Crazy week…”It’s only in the darkness that you can see the stars”

Hi everybody! Gavin has a cold that he can’t shake…but I am hoping that we are at the tail end of it. Last week was crazy, we were at the dr’s mon, weds, fri and in the emergency room at 1 am on Sat, we didn’t bust out of there until 5 am the next day and Lauren had an emergency sleepover at Grammy’s house (which of course she loved) Hes having some urological issues that may force their hand into early surgery so now I am trying to bulk him up, he has lost about a lb. with this cold so its an uphill battle at this point. He is still only 14lbs and 24 inches long. We should be getting trained next week for a growth hormone shot that we will give him daily. Who knows, maybe the NBA is not completely out of his scope yet (: He is beginning to think he is pretty hot stuff and getting into rolling (hes very proud of himself once the roll is complete) His sitting is getting awesome and he really wants to do a lot of new things. Sometimes its easy to forget that he still has the mind of a 8 month old even though he is in the body of like a 3 month old! I’m still coaching him on the mama and I think we may be getting our first tooth soon(he is like a sea urchin, he sucks on everything with such desperation, Lauren is calling him a “sucker face”, he got me so good on the chin he left a mark!). We wanted to say thanks to everyone again for all their love and support, it means the world to us! I love reading the messages, they tend to be a highlight of my days! I heard a couple of quotes that are pertinent to my week this week: Fall seven times, get up eight and its only in the darkness that you can see the stars. Hope all good things are coming your way! P.S. I think Lauren is torn between carebear costume or cat (BIG delima) and Gavin is still undecided in the costume area, but I’m thinking pumpkin!

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