“You Are My Sunshine”…Gavy’s 6 month appointment

Tonight is one of those nights, where I think I am just over tired. Both Lauren and Gavin got sick this week and now Jay, I think I may be too, but I haven’t had time to notice. As I rocked Gavin tonight I just kept singing “You are my sunshine” I used to sing it to him all the time in the hospital, because it was true, especially that second verse: you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away, the other night dear when I was sleeping I dreamt I held you in my arms, when I woke dear I was mistaken, so I hung my head and I cried…why do they make lullabies like that?! We’ve also are having some major issues with his machine, as it alarms every hour, that scene in office space where they all go after the fax machine, I can’t say that hasn’t crossed my mind at 2 a.m., and 3 am and 4 am—although I do remember a time in my life when those hours didn’t seem so crazy!

Gavin had his 6 month apt, 13 lbs 14 oz, 24 inches long… a little short and light, but hey, nobody after said Jay or I were giants! Lauren and him had a giggle fit tonight, I really believe that little kids understand each other, its so very cute! Lauren is all Ms. I can do it myself now (except sleeping, that we definitely can’t do!) because she is the big three year old as of the 26th!

We had a wonderful kick off idea campaign this weekend thanks to all those who attended again, Gavin will be thanking you over and over again as he grows!

Gavin saw his first Packer’s game tonight…we had to tell him about Farve’s earlier years… Hope this finds you well, I was surprised when we saw over 600 people visited the site, it just reminds me how lucky we are to have so many people thinking of Gavin, every kind thought helps! It also reminds me how important it is to become a donor—there is no greater gift or way to live on!

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