Keep On Going…”Gavinator” at 15 pounds, 14 ounces!

“When you are going through hell…keep on going”, I believe it was Churchill who said that, and we made it. It was when I was grocery shopping, trying to figure out which was hotter the mild or medium salsa, when I realized that it’s all what you make of it. This of course was when I realized I was upset at the label makers of a salsa company (talk about sweating the small stuff, but seriously, what was wrong with mild and hot—it made it easier—what is medium all about?), but it all gives you perspective. We are still in a battle for a different home dialysis machine, but as Jay reminds me “control the controllables” (we can see who is the level headed one is here…me???).

Gavin seems to be doing so much better with the added nutrition at night. So much so, that it makes the night time easier and the added food means he’s not waking up. So we are getting a full night’s sleep, except when his dialysis machine alarms. Somebody should really tell you that after you have kids you’ll never sleep through the night ever again, it should be in like a pregnancy pamphlet.

I’ve gotten much better with the feeding tube and have learned some tricks to try to keep it in longer. He is also teetering on 16 lbs (15 lbs 14 oz)!!!!!! You look at him and you figure he’s got to be like twenty pounds with those cheeks and that belly, but not quite yet. Soon we will be at 22 pounds, and then there is no stopping us. We most definitely will be celebrating when that happens! I can’t believe in just shy of a week, he’s gained so much weight. I am so enthused by that!

He also seems to be moving so much more, even he is impressed by himself and has taken to clapping for himself once he accomplishes a new feat! He’s all about “Roly Poly” and bubbles and has so many more opinions now, mostly, “let me at ‘em”. He seems so much more age appropriate, no longer an infant but a little boy. I can’t believe he is almost one!

Lauren has learned the words “suction” and “flabbergasted” and I love making her use them. It’s so funny to hear them come out of her mouth. She has also learned how to spell her name in “sing song” so it’s pretty cute. We are starting to try to teach “the Gavinator” (as she likes to call him now) how to sign.

I signed Lulu up for four year old kindergarten this week for the upcoming school year…I can’t believe that she is going to go to school. Now I know why you see all the moms peering through windows trying to get a glimpse of their babies. She is such a proud big sister that she insists that we write her name and then also add “Big Sissy”. They both helped me make some Valentine cupcakes this week, and Gav loves the beater just like his sissy!

Hope this finds you all well! Something about pink, red and hearts that has to bring a smile to your face!


2 thoughts on “Keep On Going…”Gavinator” at 15 pounds, 14 ounces!

  1. Hi Jill and Jay:
    Wow!!!!! It’s great to hear that Gavin is almost 16lbs. What a difference a feeding tube made. I’m glad to hear that you are getting a little more sleep. I hope that Julie Elliot can help you with the tube. It’s nice that she has offered. I hope to keep hearing that the Gavinator is gaining rapidly. Take care!!!!

    Love Nancy

  2. Logan’s mic-key tube has helped so much with his weight gain. We are at about where you were when you posted this. Logan is just about 15 lbs (7 kg) and we are counting down the days to 10 kg. : )

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