Laughter is the best medicine…Write your congressman

Gavin is adorable, but thats not anything new, he was laughing BIG TIME at Lauren tonight and that was so fun to see(at Lauren’s new joke, “what’s Beethoven’s fav fruit?….Bannannanaaaa”)Thanks Abby for that one. Sometimes I wonder how he is so loving after everything that he has gone through. I think it is just a reminder to always carry the good with you and discard the bad—and that laughter is really good medicine. I can’t wait to see the boy and man he becomes. I’m going to bed, the kids won today, I think I am the most tired! Remember when 9 pm seemed early?!


There are two bills that you should write to your congressman about(find your representative and email at ), its listed by states:

Medicare Fairness for Organ Transplant Recipients, Act of 2005 and the Immunosuppressive drug coverage for transplant patients Act of 2005… send an email to your congress rep, asking them to support these bills—in supporting these bills they will be supporting life…this is a quickie that if you don’t have time to write your own, you can cut and paste:

I am writing regarding the Medicare Fairness for Organ Transplant Recipients Act of 2005 and the Immunosuppressive drug coverage for transplant patients Act of 2005. I urge you to support these bills.

As someone who has witnessed the expenses of financing the cost of their sons necessary medical expenses, it would create a huge relief from yet another financial burden. Not covering the medications after transplant is like giving someone a car and not the keys; you’re left with one that will not function without the other.

I would like to hear a response regarding this issue and urge you to get fellow supporters to help get this bill passed—support life.

This bill will not just aide Gavin, but all organ recipients in their struggle, it would give medicare the ability to supply the drugs needed in order to make a tranplant last! Thanks! Love, Jill

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