Growth hormone approved!

(Flu shots—Gav’s doctors have recommended that people in close contact with Gavin get a flu shot.)  Growth hormone approved! Well it was approved, and then they did take backs, and then it was approved again, so after jumping through some hoops and a lot of phone time we should be getting a shipment of his shots starting next week! They have decided to insert a g-tube at his Nov 15th surgery. Not going to comment too much on that because it makes me somewhat nauseous still at this point—another tube sticking out of my son—but it will give him added nutrition so that will help him get to transplant weight sooner. Our neighbors, the Porters gave Gavin his pea in the pod costume for Halloween, isn’t it adorable, he is our little sweet pea! Gavin got a new cousin this week, Annalyse—she’s super cute and Sally is recovering well too! Not too much else new, just trying to get mentally prepared for this surgery and get everything organized. Gavin is diggin the lit up pumpkins! Looking forward to Halloween! Hope all is well! Love ya, Jill

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