well and your family stays happy, healthy and bug free!

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