What a Morning, What a Delight…Thank You Chilton Knights of Columbus!

”’When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,’ said Piglet at last, ‘what’s the first thing you say to yourself?’ ‘What’s for breakfast?’ said Pooh. ‘What do you say, Piglet?’ ‘I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?’ said Piglet. Pooh nodded thoughtfully. ‘It’s the same thing,’ he said.”
A. A. Milne, ‘The House at Pooh Corner’

The smell of coffee mingled with the flavor of eggs, sausages, ham, hash browns, pancakes, and hobnobbed with a sundry of sweet rolls, orange juice, milk, and pitchers of ice water at the Chilton Eagle’s Club last Sunday, January 14th, as the Chilton Council (Calumet 2556) Knights of Columbus put on their Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for sweet baby Gavin. Over three hundred wonderfully kind neighbors turned out to support our darling baby.

Thank you all so very much for participating in the task of saving the day and the night for sweet baby Gavin. Your warmth was overwhelming!

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