Gavs Tipping the Scales at 18 Pounds…First Official Meeting with Transplant Team Expected Soon

The Brewers are undefeated (we better hurry and post this, it’s like the weather, things change in the blink of an eye here). Jay’s Cubbies starting the year off with a disappointment. Between the two of us, me the Brewers fan and Jay the Cubs fan we must be optimists!

Things here have been busy busy busy but great! Gav is starting to forward crawl, once again, “for the love of a ball” and is saying bubbles, mama and a ball. He also can’t resist a good “Dat off”, especially when he and his sister scream it as loud as they can. He has also managed to pull himself up to his knees. This is a particularly fun trick for him to perform at three a.m. when he shakes the crib to make sure we are aware that he needs some attention.

He is tipping the scales at 18 lbs and he looks like a little butterball with short little legs, we love to rub his little budha belly. It’s good that he is stretching, since an adult kidney is about the size of your fist so he needs room for it. They will transplant the kidney into his tummy. He is such a little ham! Anyone that walks by, he gives them a killer smile and he wants all the ladies to hold him. I swear he poses for pictures! My grandma is calling him Hercules!

We are supposed to hear from the transplant team next week sometime for the first official meeting. I stalked them today since I hadn’t heard anything. You can’t dangle transplant thoughts out there to me. It’s like putting a steak in front of a lion and asking him to sit, not happening. We have his clinic next week so we will know more there as well, but we are very pleased medically with his care, he is well maintained so we feel very lucky!

Lulu is out there doing her usual Lulu thang, she’s just plain funny. Tonight she decided she wanted to be a princess so she put on her princess jammies (poof, then she was a princess). I thought to myself wouldn’t that be great, to just pick something that you want to be and in your mind it happens, “I want to fly planes, poof I’m now a pilot!” Aren’t their minds great? She also likes to be referred to as Dr. Lauren since she has decided to become a doctor when she grows up. She met a female pediatrician the other week and thought that was pretty cool (even though she didn’t have brown curly hair like Lauren).

We’re trying to sell her on Easter to take some of the heat off the Christmas obsession, but we did have to still get one Christmas video from the library this week. Today she decided that she should have a horse (poof). I shimmied our way out of that one by saying that she is not old enough for a horse yet, and I suggested that maybe she could have a fish, but she’d have to run it by daddy (make him the heavy on the no horse in the backyard and or room thing). Parenting is the ultimate sales job! When else do you try to swap a horse for a fish?

Happy Easter everyone!


One thought on “Gavs Tipping the Scales at 18 Pounds…First Official Meeting with Transplant Team Expected Soon

  1. Hello Winslows:
    It is great to hear that Gavin is at 18lbs. Sounds like the family is keeping you all busy which is good to hear. If you find that wand or have an extra wand around by all means send it this way. Now it was really too bad that the Cubs beat up on the Brewers. Jill be strong. This should not happen again until hell freezes over!!!!!
    I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and that all the baskets and eggs were found!!!! Have a good day.
    Love Nancy

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