Gav Out of Surgery…Hopeful for Discharge Today…For Now, Transplant Date is Still On!

Gav is out of surgery, a little groggy still, his throat is still really sore from the vent and they had to do two inserts of the needle for his liver biopsy, the other aspects went off without a hitch. There was some bleeding into his pd cath,, but his dialysis nurses came at 9 at night (seriously love those women) to help him out with that. He is still a little queasy, but we hope that he will be discharged today and we can all go home…we have plenty to do, tomorrow is Lauren’s snack day at school and she said that she wants something “fab”, so hopefully the doctors can understand that (j/k).

We should have the results in 2-3 days from the liver biopsy, but we know nothing new now…they don’t believe this in anyway will delay transplant, so that is a huge relief!!!!

Its our first stay at the new children’s hospital in Madison, its beautiful, no more blow up beds, they have a recliner in each room and a futon and they are about triple, if not four times the size they used to be…putting the kids first, it’s really nice…it makes the hospital stay way less miserable!

Hope all is well, one surgery done, and getting ready for the big one next week! Thanks for the prayers!

3 thoughts on “Gav Out of Surgery…Hopeful for Discharge Today…For Now, Transplant Date is Still On!

  1. Have been praying for all of you for a long, long time. Sure was great to hear that yesterday’s surgery went OK. Now onto the big one — the one that will change your lives in such a great way. Thank you, God, for all of the great things you have heading down the pike for Gavin. Please keep him and his mommy safe through this procedure, and bless them with snag-free recoveries, restored health, and much joy.

  2. Dear Gavin:
    Great job!!! This was just another hurdle in your life. You sure are a trooper. The big day will soon be here. Stay strong and everyday you are in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. Gavin,
    We are keeping you and your family in our prayers. You are such a brave little boy! This upcoming sugery is going to make you feel so much better. Give your mommy a big hug from us, as she is being very brave too. We love you guys!

    Christina and Ben Lenz

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