A bit of a scare…

Well, today we had a bit of a scare, we thought that his hydrocele had become incarcerated, which it had, but then it alleviated itself without any intervention. It was scary driving to Children’s, Lauren told me I was driving like the wind(which I may or may not have been, I will not incriminate myself). Gavy is up tp 13 lbs and is doing great. He had his 4 month apt and the dr said that developmentally he is right where he should be. On the physical side he is becoming a champ with head holding (he could def participate in a head holding contest but no arm wrestling) and is digging looking around at all the new stuff he can see. I am happy to say that I am still his favorite attraction, and hope that he will continue to be a mama’s boy (I’m going to ruin him for the ladies) and maybe this one will say mama before dada like Lulu (: He is so funny, he just is totally talkative and loves holding conversations and looking at books. He still believes that tummy time is for the birds despite all of our efforts to convince him otherwise (much to his therapists shagrin). We feel so lucky to have our family and everybody who is praying for him, the prayers are working. I hope that you all are enjoying each and every day…I’ll end with the irish blessing, which I seem to be thinking of frequently…may god bless you and all your family, wherever you may go! Hugs, Jill, Jay, Lauren and Gavin

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