Insurance rejects Gavin’s growth hormone shots

The growth hormone was rejected Weds for Gavin so we are in the process for appeal, its pretty devastating. It is normal for kidney kids not to grow on their own, and the insurance is not convinced yet that it is medically necessary even though he has only grown five inches since birth and is too low to even be on the growth chart. This was an unexpected roadblock and its been a rough week since we found out on Weds. Its so frustrating to be begging all the time for your sons life, its like isn’t having to do therapy, nursing, 15 medicine doses a day, ten hours of dialysis a night enough now I have to prove to you that my son can’t grow, and you know that you are never talking to the person that makes the decision, just some poor customer service person who has no control to help you and feels horrible for you, but can’t do anything. I feel so mad and frustrated today, I keep wishing for all this to just go away…for Gavin to just be able to be a little baby and not have to fight this,its so overwhelming. I’m worried, only 50% of babies on dialysis make it to transplant and insurance companies that stand in the way of him making it there is unbelievable, I would like him to grow and start gaining more weight so that if anything goes wrong during his surgery on the 15th he will be big enough to survive on hemodialysis. Anyway, I am going to get back to the kids, but just wanted to up date you on the latest. Love ya, Jill

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