Gavin Released from Hospital…Fighting Peritonitis with Antibiotics

We are home! We are delighted, Gavin pulled Lauren in and gave her the biggest hug and then when she let go he pulled her back in again, it almost made me cry. When we got out of the hospital he was doing his happy hands and kicking his feet! It felt great to breathe fresh air!

Gav ended up getting peritonitis. Peritonitis is an infection of the area where we do his dialysis. We were very lucky to have caught it extremely early on the onset so it did not destroy his peritinium (a lining in your belly where his dialysis filters out his waste in the dialysis). We have been released to go home and do 12 more days of injecting medications into his dialysis bags, but he is feeling much better and in good spirits.

As for us, this is short and sweet because we just want to hang out and breathe! Home sweet home! Hope you all are doing well! We appreciate all the love and support!


One thought on “Gavin Released from Hospital…Fighting Peritonitis with Antibiotics

  1. Hi Jill,

    I don’t know how you manage to put your thoughts together so well and share them with all of us out here with the little bit of sleep that you get. But I have to tell you – when I read your updates I am overwhelmed with an array of feelings and I immediately thank the powers that be for everything in my life and say a prayer for you, Jay, Lauren and Gavin. I still can’t figure out how Jay can be such a pleasure to work with considering all that he has going on outside of work. You both are an inspiration! I am so glad Gavin is home again and I agree with you – it’s great to go outside and breathe deep and enjoy the nice weather! Take care…..Cheri Ryan

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