Gavs is skill-a-licious!…Lauren writes to Santa

The day of the great cookie exchange brought about quite a bit of action at the Winslow abode. Gavin got some more skills and is rolling onto his tummy all the time now. This is AMAZING, we have been working several times a day to make this happen, so this is a HUGE feat! Kudos to his therapists on that, I clap hysterically every time. I think I actually startled him once, whoops. He must be in that “anything you can do I can do better” stage because he is all squeaky mouse when his big sissy is doing something or has something that he doesn’t have. I expected that from Lulu not him, but on the flip side, it’s doing great things in motivating him to move that little bod of his. His temper is kinda funny to see, I am sure he doesn’t appreciate me finding humor in it, but it is too cute! He has figured out to release the ball into the hoop today (which is a 9 month developmental skill woo hoo, ya baby) and figured out how to flip open a door to make his farm light up—the kid’s got skills, skill-a-licious!

Lauren, on the other hand, was busy writing the CEO of the North Pole while I was baking (since she declined her nap time today, man that is always devastating). I had to write them down because they were so funny I had to pass them along. Every sentence began with Dear Santa:

Dear Santa,
Don’t forget my house, I live between Libby and Lainey.

Dear Santa,
Don’t forget to feed your reindeer, we don’t want them sick. I would like to help you with that.

Dear Santa,
if your bag is to full of toys, you can drop them off at my house.

Dear Santa,
If your bag is to full and you drop them in water, a mermaid will probably give them back to you.

It’s been a crazy busy day, and if I never see another cookie pan that will be fine (who am I kidding, who doesn’t love cookies?!) Tomorrow dance class and a house revamp before book club! Okay, I’ve gotta go, Lauren just came in here and said that she was going to change Gavin—code red!

One thought on “Gavs is skill-a-licious!…Lauren writes to Santa

  1. Hi Jill, Jay, Gavin & Lauren,

    Just read your website update and I’m so happy to hear that everything is now smoother sailing! Gavin is getting soooo big — he looks like a little man. And Lauren in her costume — I remember those dance recital days, and I almost think it’s more fun for the parents than the kids!

    You’re such a lovely family, and a wonderful example of what a family should be.

    You’re always in my thoughts…


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