Gavin Admitted to Hospital Today…Fighting Infection, Elevated White Count

We went in for Gav’s clinic today and his white blood count is high. He has an infection and they are working on trying to figure out the cause. He has been admitted to the hospital for the next several days at least they believe. Ugh! I have hospital head already!

He has had a long day – two blood draws, an IV, several fluid draws and just constant “let me check em’s”. He was finally too exhausted to fight any longer after the final IV that hangs in his little arm was put in, and so he nodded off. It just reminded me what a fighter he is and how tough these babes are.

He is so smart. I hate to hear him scream and see him wriggle, but at least I know that he is well enough to scream and fight which is a good thing. Anytime a stethoscope came near him, he batted it away. I couldn’t help but laugh, he is normally such a good natured baby. But this baby has had enough today and was not playing nice. The nurses in the NICU told us that the feisty ones are the ones who make it! Hopefully they will be able to pinpoint his infection and have something to knock it out.

Say a prayer for him and hug your little ones extra tight tonight. I wish we were all at home enjoying some hot chocolate and a good fire and book. I, of course, even wish more that we were under a palm tree drinking out of coconut glasses splashing in the waves…but I will only ask for one miracle at a time.

We will keep you posted on Gav’s progress through his website. Thank you for your prayers.


7 thoughts on “Gavin Admitted to Hospital Today…Fighting Infection, Elevated White Count

  1. Dear Jill, Jay, and Lauren:
    I’m sorry to hear that Gavin is in the hospital. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith. He is such a fighter.
    Love Nancy

  2. We are praying for Gavin to fight this infection quickly! Just happy he’s getting the best possible car and he is a feisty one. No doubt that he will make it!

  3. Hello Winslow Family: Jill- of course you all are in my prayers- esp now! I will give extra kisses and hugs to my babe today to love on her more since I can’t be there to give them to Gav. Hang in there hun.

  4. Jill, Jay,Lauren and Gavin,
    Hang in there girl and get those boots on. I believe you are at UW-Mad Town which graduates the best nurses. Please know we are praying and sending loads of love.
    Julie, Andy, Josh and Jordan

  5. What a tough little guy he is. We are keeping him in constant prayer as well as your family. He is in good hands with both the hospital he is at and the loving arms of his family. Keep up your spirits, remember you aren’t alone.

    Love you all,

    Dave and Alex and the family

  6. Dear Winslows,
    I am saying my prayers for all of you, but especially Gavin. I am hoping he is home or coming home soon from this most recent infection. Hang in there, and if there is anything we can do just call or ring the doorbell!

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