Gavin’s First Birthday!

Friday, February 23, 2007 is Gavin Ryne Winslow’s first birthday! This is another HUGE milestone for this amazing baby.

Help us celebrate and give thanks for our special miracle by sending all of your family and friends to Gavin’s guestbook to write a special birthday message to Gavy and his family.

Thank you to everyone who has helped Gavin in some way. Whether it be attending or organizing one of his fundraisers, telling a friend or family member about his website, talking about him on TV and radio, giving a donation, or sending a prayer above for his well being, you have made our family so grateful by being so kind to Gavy. Thank you for continuing to walk with him as he continues his journey.

One thought on “Gavin’s First Birthday!

  1. I’m in a business management class and we are looking for people to donate to. I will talk to the other people in my class and see if they want to take this project on!

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