Gav’s at 15 pounds…C’mon lucky 16!

Life is good in the Winslow house, Gav seems to be bouncing back, but I think that Lauren may be coming down with it though. I guess it's inevitable if one gets it, we all get it. She asked me before she went to bed tonight to call all of her friends and let them know that she was sick and would not be going to their houses. She fell asleep in the middle of her list: Payton, Libby, Lainey, and snore!

Well we had an exciting turn of events, Gavin rolled from his back to his tummy on purpose and is starting to stay there all because of a little orange plastic basketball from the Smo's (thanks Smo's for encouraging our future athlete)! He's obsessed with this ball; he must have it in close proximity at all times. It's an awesome tool to make him work his strength up! He's starting to get so opinionated and gives a little whimper when things are not going exactly the way he wants them. I must say, he whimpers for a millisecond before he gets pretty much exactly what he wants, but kids are meant to be spoiled.

I bought a food processor, apparently Gavin feels that he is above the baby food variety and prefers big people food, but doesn't have the chompers yet to handle the textures, so this is a new project to bulk him up. He is finally up in the 15 lb. range again for the first time tonight so we hope to keep him climbing, c'mon lucky 16, I wish it took me this long to gain 8 lbs.! The kids are going to help me bake a zillion cookies for our cookie exchange, but Lauren doesn't mind as long as she gets to lick the beater. She has to lick it on a certain stair, it’s a little ritual, after every ingredient she asks if I'm done yet. Gav is making leaps and bounds in his lip smacking talent and now I have to do a double take to see if it's him making all that noise or Jay. We've had a fun week with Sally, Annalyse and Nick and T. Things are getting busier and busier as the holidays approach! Cary and the girls will be here in no time and then Mike, Hien and Sam and things will really get stirred up! Lauren is a little perplexed at what exactly Santa does since she found out about these toy making elf characters, but she did give her list to him at breakfast with Santa. I asked her what she was going to ask for, and she told me she was going to “think about it.” Well, better get some sleep, why is it that kids never sleep in? That would be awesome! Take care and happy holidays! Hugs, Jill.


2 thoughts on “Gav’s at 15 pounds…C’mon lucky 16!

  1. Gavin,Jill,Jay and Lauren,
    Josh and Jordan hated that baby food too. You will love that food processor and can make all kinds of great meals for Gavin! Enjoy that cookie making time. We can’t wait to see you all. I’ bet Gavin will be at 17lbs by then. We are praying for all of you.
    Love Julie,Andy,Josh and Jordan

  2. Hi, Gavin,
    We have been reading the updates written by your mom. We really enjoy those! We are so happy you made it to 15 pounds. We, of course, have no idea what you’re going through, but your mom’s journal helps us understand a little. We think of you and your family often and only hope the best for ALL of you! Keep up the good work, Little Man!

    God bless,
    Karen, Paul, Hannah and Bella

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