Bladder surgery set for November 15th..please pray

Surgery date Nov. 15(pray pray pray) for his bladder, not his transplant (just to clarify, he has to get bigger to get to transplant), dialysis is not going so great right now, we are officially exhausted and Gavin, having recovered for one day, is now coming down with a cough—hence, he won’t be at a lot of activities because we have to minimize his exposure to these illnesses. When it rains it pours! On the upside, he has figured out how to roll off his stomach(that is how much he hates tummy time) and is getting super strong with his sitting (somewhat top heavy so still a little tippy, but its adorable) Same infectious smile and the sweetest little disposition I’ve ever seen! No teeth yet, but we are on the watch! Hug all those you love! Miss ya and love ya—the Winslows

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